It was happening again.

Naruto hated it when it happened. When he was younger he didn't mind because he hadn't been aware of what the feelings were. But now that he was sixteen... well, things were definitely not the same as before.

He absolutely hated it now.

Whenever it happened, Naruto made sure as hell that he was away from any human being. He had found a secluded area of rock within the forests surrounding the Leaf village, so when it started, Naruto ran off to that area as fast as he could.

So when Naruto opened his eyes one sunny morning, and white light filtered through his curtains to infiltrate his eyelids, he woke up with a start and groan of annoyance. It was that time again.

The time when Nine-Tails became... well, excited. For a mate.

Naruto had been planning to see Hinata today. He was starting to take quite an attraction to her that he couldn't describe. It wasn't lilke his friendship with Sasuke or Sakura. He just liked going to see her, and he loved talking to her as she either made medicine, tended to her plants or simply walked around the village with him. He was really starting to love the way her eyes would brighten when she saw him and the way her cheeks turned to just that shade of pink... but he wasn't going to able to see her today.

Damn Nine-Tails.

***Are you going to deny me again?***

The voice within Naruto's head did not startle him. He was used to Nine-Tails grating at him whenever he was filled with the intention to return to the secluded area, where Nine-Tails could really do nothing but whine.


He thought off-handedly as he poured himself some milk,

'Don't hate me for it.'

***... Foolish boy. You are only increasing my need three-fold every time to walk away from it.***

'But what the hell do you expect me to do, go find a female demon-fox for you?! Get a grip.'

***You are truly foolish. You cannot hide it from me, boy.***

Naruto licked his lips nervously.

'Hide what?'

***Boy, you are not only denying the demon within you, but you are denying yourself. You have already realised this. That is why you hide, isn't it?***

His eyes widened as his hormones began to stir wildly inside him.

'Stop it!!'

***I'm just getting a little excited. Why sound so urgent?***


Naruto squeezed his eyes shut, forcing the voice out of his head for the moment. Nine-Tails relented, and exited his mind. Naruto took long, deep breaths, calming himself down only half-successfully.

It was completely true, though. He had to run away from all humans because of what Nine-Tails did to him whenever the time came.

He would never forget the look on Sakura's face at the sight of his expression on her when Nine-Tails had suddenly gotten turned on. Sasuke had yelled at him angrily for scaring her like that. He hadn't meant to -- the Nine-Tails in him had somehow managed to leak into him, enforcing the feelings he was trying so hard to reject.

Neither of them knew about the demon-fox yet, so Naruto took it into his mind to keep it that way. He didn't want to change the way things were now. He had managed to gain back Sakura and Sasuke's trust by apologising profusely - but he now totally avoided all girls, at least, at all costs when the time came. When with Sakura, he had bound away at that time to his secluded area, but he didn't want to risk anything like that ever again.

That was when he had discovered that Nine-Tails didn't really require a 'female demon-fox' at all. He didn't need telling -- he just *knew* by the way things went whenever Nine-Tails got excited. As long as Nine-Tails could perform -- 'it' -- through the body he was in, it was enough to satisfy him. Naruto had no intention of letting Nine-Tails get that pleasure through *his* body, which was why he ran off whenever the time came.

He couldn't drink his milk. Nine-Tails was taking control; his senses increased in sensitivity whenever the time developed into stage two. He could tell because his nose could smell the thick creaminess of the milk before him. He could also tell because the feelings were going haywire again -- he had to get to that stupid spot before anyone came in to see how he was doing.

Standing up, he found his eyes a funny haze. Yep, Nine-Tails was going nuts again -- and was threatening to spill out. He could let Nine-Tails spill out maybe while he was in that spot, but definitely not here in his home. Not while it was fully possible for anyone to enter and see him in such a frightening state. The feelings centered and shrouded his head in a heavy mist of desperate lust.

'Oh crap.'

He shook his head in a futile attempt to clear it, and walked over to his door with difficulty. The urges he had now were incredibly powerful - stage three of the process.

'Damn. I should've walked to the forest as soon as I woke up. Why did I pour myself milk? Why?'

He set a hand on the handle of his door -- then started as he heard all too clearly the sound of someone rapping his or her knuckles on the door.

"H-hello? Naruto-kun?"

'Oh. Shit.'

Naruto was torn between the joy of Hinata coming over to see him and the pain and disbelief at the bad timing.

"I-- I brought some breakfast. I thought we could... uhm... sh-share it this morning..."

Though he hated himself for doing it, he had no choice. Slowly dragging himself backwards away from the door, his eyes darted about for the back door. Something deep and wild rushed through his head, obscuring his view with a thick, foggy sheen. Then he met sudden contact with something, knocking it over and crashing into something else. Something ceramic clattered and spun on the floor, ringing too high for comfort in his sensitive ears.

Managing to clear his head from the fall, Naruto opened his eyes slowly and saw the chair and table he had knocked into so close to his face he could see the grainy surfaces, and a glance to the left showed an upturned cup, the white creamy stuff pooled all over the floor. His cheek was cemented to the floor, and as Naruto unstuck his face from it, his mind plunged into desperate need again. He tried to get up, straining every muscle in him to listen so they could reach the back door.

His skin pricked and sent a shock down his spine when a warmth met the crook of his elbow, attempting to assist him up. Warm and soft. It was Hinata helping him up.

'No--way!! She can't--see me-- like-- this--!!'

"Naruto-kun, are you okay?! You didn't answer me, and I got worried--"

Her touch on his bare skin shot through him like an indescribable icy fire, and it took all of Naruto's willpower to shove Hinata's hand off his arm. Her eyes grew wide, startled, and settled a concerned and surprised gaze upon him. Avoiding eye contact, Naruto edged away from her with great difficulty, managing to lean against his table. He shut his eyes tightly, breathing heavily through clenched teeth, clutching his shirt with his fingers in a grip that turned his knuckles white.


She sounded so hurt! Pain ached through Naruto's chest. However, the lustful desire coursing through his veins and pumping at his head rendered him unable to speak properly without triggering something in himself.

"Hi--Hinata. Go away."

She furrowed her brow.


"Go away."

She opened her mouth to speak, but he let out a low growl before barking,


She stared at him, worry flooding through her. Naruto's breathing was growing more laboured by the minute. Then Nine-Tails growled in his mind.

***It's her... the girl you always see.***

'Don't make me do anything to her, you bastard! Calm down. Heel.'

***With a possible outlet of my desire this close? I'm not that stupid, kid.***

Naruto's eyes snapped open in shock, and he pressed himself against the table in fear.

'You wouldn't.'

***How do humans do it? If you don't know how then I'm doing it myself.***

Lust thrust through him and Naruto gasped, his fingers clawing at the floor and leaving deeply engraved marks. Hinata watched this all nervously, wanting to help Naruto but unsure of how to.

***Geez, you've got some resolve to not go near this girl. Hell, she's a young woman, not a girl. Let me at her.***


Naruto let out in an animal-like cry, but to his horror, his body moved towards Hinata. She stared as he slammed himself against the floor, winding himself, but refusing to get up.

"Please, Naruto-kun... let me help you. There's something wrong, I know there is."

***She smells nice, boy. Stop torturing me and you and let me do this.***

'You dumbass fox!! Don't you dare touch her.'

Now where had that come from? However, Naruto could smell the scent that wafted to his nose from Hinata. She smelt a little like blueberries. It overwhelmed him in a tide of bodily longing, but he still had some of his own mind left -- enough to control himself. However, he knew he was losing control rapidly at the moment. She needed to leave. Now. He opened his mouth, and barely managed to choke it out.



"Hinata... leave."

Control was slipping away. Naruto felt his body slowly start to listen to the more lustful longings of his mind, and he let out a low animal-like whimper before whispering, in a pleading tone,

"Please, Hinata.... leave."

Her expression softened, and she reached a hand out.

'No Hinata!! Don't touch me!!'

Her fingertips softly brushed against his cheek.