Chapter 25

A claw mark of a moon hovered over the night sky.

Riverspirit looked at it with interest as she sat on the lowest branch she could find.

Three days had passed since she became a mentor. Toadpaw was actually a great apprentice. He learned quickly and didn't judge her by appearance. Unlike his siblings he had respect for her. And thanks to the training she had given him, he was faster and stronger than his siblings.

The only thing she desperately missed was Cedarclaw.

She wished he would treat her like a friend again. But instead he had chosen to ignore her for the past few days. He acted like nothing had ever happened between them. His distant attitude towards her made her heart twist with sorrow and rage.

He's a medicine cat, she reminded herself bitterly. And I'm just a worthless excuse for foxdung.

"Hey Riverspirit, are you okay?" She jumped when she heard Toadpaw's quiet voice. The brown and white tom was looking at her with concern in his eyes. "Sorry. You've been up there for a long time," he added when he realized that he had startled her.

"It's fine," she murmured. "I come up here a lot to think. Looking at the moon... it gives me strength."

Toadpaw blinked in surprise as he followed her gaze. "What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"My sister... and what she has been up to," she lied.

He didn't need to know how angry she was with Cedarclaw. Besides, medicine cats weren't supposed to fall in love. Toadpaw was too young to understand things like this.

"You have a sister?" Toadpaw stared at her in surprise.

Her ears flattened before she realized that he never knew. Future generations wouldn't know that Ravenflight was Stormstar's daughter.

"Her name is Ravenflight," she explained. "She was with us about a moon ago. But she left with her friend to go on a mission."

It was difficult remembering everything Ravenflight had told her. She and her friend Coal had come from a place called Eden. According to Ravenflight it was almost too perfect. But they liked it in that land. It was better than being part of a Clan.

"So Ravenflight was part of the Clans," Toadpaw meowed.

Riverspirit jumped down from the branch and landed gracefully on her paws beside Toadpaw. He looked at her thoughtfully before she nodded.

"She was, and we were very close," she told him. "But Ravenflight never felt like she belonged. So she left... after some incidents occurred."

Memories of Stormstar's teeth clasping around her shoulders sent shivers down her spine. Stormstar had caused all of this. She was the one that had given her these wings. Riverspirit almost wished that she had died instead of surviving the brutal treatment ThunderClan gave her.

"Well I don't care what the Clan says about you!" Toadpaw suddenly exclaimed. "You're still the best mentor I could've asked for!"

She looked down at Toadpaw in surprise. Did he really mean what he just said? Did he understand what the Clan thought of her?

She could only shake her head in amusement as he bounded off towards the camp. Apprentices had boundless energy. She wished she could share that amount of energy. But now she was older and a bit more responsible.

With a sigh, she padded after her over-eager apprentice. Most of the Clan was still awake when they returned. Skypaw and Graypaw were having some kind of argument. Streampaw and Stonepaw were sharing tongues under the moonlight. Life seemed so peaceful now that Ravenflight had left.

"Riverspirit, I'd like to see you in my den." Her fur bristled when she recognized Cedarclaw's voice.

Wariness crept over her as she followed him into the den. Herbs were scattered throughout the forest floor. Riverspirit made a point not to step on them as she stepped inside.

"Are you here to ignore me again?" she demanded after resisting the urge to glare at him.

"No." Riverspirit looked at Cedarclaw in surprise. His voice was still cold as ever, but she could hear the gentleness within it. "Riverspirit, I understand why you are angry with me. But we aren't meant to be together," he added in a softer tone.

"I..." Riverspirit cut herself off when she realized that he was right. "I understand," she suddenly mewed. Cedarclaw tilted his head to one side as she took a deep breath. "You're right. We can't possibly be together. We don't match."

No... there was more to it than that. She suddenly understood where he was going with this.

I can't ever have kits, she realized bitterly. They would be treated just like I am. I couldn't possibly put them through that.

"Cedarclaw, I will always care for you," she whispered.

The medicine cat locked gazes with her. It was as though a mutual understanding passed between them.

"And I will always love you," he whispered back.

For the first time since she had received her wings, Riverspirit was suddenly thankful for them. She stared at Cedarclaw for a few more heartbeats before backing out of the den. It was the last time they ever spent time alone together.

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