Hawk vs Wraith is a little story about Lilith and Maya, my two fav. characters from Borderlands. After defeating the warrior, Maya decided to leave Sanctuary behind her, as well as her lover, Lilith. Supports the Krieg-Tina family theory, idk if its true. All vault hunters are alive, except of Roland but we already know that.

Future lemons, rated just for language for now. Note please that English isn't my native language, so no flames about that, thanks. Leave a review if you want me to continue ;)

Pandora has changed. Again. For better, this time. Since we defeated this legendary Warrior, everything was fine. We had respect. And glory. We were the famous Vault Hunter. Saviors of Pandora. Since then, everyone went their separate ways. Salvador joined Brick in their training session. More peons to their private army i guess. Slabs were ruling this pitiful region, and since both Salvador and Brick enjoyed violence and death, it was the right place for them. On the other hand, Mordecai, still in pain from loosing his best friend, asked Zer0 to join him in hunt for Hyperion remains. Two utterly different assassins found their common goal. Kill every Hyperion bastard. Then there was our youngest member, Gaige. She and her death machine she used to simply call D went to Opportunity. To destroy every piece of reminder of Jack. Since we helped Angel, Gaige changed. Everyone knew she liked Angel. A lot. Even though she tricked us that time in Sanctuary, Gaige never felt anger or rage towards her. Somewhere deep inside of her, she knew Angel was a good woman. A good girl, as we later discovered. Seeing what Jack did to her, Gaige snapped. It was her robot, her D how ended Jack for good. Throwing him down the cliff to the boiling lava was perfect. Everyone laughed. Everyone except her. I never saw her like that. She was the one that always joked about everything. After that, she decided that Opportunity had plenty of things she could broke. Now our leader, Axton. After coming back to Sanctuary, he was chosen to lead. Roland was a great leader, i knew that even though i hated him. But Axton was somehow different. He had this inner charm about him. Knowing what exactly to say to make people do what he wanted. Or to calm them. Or to make them fear him. My thoughts were that Lilith would take over, but i was wrong. She felt useless, sitting in this big, floating city all alone. And so she went back to her old, charming place. Returning as Fire Hawk. Our last member Krieg went to find his lost daughter Tina. When she dissapeared from the Tundra, he swore to find her. Everyone offered help, but it was futile. He had to do this alone. We knew that. And so, i am the last. It was me who freed Lilith. Me who ended the Warrior. As one of the remaining Sirens, i remain and survive on Pandora. Still searching for my origin. After what happened with Lilith, i couldn't stay near Sanctuary. She loved Roland, i knew that. I also knew what happened between me and her. I remember our last night just before our march, to end this blighted war. But nothing mattered, and later i choose Eridium Blight as my Haven. Fighting every Bandit i could see, every remaining Hyperion bastard that remained, i became a symbol of fear. Ice Wraith they called me. Enhancing my abilities with Eridum, just like Lilith, i was someone who was feared all across Pandora. This, and being the legendary Vault Hunter. But i had my weakness, and that was the red haired woman, always being on my mind. But also, always keeping me down. It was because of her i was in this state, crumbling into tiny pieces every day. Eversince i saw her for the first time, i knew we were bound together. Not by our Siren powers, but something else. Something deeply emotional. Something that was now dead. Buried.

Sitting in my small cottage in EB, i watched the sky taking yet another version of violet color. I was mesmerized by how perfect it was. In my left hand i had a bottle of strong booze, in my right one, a picture of me and Lilith. Smiling, holding each other tightly. Back then we were somehow happy, thus the smile on the picture. Taking another sip I stared at the photo in my hand, wondering just what might be the Firehawk doing, right at this moment. I could feel a small teardrop leaving my eye very slowly, taking its time to remind me just how pathetic i was. Sitting here, drinking, agonizing myself over a damn picture. I could feel my left hand furiously shaking with power. The power i could never fully control. The bottle suddenly smashed into tiny peaces, injuring my hand and my lover lip, since i was staring right at it. I was always saying to myself that I'm the one in power. I control this. I was horribly wrong. The Eridium might have enhanced my powers, but they became more unstable, more dangerous not only for my enemies, but for me as well. But i didn't cared. There was nothing for me to live, the only thing that was fueling me to go on was ... nothing. I never thought of killing myself, i never let my enemies get the better of me. That is not my style. I had nothing to fight for, no one to come back to, and yet i was still fighting. The curse of being a Siren i guess. I picked the shards from my lip and my hand, totally ignoring the pain. Droplets of blood were steaming down my hand, as well as they were dripping down my lip. I could taste my own blood, my very essence in my mouth. And again, it reminded me of Lilith and our first kiss. She was patching my arm, since i got shot staring at her well toned body. Her hands were bloody, since she tried to bandage the deep wound. I stared at her, memorizing her every movement, her every touch. She came to me face to face and i froze. One of her bloody finger run a slow path on my lover lip, as if marking it in some kind of a weird ritual. Her eyes pierced mine in a heated gaze, i could feel my own blood in my mouth, which was really strange. I closed my eyes when the same hand cupped my face, leaving blood marks all over my face. At the moment, i couldn't care less. I closed my eyes, letting the moment to imprint into my brain as a moment i never wanted to forget about. Then suddenly i could feel her velvet lips slightly touching mine. That was the key moment when i realized that i was, indeed, deeply in love with the most beautiful, most deadly and most kind creature i have ever laid my eyes on. The kiss was chaste, there was no passion that could cloud my judgement. It was just a kiss. I repeated these words until she withdrawn her head back, since we both needed air. The look she gave me send chills down my stomach, i could see just how much she wanted this to happen. And then i stormed from the room, fully aware that i was not prepared for this. I was not prepared for love.

Shaking my head, i knew i was daydreaming again. Thinking about her this way hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. The kind that reminded me how much emotions hurt. The moments are great when they last, but everything has to end one day. I stand up, last time looking at the perfect color game at the sky. When i opened the door that was connecting my backyard and the living room, i saw something, or rather someone, who i never wanted to see again.
The wild FireHawk was standing right before me, her flaming hair as always. She was clothed in mainly black and orange colors, but other than that ? Nothing changed. Her body, her face always managed to pump my heart with desire and need. Even thought i was surprised, i was sure she could see the desire in my look. Her presence alone had a dazing effect on my entire body. And this was no different. When i saw her leaning over the main door, hands crossed, smile on her face, i wanted nothing more than to run to her and passionately show her just what she's doing to me. What kind of a primitive i could be when it came to her. My hand pretty hurt, so i just ignored her, knowing she would go nowhere. I went to the kitchen, not taking my eyes from her in the process. Searching the aid kit for bandages, i heard footsteps following me. She smiled, and i wasn't sure if she knew just how much that smile hurt.

"Still not in control, as always" she said, evidently pointing at my hand. I shook my head, smiling a little. Things really didn't changed.
"Still bitchy, as always" I picked up a bottle of alcohol, and slowly poured it on a small towel that was hanging next to the counter. I cleaned my hand harshly, trying to awoke the pain so the other damned emotion wouldn't come back, biting me harshly. It actually worked, until she stopped my hand with her own.
"That hurt. Here, let me help" she said, taking the wet towel from my hand, still smiling. She made slow movements on my hand, and as much as i hated to admit it, it felt good. To have her touch my skin again. Then she went to my lip, making a Tsk tsk tsk sound in the process. The cloth felt good on my wounded lip, but i knew that it was her effect on me that made so calm all of a sudden. "What do you want..." i whispered, trying to stay strong. Trying my best to show her she was no longer in control. "You.." And there it was. I could feel her other hand going down my stomach, lifting my shirt a little. Her fingers played with my stomach, gently touching my skin. I let out a loud moan, and i was really ashamed. She put down the bloody towel on the counter, and gently ran her finger on my lip, making me want to lick her finger. I, again, had not control over my body. I was hers, no doubt. Her bloody finger found its way into my mouth, making me even more excited as she ran it over my wanting tongue. I licked it furiously, which emitted a moan from the wild beast before me. Her hold on me weakened and i could see my chance of escaping this death trap. "That is no longer possible" i whispered into her ear, and then using my Phaselock on her. She was now in the air, and i smiled at my triumph. The mighty FireHawk was now in my grasps. The surprise on her face was evident, but i didn't cared. I throw her in the living room, right on the couch. She gasped, quickly trying to get from the position she was in. She looked at me, slowly lifting up but i calmed her with my gun pointing at her. I made sure she knew i wasn't playing around. Not anymore.

"There are some things we should discuss, Hawk"