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Sasuke glanced at his Taka fellows with beyond bored eyes. Jugo was staring at some weird-looking birds while Karin and Suigetsu were bickering on who had the weirdest powers, or something like that.

'The usual…' Sasuke sighed inwardly.

The thick forest that provided Taka shade was alive with the sound of birds chirping happily. It gave the forest peace, which oddly enough, was quite to Sasuke's liking and appeased the raven-haired boy. The Uchiha was reminded of his past, when his family was united, safe and sound, when he was an innocent child wanting nothing more but happiness, love and acknowledgement from his parents and brother. Such a simple, yet complete life. Until he destroyed it all, shattering the peaceful life Sasuke had into fragments of nothingness.

A golden, radiant and blinding ray of sunshine poked out of the leaves and reached the Uchiha's eyes. He squinted. That dazzling, golden light accompanied by a blue, cloudless sky…hm…so familiar. The beautiful combination reminded strongly Sasuke of someone, but whom?

' Naruto.'

That dobe…he'd been thinking about him ever since three years ago, the day he left Konoha, as a missing-nin, a traitor. Naruto's warm voice, his scent, his cherry lips, his golden locks, his impossibly blue and pure eyes, and most importantly, his smile. The blonde's everything was present Sasuke's dreams, including both wet dreams and normal dreams. Sasuke wanted to see him again. Naruto was his sun, his sky, his everything! And three years without being next to that knuckle head was truly torturing.

"Ouch! Sakura-chan, what was that for?" that voice he'd been longing for what seemed like eternity yelled all of a sudden, interrupting Sasuke's deep thoughts.

"Naruto, you idiot!"

A bubble gum haired girl wearing the ugliest scowl on her face, pinching that gorgeous, grinning blonde's cheek, followed by a brown haired jonin and a pale, raven haired boy wearing the most awkward and...gay outfit ever came into sight.

"Hey Sasuke, isn't that the nine-tailed fox's jinchuriki?" Suigetsu elbowed the Uchiha's shoulder with a grin on his face.

He was ready to shed blood.

"Hn." was Sasuke's answer.

Suigetsu's hand searched for his sword and pointed his chin toward Sai. "I'll take care of weirdo over there."

"Looks like you do have some common sense in that wee brain of yours. On the battlefield, it's only natural that Weirdo's fight weirdo's." Karin smirked, bringing their earlier argument back to life.

"Hey! Shut up, you're the one that's―"

"Leave that brunette to me." Jugo muttered loud enough for the Uchiha survivor to hear.

Sasuke nodded.

"Looks like I'll be fighting that pink haired girl." Karin sighed, desperately hoping that her opponent was weak. She hated fighting. It just wasn't her thing.

Which leaved Naruto to Sasuke. Good. Just what he wanted. Oh, he was so going to greet his dobe properly this time. After all, it'd been so long since they last met.

Seemed like the other group was starting to notice their presence.



Sasuke licked his lips , plastering his flawless face with a mischievous smirk at the thought of what he'd do to his blonde. He was so going to enjoy this.

Ooh? What is Sasuke-kun up to? *Sigh* poor Naruto...

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