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Naruto closed his eyes tightly as the boy above him sped up the deep thrusts' rhythm. The blonde boy's eyes were rolling in the back of his head, his mouth wide open to moan broken, strangled version of his partner's name.

His eyes shot open when that feeling came. He let out something between a groan and a shriek when that pleasurable spot got hit again. The raven haired boy smiled and squeezed Naruto's hand tightly as he continued slamming into that sweet area. His grin and ego widened at each moan the blonde boy uttered.

It started with that pulsating feeling that rippled throughout the blonde ninja's body. One that he could not ignore. In response, he leaned into Sasuke for more. Feeling that his orgasm was approaching, the pale boy shoved his erection harder into Naruto, enjoying the way that hot ring of muscles tightens around his manhood.

Naruto's head was spinning, going blank. He lost the ability to think. All he could do and wanted to do was to wait for it to come and enjoy the ultimate bliss. Nothing more, nothing less.

And then, that moment came. Every muscle of his body was clenched tightly as he let those delicious waves of pleasure starting from the tip of his fingers and toes crawl up his body.

He drew a deep, shaky breath and collapsed beneath Sasuke, who gave a few thrusts before climaxing and spurting his seeds into the blonde boy.

After a long moment, when they managed to regain their senses and their breath, Naruto was first to break the silence.

"Teme, ever thought of being gentler?! What are you, a wolf in heat?"

Sasuke smirked. "Oh? Judging by your expression, I thought you like it rough."

Naruto scowled and let out a low growl of anger. "Fuck you!"

"You just did. Though I wouldn't mind another pleasurable session of―"

"Oh, just shut up!" he crossed his arms and looked in another direction.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the two boys.



"Today's the last day. You're going to be free in a few hours."

Naruto opened his mouth only to close it. He considered those words for a moment and reopened his mouth with a rare, serious voice.

"Are you going to leave me? Again?"

Sasuke kept staring at the pitch black, not meeting Naruto's beautiful cerulean eyes.

"And…and you're going to continue working for the A-Akatsuki?" Naruto croaked out.

Sasuke nodded slowly, reluctantly before placing his hand on Naruto's, who retracted his hand from Sasuke's reach.

"You! How can you do this to me?! After all what you've done to me in this place, after telling me you consider me your best friend, after all of those happy days with Sakura-chan and Kakashi, why?!"

"Naruto, listen, I―"

"And why the fuck did you trap me in here and fuck me senseless until I go crazy and submit to you?! Huh?! You must be laughing when you made me say those words, right? You must be mocking me, mocking at how much of a whore I am, right? Is it that fun to play with people's body and heart, Uchiha? Is it?! You're surely going to tell those friends of yours how cheap and easy I was, tight? It must've been a real thrill, trapping your former best friend in your illusion world and making him cum over and over till he gets addicted to it, huh?! And when we're done with this genjutsu, you're going to fucking abandon me! After all what you've done to me!

"Naruto, it's not what you think. I'm not toying with you."

"Then what?! You didn't deny you'd continue serving Akatsuki to capture Jinchuriki's and I am a Jinchuriki! Do you know what they do to us? I witnessed it! They suck the demon out of you and then you die! You're going to do that to me? You too?"


Sasuke reached out his hand to grab a handful of blonde hair and then pressed his lips harshly on Naruto's to shut his mouth up.

They broke apart.

"Don't get me wrong. I joined Akatsuki for one purpose. To destroy them from the inside out. And I'm not playing with your body or with your feelings, dobe. I've been thinking about you ever since the day we parted and…"

Naruto's expression softened.

"I got a bit excited when I had control over you in this illusionary world and I got a bit impatient after all the waiting. This love is not physical. Actually, it does play a part, but what's important is that I love you more than anything, Naruto. And I'll do anything to keep you away from harm's way. Even if I have to risk everything and sacrifice a few years to wipe out Akatsuki and other enemies."

He gawked at his rival, his jaws hanging wide open as the words slowly flowed in. "D-did I hear what I thought I heard?"


Naruto's lips curved into a warm smile, and then stretched into a grin.

"Say it again."

Sasuke frowned. "Say what?"

"That you love me."

"No way,"

"Please...! Please, Sasuke! "


"it would make my day.."


Sasuke coughed and spoke softly, "I-I love you,"

The pale boy blushed and looked away in embarrassment. He felt his pride being crushed.

Naruto grinned and hugged the raven haired boy firmly.

"I love you too, Sasuke!"

The Uchiha, for the first time in years, smiled. Warmly, with no trace of arrogance and superiority.

They stayed like this for what seemed like hours before a horny Sasuke with needs to be fulfilled broke the peaceful silence.

"We've still got four hours left, dobe. We can do it a couple of times before we part ways again."

"HA?! But…but...no!"

"Oh, and I prepared something special just for you," Naruto did not appreciate the mischievous, evil glint in those usually emotionless onyx eyes.

Two other Sasuke's popped out of nowhere, both naked just like the actual Sasuke and positioned themselves behind Naruto.

"Enjoy dobe, 'cause nothing's getting in our way to what we want." The real Sasuke whispered into his ear and made his way toward Naruto's―

"N-no! Wait, haha, this is not funny, Sasuke. Hey! No! Please, have mercy! Not all three of you! No! GAAAAH!"

He could not remember how many times they did it in foursome. A couple of times, Sasuke said. Yeah right. But for the moment, he could care less because he's got no time or mind to be thinking about useless shit like that when six hands are fondling you, two dicks filling your holes, three pairs observing you, six moist tongues licking you and three Sasuke's making love to you!

His mouth being occupied by one of the Sasuke's huge dick, he sucked harder, giving the best blowjob he could offer as he rode another Sasuke's hungry cock and groan every time there was that wet, slapping noise whenever the erection slammed into him mercilessly.

Naruto moaned into the dick. The third Sasuke smirked and wrapped his thin lips around Naruto crotch tightly, sucking on it without loosening his talented lips' hold on him. The world was going blank and Naruto arched his back when the Sasuke beneath him hit that precise, sensitive spot three times in a row.


"Fuck," grunted the Sasuke underneath him as he accelerated and deepened the thrusts.

Naruto threw his head back as he came into Sasuke's mouth and when the other Sasuke's simultaneously came into his asshole and mouth, crying out their lover's name as they were brought over the edge.

It felt so good. If Heaven existed, then this would be it. Because nothing could feel better than something like this.

Naruto smiled before fainting and collapsing in three Sasuke's warm and soft embrace.


Who was calling him? That voice...so familiar, yet so distant.


Was that Sasuke? Yeah, maybe it was...


Naruto suddenly woke up, finding himself sitting straight up in a hospital bed. He scanned the area, noticing that Tsunade baa-chan was now observing him carefully.

"Gah! What am I doing here?!"

"You've been in a coma for two weeks, Naruto."

"W-what?! How come?"

"Sasuke Uchiha," hissed the current Hokage. "He placed you under that genjutsu. Even Kakashi had to stay in bed for a whole week for that when it occurred to him."

Naruto frowned for a few seconds before hot episodes of having sex with Sasuke played in his mind and he blushed.

"Uh...what happened after he placed the genjustu on me, baa-chan?"

"According to Yamato, you spaced out for a second and then collapsed and Sasuke retreated with his fellow companions due to his loss of chakra. Tsukuyomi requires an exceptional quantity of chakra."

"I didn't do anything weird, did I?" Naruto asked nervously, fearing he was moaning in ecstasy when he got out of the genjustu.

"No, of course not. Why?"

"No, it's nothing."

"What did he do to you in that world?"

Naruto became red.

"Er...uh...it's...flashing images of the past, when people called me a monster, mostly. But that was all." he lied.

"Naruto, I―"

"There's no need to comfort me, Baa-chan. I'm already over that. you've gotta have more than that to beat the great Uzumaki Naruto!" he cut in smoothly and flashed a grin at the blonde woman, who smiled back.

"Glad to hear that, brat." she glances at her watch. "Oh great. I've got a meeting with those annoying elder people. See you later!"

"Naruto waved goodbye and watched the Hokage's retreating back disappear from sight.

He smiled softly.

He felt something ticklish poking his neck and swept his fingers past that itching area to find a single raven hair. lying in his palm.

He examined it for a long time.

"I'll wait for you."


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