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Chapter 3

When Sylar saw his prey enter the alley, he made his way to the ground and stood just out of sight, hesitating. The man hadn't given any sign that he knew he was being watched, but Sylar's instincts were practically yelling that this was a trap. However, his curiosity overruled his good judgment and he crept down the alley, sticking to the shadows and not making a sound.

Suddenly, when he was a good distance from the entrance to the alley, a bright blue bolt of energy shot toward him. Acting on pure instinct, Sylar threw up his hand and stopped the bolt right before it hit him. The bolt froze in mid- air, slowly rotating a few inches from his raised hand.

"Impressive," a voice with a cultured English accent remarked. "And here I believed mortals were incapable of magic."

Sylar looked past the floating energy and to where it originated. He watched as the man he had been following stepped out of the shadows, holding what appeared to be a scepter with a glowing blue energy source near the tip in his right hand. Sylar blinked, he knew that the other man hadn't been holding anything when he entered the alley, so where did it come from? He felt the Hunger start to grow.

Sylar twitched his hand and the glowing blue bolt of energy veered off and hit a nearby wall. He kept his dark eyes on the alien's bright green eyes and stepped out of the shadows. He started circling his adversary, who started circling in the opposite direction, never breaking eye contact.

Sylar smirked, slightly amused. "I'm not a normal human."

The other man mirrored his expression. "We shall see."

End of Chapter 3