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Chapter One


I saw my future and I didn't like the things it held. The only positive was that being forewarned I could change the reality if I acted in the right way. At least that was the theory but in reality it wasn't so simple, fate has a way of putting things back on track despite my best efforts. I'd delayed our move to Forks until I knew my nemesis was safely settled at the other end of the country. Then Carlisle got another offer from the same hospital and I had no way of preventing him from taking it without tipping my hand. Our relationship started to suffer as I made him pay for acts he'd never committed, and never would if I was able to prevent it. The atmosphere in the family also suffered as a result. his confusion and hurt compounded by mine was reflected in the others. Even Carlisle and Esme had words, something that had never happened before. Then I saw the move coming and I had to act fast so I scoured the future for some way to prevent it. That was my biggest mistake to date. I never meant for anyone to get badly hurt, just stop her coming but it didn't quite work out the way I intended, one of the idiots had changed his mind at the last minute so I didn't see it or how it would change the outcome.


I was in my office finishing up some treatment notes when the call came in.
"Dr Cullen, there's a serious incident in town. A call has come in for medical help. Officer down."
I raced to the ambulance and reached it just before it drove off. I couldn't explain my speed but things were so confused that no one seemed to notice. We arrived outside the bank to see two figures laying on the ground with blood spreading across the pavement. One was in the uniform of the Forks Police Department and as we moved closer another Police Officer stopped us.
"You can't go in yet. There's still an armed man in there. We gotta talk him out yet."
"Who's been shot?"
"Chief Swan and one of the gunmen. He got one in but the guy who was still in the bank shot him in the back."
I hated waiting, knowing I could recover Chief Swan without danger from bullets but it would leave us exposed so I just had to wait with the humans. I could hear a heartbeat so one of the two men laying there was still alive, I just hoped it was Charlie. Ten minutes later the other gunman gave himself up and was cuffed and taken away. We were then allowed to go forward. Charlie was still alive but in a bad way. The gunman was beyond help so we concentrated all our efforts on keeping the Chief alive until we could get him to the ER.


Carlisle was late home and looked really worried so I went to him,

"What's up? You had a bad day? Couldn't save everyone?"

He was always affected when he couldn't save a human, sometimes he would grieve for days over an old lady who'd had her time and was ready to go. I think he saw every death as a personal affront.

"Its Chief Swan"

My cold body went colder still and I closed my eyes trying to see,

"He was shot trying to stop a bank hold up. He got an anonymous call and walked in on the gunmen"


I think he heard something in my tone of voice because he looked up sharply,

"Yes Alice they had guns."

"Is he going to be OK?"

"Well he'll live thank goodness. We got to him just in time. It's such a tragedy too, his daughter was coming to Forks to live with him and he was so excited about it."

"Won't she be coming now then?"

"I doubt it. Not in the short-term anyway. I think she and her mother are coming to see him though, at the weekend"

Damn I hadn't factored that in either.

"Jazz I'd like to go away for the weekend"

He looked up from the book he'd been reading, slightly startled.

"Oh, OK Alice. Where do you want to go?"

"Seattle, I'd like to see a show, do some shopping, have a romantic weekend"

He smiled,

"For you anything darlin'"

If only that were true, but it would be if I could keep him away from the Swan girl. I needed to be alone and think, check out what might happen next so I went up to our room and sat in his leather recliner. I hated the ugly thing but he refused to throw it out. It was the only thing we argued about and the only time I didn't get my way. Usually I could wind him round my little finger but of late he'd proved a little stubborn.


I thought I heard something in Alice's tone of voice, as if she wasn't shocked that there had been a robbery but that guns had been involved. Sometimes I wondered if any of us knew Alice at all. She'd become very moody of late and we heard raised voices from hers and Jaspers room. Well one voice really. Jasper never raised his voice, never lost his temper with Alice. Almost as if trying to prove he wasn't The Major any longer. I thought personally Alice needed firmer handling than he gave her but it wasn't my place to point that out. I decided to drop in on the Chief over the next few days and make sure he was being well looked after, see of there was anything I could do.


Alice's sudden desire to go away for the weekend caught me on the hop, Id arranged to go hunting with Emmett and Edward but what Alice wanted Alice got. It was easier than trying to deal with her sudden mood swings which had come on recently for no reason I could determine. I loved Alice but she confused the hell out of me. Up to a few months ago she had been fine, bouncy, and happy as usual, then suddenly she started to pick fights, argue about inconsequential things. Everything I did was wrong and Id retreated to my books for some peace. Even Emmett who was usually the last one to cause a fight with Alice had got on the wrong side of her and she had been particularly cruel and cutting. Alice loved Emmett and this was totally out of character for her. I decide to talk to Carlisle, perhaps he had an idea why she was acting this way. I'd already tried Esme and Rose but they were as baffled as me.