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Title: The Luckiest

Summary: The day Sasuke returned to the village, he wasn't sure what hit him harder: Sakura's punch, or the realization that she had always been there for him.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Prompt: Unexpected Wealth

Rating: T



Just one look, and Sasuke knew he was the luckiest man in the world.

No matter how much time had passed, Konoha's angel was still helplessly in love with Konoha's damned.

No matter how much pain he had caused her through the years, Sakura would never quit, determined to make him experience love in a way that he hadn't felt since he was six years old.

(And oh, how he did now)

Physically, she was a goddess.

She lived as the human embodiment of spring, from her pale green eyes, to the soft locks of pink that just barely brushed her shoulders.

Meanwhile, he was all winter: cold, dark, and in strong need of good company.

She was warm and unpredictable, yet also professional and reliable when it came to her work or duties as a shinobi.

He didn't deserve her.

When he had returned to Konoha, there were only two situations that he had predicted: she would either ignore him, or would run into his arms screaming "Sasuke-kun!"

She didn't do either.

Instead of a warm welcome, he had received a strong punch to the cheek. (he later heard that if Sakura had really been trying, she could have easily punched in his skull)

She had punched him so that he fell to the ground in an awkward heap, never expecting in a million lifetimes that Sakura Haruno would be the one to attack him.

"Don't you ever leave us again, Sasuke-kun!" she growled out, though since he knew her so well, he could hear the overwhelming grief hidden behind her strong words.

"Sakura-chaaan!" Naruto pouted. "I wanted to be the first one to punch him!"

"I don't think anyone should be punching him," Kakashi added softly, watching the three interact, surely recreating bonds that had been ignored over the past three years. "And Sakura-"

"I know, I know," she sighed, looking down at the dark-haired boy holding the side of his bleeding face in shock. "Come with me, Sasuke-kun. I'll need to heal that up."

She had taken him to her personal room in Konoha's hospital, attracting the stares of many as she helped him along. (He sure as hell didn't recognize anything. Did they rebuild the village or something while he was gone?)

And by the time she had instructed him to lie down on the stiff medical bed, he realized that Sakura had definitely changed. As she channeled her soothing chakra into his body, the warmth he felt reminded him of something he had long since forgotten.


When Itachi had died, Sasuke's perspective on the world had done a complete turn-around.

But of the many things he learned, the most important was this: even the most embittered criminal needs love to keep them alive. Something to keep them reaching towards higher meaning, something for them to lament or rejoice over and to keep them up late at night, even if just to cry.

And so Sasuke gradually let himself start to experience love once again, having locked it away ever since the day long ago when he stumbled into a blood-soaked Uchiha compound.

He remembered the love that Sakura had always shown him.

He now hated himself for not appreciating it.

He wondered if he would ever get it back.

Even though Sakura could have easily moved on long ago, spending her time with a man more capable of showingemotion, she still refused to let him go.

She called him out when he was being avoidant; she told him the steps he would have to take to regain the village's trust. She took him with her on outings with the rest of the Rookie Nine; she made him go into the hospital twice a week to make sure his eyes were in perfect condition.

And when he kissed her, she kissed back.

(Eventually. At first, she just sat there in shock)

Of course, it was only logical that Sasuke and Sakura would start dating.

And of course, it was only logical that Sasuke and Sakura would get married only a few months later.

And so it shouldn't have been a surprise when the new Mrs. Uchiha walked into the bedroom one morning with a wide smile on her glowing cheeks.

"Sasuke-kun," she said giddily, eyes twinkling with excitement. "Guess what?"

He sat up from the bed tiredly, looking at her carefully.

"What? Is there something wrong?" he asked worriedly, looking her over, but finding nothing out-of-place. However, she did have a hand over her midsection…did she have some sort of—

"I'm pregnant."

A rare smile passed the lips of Sasuke Uchiha, getting up quickly to stare at her flat stomach in wonderment. It was strange to think that in nine months, her belly would be swollen with the result of a tragic romance that had fixed itself over time.

He felt….happy.

He imagined if Itachi was there, his older brother would chuckle and pat Sasuke on the back in congratulations. He would whisper, "take care of her" in his ear and leave the couple in peace.

"Oh," she stammered out, blushing at her husband's transfixed face. "There's something else."

He frowned. "Is there something wrong with-"

"It's twins."

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