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Thunder boomed in the sky and a flash of lightning illuminated Cabin Three, the bright light reflected off Percy's bronze, Hippocampi that hug from the ceiling and cast white spots of light on the walls of the building. Percy flinched, his face screwing up as he ducked his head behind his arms.

Jason sat at the window; his reaction to the storm was very different to Percy's. He sat at the window and watched in awe as the white light seemed to split the dark-grey clouds and cut through the rain. It was almost as if with each crackle of electricity Jason absorbed it and his eyes lit up to a new, more intense blue. He turned to Percy with a grin on his face, his smile soon drooped and a line formed between his eyebrows.

Jason made his way over to Percy, where he lay on his back on his bunk with his head buried in a pillow. Jason placed his hand on Percy's stomach lightly and the son of Poseidon peeped one sea-green eye out from behind his pillow. With a frown still on his face Jason asked, "What's up?"

Percy pulled his pillow away from his face fully, went a little red with embarrassment and seemed to have an internal battle with himself. "You can tell me what's wrong, I won't mock you. We both have our faults," Jason urged.

The dark haired boy sighed and relented, "I can't stand storms…" Percy looked up at Jason with big, shiny eyes that seemed to plead, don't laugh. Jason wondered what Percy would do if he did laugh; Jason knew what Percy could do when motivated but all he seemed capable of right now was possibly killing him with his lost-baby-seal cuteness.

"Well, I'm sure you have perfectly good reasoning behind it," Jason said comfortingly.

"Let's just say that the Greek form of your Dad isn't too fond of me," Percy said, his lips quirking up at the corners slightly.

"I see." Jason hauled Percy's legs to the side, effectively forcing the other boy to sit up. Jason plopped down on the bed and slung his arm around Percy's shoulders. The son of Poseidon shivered slightly at the contact and unconsciously leaned into Jason's warmth but neither boy really noticed.

"I'd never let anything bad happen to you," Jason assured Percy. "I mean, we once attempted to fight to the death but let's just forget that unfortunate incident."

Percy laughed. "Yeah, I think that would be for the best."

"Really though, Dude, if my Dad, literally, stormed through that door intent upon killing you, I'd fight by your side," Jason said matter-of-factly with a little pat to Percy's bicep.

Percy turned to Jason and noted that their faces were rather close, Percy could feel the other boy's hot breath on his cheek and his blue eyes locked with Percy's. The dark-haired boy sat, stunned, like a rabbit in the brightest headlights it had ever seen.

"M-me too," Percy stuttered. "I mean if it were my Dad."

Jason nodded but made only a strangled sound in the back of his throat. On impulse, Jason used his arm to pull Percy to him and their lips connected in a slightly stubbly, messy kiss. Percy pulled back and blinked a few times, not sure what had just happened.

"Let's not tell anyone about this," Percy suggested.

"Let's not," Jason agreed with a nod.

Percy nodded as if to confirm and closed his eyes before the two boys engaged in another slow, more rehearsed kiss. Percy's hands cupped Jason's sculpted jaw his fingers took in the feel of the son of Jupiter's pale gold stubble and Percy drank in the way their lips merged together so fantastically.

"Definitely, not tell anyone," Percy commented with a grin.

~ The End ~

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