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Ash and Dawn: The Unova Chapter

Chapter 1 / Prologue

Parting Ways

Dawn sat on the harbor with puffy red eyes after crying for almost two hours, the sun was starting to set and everyone else had already left, leaving the blue haired coordinator alone with her sorrow.

She finally looked down to her side to see an equally tear-stained but concerned face looking at her, not even bothering to try to hide the emotions within she simply sighed, "I can't believe he's really gone Piplup, I knew this day was coming but now it's here it just doesn't feel real, and I never even told him how I felt...".

"Piplup..." sighed the small penguin Pokemon at her side, he too had not been looking forward to this moment and had tried to delay or prevent it for much of the previous day, he couldn't bear the thought of not seeing his friends again, especially Pikachu, the two of them where almost like brothers. However he knew that Dawn was hurting a whole lot more, since she finally released she loved a certain ebony haired boy who had just left.

Dawn looked back out across the ocean where the boat had disappeared over the horizon, wishing that it would somehow come back and they'd all be together again but it never did. She thought back two hours ago when she last saw her friends and the love of her life...


Ash, Dawn and Brock all solemnly walked towards the harbor, none of them thrilled about saying goodbye. They had spent the last 2 years traveling together throughout Sinnoh and had experienced some amazing things, things most people only dream about or could think of in their wildest of fantasies.

Dawn was walking behind the group dragging her feet, she had been dreading this moment all day for more than one reason. Yes she was really upset that her traveling with Ash and Brock was over, but she'd come to realize that she had fallen in love with the raven haired trainer in front of her but hadn't found the courage to tell him, and now he was leaving and would probably never know... It made her chest hurt every time she thought about it.

After the small walk from Dawn's house in Twinleaf Town, they finally arrived at the docks and the moment none of them wanted to face was finally upon them. "K... We're here" Ash started finally looking back at Dawn.

"Ash... Brock... one thing, thank you so much..." Dawn said trying to putting on a brave face and fighting back tears.

"No, thank you" Ash replied giving her the smile she'd come to love so much.

"Yeah, thank you" Brock added smiling warmly at her.

They all stared at one another, none of them knowing what to say next. Dawn's gaze wandered over to Ash's, she looked deep into his auburn eyes as he stared into her sapphire blue ones. Unspoken words passed between them and they could see the sorrow and longing in the other.

"Go... or you'll be late" Dawn finally said breaking her eye contact with Ash and looking at her two closest friends, stamping this moment into her memory.

"Right..." Ash sounded as sad as she felt.

"So..." Brock sighed before walking towards to the ship with Ash.

"Pikaka" Pikachu spoke softly as they walked off.

"Wait a minute!" Dawn shouted after them.

"Huh, whats up?" asked Ash with a confused look on his face.

Dawn smiled softly and raised her hand into the air. Ash's face lit up upon recognizing what she wanted, dropped his bags and ran over to her and slapped his hand on her's performing their high-five for the final time. They left their hands together and looked at each other lost in the others eyes. Brock smiled at the two, knowing what they didn't already but kept it too himself.

Pikachu and Piplup imitated their trainer's actions and gave a high-five as well, although without the lingering romantic actions.

After a couple of minutes they reluctantly separated and blushed slightly, realizing their intimate moment was viewed by their best friend and probably quite a few passersby. Ash and Brock finally turned around and walked up the ramp onto the boat which would take them back to Kanto and out of her life.

No longer in view of her friends, Dawn's brave facade slowly started to break and the tears that had been threatening to fall all day finally broke through. She hung her head as she started to think about all the times they had spent together and how it was all over. Most of all she thought of Ash, how she felt about him and how now he would probably never even know. 'I'm so stupid for not saying anything' she mentally chastised herself.

Tears where running down her face when Ash and Brock got to the back of the boat and looked down at her seeing her, head hung low and sobbing. "Dawn!"

She looked up surprised to see Ash hanging over the edge of the railings smiling and waving at her.

"No need to worry!" She couldn't help but laugh at her use of the catchphrase, even at a time like this he knew how to make her feel better.

She started running after the boat as it slowly exited the harbor, "You guys take good care!".

"Pip Pip Pip Pipluuuup" Piplup chirped beside her as they finally reached the end of the walkway.

"Ash, Pikachu, Brock, thanks for everything!"

"Piipluuuup, Piipluuup!"

Both Dawn and Piplup had tears forming in their eyes as the waving forms of Ash and Brock slowly started to get smaller and smaller. Dawn kept waving until the boat was out of sight, and when it finally was she sank too her knees, her facade finally completely shattered. Piplup put his flipper on her leg in a reassuring gesture as she let out all the grief she held in, tears streaming down her face and running onto the concrete. She was vaguely aware of people giving her looks as she sat their sobbing her eyes out, but she didn't care, all she wanted was to be with Ash and Brock again... to be with Ash again...

Flashback End

She opened her eyes as the fresh memory faded, still not wanting to accept that it was real. The sun had set now and it was starting to get cold, so she finally forced herself to stand on shaking legs and started a slow walk back to her home.

Piplup looked up at his trainer, he'd never seen her this broken before, not when she was on a losing streak in contests, not when Ursula used Plusle and Minun to embarrass her on a live contest stage, he couldn't think of any time he'd seen her this... depressed. He kept up with her but stayed silent knowing she needed some time to think and get over it but he couldn't help but keep shooting her worried glances.

After an hours walks the duo finally made it back to Twinleaf Town and Dawn's home. As soon as they entered they were greeted by a worried Johanna. "Dawn dear its been 4 hours since you left, I was getting worried! The boat departed 3 hours ago! Where have you been?"

Johanna looked at her daughter and could see something was really wrong, Dawn's normally chirpy and happy demeanor was gone and replaced with sadness and depression.

"Dawn whats wrong, what happened?" She asked starting to get really worried.

"I don't want to talk about it" Dawn said in a quite and low tone, before her mother could protest Dawn slung off her boots and ran upstairs crying once again.

"Pipluup" sighed Dawn's starter as he looked up the stairs where his trainer had gone.

Johanna looked at the stairs then down at Piplup with concern, she had a feeling what this was about but she wasn't certain. She thought she saw Ash and her daughter give each other some curious looks and signals when they where here just before they left and they seemed rather close... If it was that, it would explain Dawn's mood and she decided to go have a talk with her, after all she couldn't leave her alone in a state like that.

When she reached her daughter's room she could hear the sobbing from within and slowly opened the door, Dawn was curled up on her bed with her head buried in her pillow, which was already wet with tears. She slowly walked over to her bed and sat down and gently began to stroke Dawn's hair.

Dawn turned her head from the pillow and sat up before embracing her mother in a hug, needing the comfort and reassurance only her mother could give her. She held her tight sobbing into her arms.

"Dawn sweetie, can you tell me whats wrong?" Dawn nodded and slowly dried her puffy red eyes with the back of her hand.

"Mom... H-he's g-gone..." she managed to get out in between sobs.

Johanna decided to see if her earlier suspicions where true. "Who do you mean sweetie? Is it Ash?".

"Y-yeah, hurts so much to see h-him leave, Mom... I-I... I lo..." Dawn then began another sobbing fit and fell into her mothers arms.

Johanna thought this was the case and had her suspicions confirmed by her daughter's half confession. "Oh Dawn, it'll be ok".

"But what if I never see him again! I never even got to tell him how I felt!" She stopped to breathe in between her sobs, "It hurts so much..."

The older bluenette sighed and pulled her daughter into another hug slowly stroking her hair to calm her down, she should have realized Dawn was in love with Ash and when they had to part ways this would probably of happened, but what could she do? Ash had to go back to Kanto at some point, the only solution would be that Dawn go with him but with the unfortunately timed Pokemon fashion job offer that wouldn't be an option either. They stayed there like that for several minutes, when she finally heard Dawn stop crying she looked down to see that she had fallen asleep, so she gently lifted her head up and rested her down onto the bed, before pulling the covers over her and letting her sleep. Johanna sighed and left the room wondering just what Dawn was going to do and worried about her daughters emotional well-being.

Dawn was dreaming, she and Ash where traveling together again through an unknown region alone, they where happy, they where together and they both loved each other. A smile crossed her face, the first genuine one since their walk to harbour.

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