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I don't know how, or why, but we ended up in my bedroom. I had Lilith in my embrace, her hands roamed through my whole body, touching all my sensitive spots. She knew exactly where to touch. How hard or soft. She knew exactly what her touch made with my mind. My body. I kissed her hungrily, savoring the sweet flavor of her lips and later her tongue. It was so long since i tasted them properly. It was so long since i touched my Siren sister like this. With hunger and need. Closing the doors behind me, i quickly smashed her on the wall, undressing her in the process. Those layers of clothing were more than uncomfortable at the moment. They were my obstacle. With them gone, i could ravish Lilith just the way i want. And she knew that, and maybe thought the same, since her hands eagerly worked on jeans and my black shirt. Feeling the need to taste her again, i went to her neck, my most favorite part of her body, and licked her wildly there. She moaned my name, and when i finally unbuttoned her jeans, i could actually smell just how wet and ready she was for me. Lilith was never the one for embarrassment, and she used to tell me that whenever she sees me, she's all wet and ready for me. Anytime. I smiled. Another thing we have in common.

Her hands gripped my hair as i licked her sensitive skin on her neck. My hand went lower, into her panties, and finally, FINALLY, i could feel just how wet and ready she was. She was moaning my name very loudly, and her nails were digging into my scalp. A pain i was willing to endure, since it was giving me so much pleasure. Her hands then finally managed to take off my shirt, and my breasts bounced freely, only to be gripped fiercely by Lilith. The sensation was great. It was too much for me to endure, and when she licked them, i could feel my release dangerously close. Enough of foreplay.

I went backwards, taking her with me by her hand. And suddenly she took the command. She thrown me on the bed, and then PhaseWalked right above me, grabbing my hands in the process and placing them above my head. She ordered me to stay in this position, and i was more than happy to oblige. I was pinned down, and i watched as she stripped the last layers of her clothes, and in the entire process she never took her eyes off me. When she was done, and when i saw those eternally beautiful breasts and her entire body, i moaned wildly, not being able to touch her the way i wanted. She had the utmost control over me, we both knew that. She lowered herself, placing a heated kiss on my lips. Her hands working on my clothes this time.

We were both clad in nothing at the moment. Finally. Our skin touched, and it sent shivers all across my body. Everything was forgotten and i felt like a princess again as she licked my breasts hungrily and i had my hands in her hair, forcing her to do more. To lick more. She laughed against my skin, surely feeling that i too was ready for her. Anytime. She went lower and lower, finally arriving at her final destination. Lilith wasted no more time and hungrily licked my wet core. This feeling was just too much. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation she was giving me. Both of our moans could be heard all across Eridium Blight, i was entirely sure of that. When she was done licking me, she kissed my lips and i felt my hand going lower to her body. I could feel myself on her tongue, it felt amazing. My fingers were playing their silent game, teasing her already too much sensitive clit, and she thrown her head backwards in the awe of pleasure and desire.

She done the same. She fiercely entered my wet caverns, and i did as well. We fingered each other furiously, like there was no tomorrow. Like this was our last moment. I kissed her hungrily, needing to again taste those velvet lips, and she very eagerly responded. My other hand played with her nipples, and her hand was in my hair, deepening the kiss. I hated to admit it, but it felt so good. Lilith could always make me feel this way, and right now, it felt just amazing. Our release came quite quickly, since our need and desire were too big for us to handle. She fell breathlessly right next to me, and i could finally look into those amber eyes without hate or pain. I gently caressed her face, looking deeply into those soft eyes which were now full of love and desire.

I loved Lilith, and she loved me. Our desire was something only we could understand. A pure Siren love. And i knew that whatever will happen next, Lilith will always be here. With me. In my heart and in my thoughts. No matter who stands between us, we will crush them. Such was our love.

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