A/N: I was browsing through the Avenger's crossover section and came upon the Heroes category. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if there were any stories which had Loki and Sylar and was disappointed that there were not. Then this little plot bunny was born. :p I'm separating each man's POV into separate chapters because they started fighting, which made fleshing this thing out that much difficult. :P I'm sorry if Sylar is OOC, it's been awhile since I last played in his psyche. :p One last thing, I kinda bent each one's timeline so we're dealing with Season One!Sylar and Avengers!Loki. I hope you enjoy. :D

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Chapter 1

He stood on a rooftop in a bad neighborhood and was staring intensely at the few pedestrians who were bravely, or stupidly, wandering the streets this late at night. He smirked as he watched the oblivious people come and go as they pleased, not one of them suspecting that he could end their existence with just a raised forefinger. He shook his head with some amusement. At the moment, he couldn't allow himself to become distracted. He was looking for someone. Someoneā€¦ special. Not like himself, or the others he had killed, but special in a different way.

Sylar felt his muscles tighten in with anticipation and, yes, excitement. He saw the long haired man walk around a corner and walk down the sidewalk casually, though with an air that suggested nobility. Sylar walked with him as soon as the man drew parallel to the building Sylar was standing on top of.

He had been following him for a few days, not because Sylar wanted to kill him, but because the man fascinated him. His intuitive aptitude told him that this strange man wasn't a normal human. If he was even that at all. In any case, he was fascinating. Sylar briefly wondered if his ability would work on a non- human. He, then, shrugged. He would find out soon enough.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: I apologize that this is short, but I hope to finish Loki's POV sometime soon and post that. In any case, I hope you enjoyed. :)