Sick Kitten

Ichigo woke up one morning, and didn't hear anything. Great, I bet Mom and Dad left again, she thought. She got up- and her stomach lurched. She quickly walked to the bathroom, and nearly threw up on the floor as she walked through the door. Swallowing hard, she managed to reach the toilet right before she threw up.

A few minutes later, stuff stopped coming up, but her stomach still didn't feel good. Putting a hand on her stomach, she got up, and flushed the toilet, then grabbed a bucket out of the closet, and went back to her room.

Little did she know, Kisshu was in her tree again, and he was watching as she came back into her room. He was worried when he saw her climb back into bed, and put the bucket next to her bed. Does she have a stomach bug? he wondered. He watched as she laid back, and went back to sleep.

Deciding he'd be better off staying, he quietly climbed in through her window, and sat down on the floor. About ten minutes later, he was totally bored, and wandering around her room. He finally decided to go through her dresser.

Luckily for him, Ichigo slept through him going through her underwear drawer. When he was done with that, he decided to look at her bookshelf. He picked a book at random, and started reading it.

About an hour later, Kisshu was actually still reading the book, when he heard, "Kisshu?"

Kisshu looked up, and saw Ichigo awake. "Hi Koneko-chan," he said.

"I didn't know you liked to read," Ichigo said.

"Normally I don't, but this isn't bad," Kisshu said. "But then again, the only books I have are pretty much nonfiction."

"So why are you in my room?" Ichigo asked.

"I was worried; are you sick?" Kisshu asked.

Ichigo was a bit startled, but said, "My stomach doesn't feel very good. I don't know if I have a stomach bug, but it doesn't feel good."

Kisshu came over and put a hand on her forehead. "You don't have a fever, but if you're not feeling good, just take it easy," he said.

"You're being nice," Ichigo commented. She felt her stomach lurch again, and said, "Uh-oh…."

"Are you feeling sick?" Kisshu asked.

"Yeah," Ichigo said. She picked up the bucket as her stomach flipped, and felt stuff coming up. Ichigo opened her mouth, and threw up again. She felt Kisshu rubbing her back gently as she threw up.

She stopped throwing up a few minutes later, but like before, her stomach didn't feel much better. She felt Kisshu's hand on her forehead, and then he said, "You still don't have a fever; did you eat something that was bad for you?"

"I don't know," Ichigo said. "I don't think I did, but I could be wrong."

Kisshu put a hand on her stomach, then said, "I think you did; it feels like you've got food poisoning."

"All I had last night was leftover lasagna," Ichigo said.

"I can't think why that would cause it, unless it's really old lasagna," Kisshu said.

"My mom made it about two days ago," Ichigo said. "Maybe it was lunch at school…."

"Cafeteria food is hazardous," Kisshu said.

"I guess so," Ichigo said.

"Do you have stomach medicine?" Kisshu asked.

"Yeah, in the bathroom," Ichigo said. "My stomach's not feeling good again…."

"If I help you, can you get to the bathroom? The bucket's kind of full," Kisshu said.

"I think so," Ichigo said. She got up, and Kisshu steadied her as she took the bucket to the bathroom.

They went in, and Kisshu said, "Do you want me to find the medicine?"

"Can you? I think I'm gonna be sick again," Ichigo said.

"I can find it," Kisshu said.

Ichigo went over to the toilet, clutching her stomach as it lurched again. She set the bucket down carefully, and sat down on the floor. Her stomach started hurting, and she clutched it, bending over the toilet as she tried to throw up. Finally she felt stuff coming up, and opened her mouth as everything in her stomach spilled out of her mouth. She vaguely heard Kisshu looking through the medicine bottles as she coughed everything up into the toilet. As she stopped, she heard Kisshu say, "I think I found it."

Ichigo got up, and immediately ended up back on the ground, her head spinning. "You can't stand up?" Kisshu asked.

"I'm dizzy," Ichigo said. "I guess not."

"Dizzy's not good," Kisshu said. "How's your stomach?"

"It just got worse," Ichigo said gloomily.

"Are you going to throw up again?" Kisshu asked.

"I don't know," Ichigo said. "It really hurts."

Kisshu came over and put a hand on her stomach. "It feels like there's a mixer in there," he said.

"I'd say a blender; those have blades, and this hurts," Ichigo said. "And I'm still really dizzy."

"That's not good for your stomach," Kisshu said. "Do you want to go back to your room? I can carry you."

"Can you empty the bucket first?" Ichigo asked.

Kisshu got up and emptied the bucket, then flushed the toilet. Almost as soon as the toilet had flushed, Ichigo said, "I'm gonna be sick….."

"Can you get it in the toilet?" Kisshu asked.

Ichigo swallowed as stuff started coming up, and scooted over to the toilet. It felt like she was choking, and she coughed. This caused everything she was holding in to spill out of her mouth, and she coughed again, feeling more stuff come up. She felt Kisshu rubbing her back again as she coughed up more stuff.

Finally she stopped, but her stomach felt horrible. "Did you find stomach medicine?" she asked Kisshu.

"I think so; I don't know much about human medicine," Kisshu said. He took a bottle of the counter, and said, "Is this stomach medicine?"

Ichigo looked, and said, "Yeah, this should work."

"K," Kisshu said. "I'll get a glass of water." He teleported downstairs, and came back a few minutes later with a glass of water.

Ichigo had read the instructions, and poured out two pills. Kisshu handed her the water, and she took both the pills. "Thanks, Kisshu," she said. "Thanks for helping me."

"Sure Koneko-chan," Kisshu said. "Let's get you back to your room, k?" Ichigo nodded, and Kisshu picked her up, then carried her back to her room, and set her down on her bed. He settled down next to her as she curled up, and tucked her in, then started stroking her hair. A minute later, she started purring softly, and Kisshu smiled.

Four hours later, Kisshu was worried. Ichigo was still sleeping, and though she was still purring, he was wondering why she was still asleep. Suddenly Ichigo's cell phone rang, startling Kisshu and waking Ichigo up. Kisshu looked at the phone, and said, "Blondie."

"Great…." Ichigo said. She took the phone and picked up, then asked, "What do you want? I'm sick."

Kisshu listened closely, and heard Ryou say, "We need you at the Café, so too bad."

"I quit, so you can make Mint work instead," Ichigo said. "I don't get paid nearly enough to deal with you making my life a misery, so I'd suggest hiring someone else."

"You can't be serious, you know we need you," Ryou said.

"I guess you should have thought of that before you wrecked my life," Ichigo said. "You're nasty to me 24/7, and I don't think you want me to come in anyways; I've been throwing up all morning. So too bad, and have fun with the others, Blondie."

"You're going to regret this," Ryou said. "Once I tell the others you joined the aliens, they'll make sure you don't get away again."

Ichigo started to reply, but suddenly in the background she heard Mint shouting, "Ryou, Lettuce and Pudding just left, saying something about not wanting to work for an evil blonde bastard! I think they heard you talking to Ichigo!"

Ichigo heard a click, and sighed. "Blondie's probably out to get me," she said.

"Do you think you'd be safer with me?" Kisshu asked.

"Not if your brothers kill me," Ichigo said.

"They won't," Kisshu said. "But we should wait till you're better to go; teleporting isn't good if you have an upset stomach."

"K," Ichigo said. "I think I'd like living with you."

"You would?" Kisshu asked excitedly.

"Yup," Ichigo said. "I realized after I found out Aoyama had been cheating on me and two other girls that you were really the only one for me. I know you accept me for who I am, and I also know you would never cheat on me. Just one thing; please stop calling me a toy, I don't like it."

"K!" Kisshu said happily. "If it means we can be together, I'll never mention toys again!"

"At least until you want kids, right?" Ichigo asked teasingly.

"Kids sound nice…." Kisshu said.

Ichigo giggled. "I wonder if they'll have tails….." she said. "I bet they'll have fangs, though."

"Because I have fangs?" Kisshu asked.

"I have them in Mew form," Ichigo said. "I guess we'll be having the second half-Cyniclon, half-human kids."

"Second?" Kisshu asked.

"My school friends are half-Cyniclon, but they don't know who their dad is; their mom won't tell them," Ichigo explained.

"Wow…." Kisshu said. "I suppose they know about you, then?"

"Yup," Ichigo said.

"How's your stomach?" Kisshu asked.

"It feels better," Ichigo said. "I guess the medicine helped."

"Good," Kisshu said. "How are you feeling otherwise?"

"Pretty much fine," Ichigo said. "Should I start packing if I'm going to live with you?"

"Yup," Kisshu said. "But you don't have to finish till tomorrow; I think it's better to go tomorrow, when you've recovered."

"If Blondie comes here, we're screwed," Ichigo said. "I think we should go as soon as possible."

"If you're sure," Kisshu said. "Do you need help packing?"

"No, I'll be fine," Ichigo said. She got up, and dug around in her closet till she found a large suitcase. She started stuffing clothes into it, then went to the bathroom, got her toiletries, and came back, then stuffed them into the suitcase as well. She found a few books too, stuffed them in, and closed the suitcase.

"Are you getting dressed today?" Kisshu asked.

"I have to take a shower," Ichigo said.

"K," Kisshu said. He watched her gather up more clothes, and then she left. He settled down on her bed, and waited for her to come back.

Fifteen minutes later, she came back, and Kisshu asked, "You're not putting your hair up?"

"I do it in here," Ichigo said. She did her hair, and went to find some shoes. "I'm ready to go," she said when she had put shoes on.

"Okay," Kisshu said happily. Ichigo picked up her suitcase, and left her pendant on her desk. Kisshu took her hand, and teleported to his room.

"This is huge," Ichigo commented when they landed.

"I guess," Kisshu said. He smirked, and said, "We get to sleep together."

Ichigo giggled. "You're not going to do anything to me, right?" she asked.

"Of course not," Kisshu said. He cringed as they heard banging on the door, and Pai shouting, "Kisshu! Open up!"

Kisshu sighed and went to open the door. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Where were you?" Pai asked.

"Ichigo's, and she's going to be living with us now," Kisshu said. "Is that all?"

"Taruto and I got hungry….." Pai said.

"Why didn't Taruto make something?" Kisshu asked.

"He said he didn't want ramen, and that's about all he knows how to cook," Pai said. "Can you make something?"

"What do you want?" Kisshu sighed.

"Tomato soup?" Pai suggested.

"Fine," Kisshu said. "Koneko-chan, are you hungry?"

"Not really, but I'll sit with you," Ichigo said.

"K," Kisshu said. "Can you help me with the soup?"

"Sure," Ichigo said. "Are we cutting up onions?"

"I have some chopped onions from last night," Kisshu said. "I made onion rings and fried chicken, but there were too many onions, so I chopped them up to use another time."

"Wow, I didn't know you could cook," Ichigo said.

"He's better than the guy with the ponytail," Pai commented. "Kisshu had to teach himself because apparently I'm a disaster."

"I guess we'd better let Lettuce know," Ichigo said. "When you two get married, it will be helpful."

Pai turned red, and Kisshu said, "Pai, she's right. If you attack her, I'll tell Lettuce about your collection."

Pai quickly went from red to white, and said meekly, "I'll be in my lab if you need me….."

"Have fun," Kisshu said. Pai teleported out, and Kisshu snickered.

"Collection?" Ichigo asked.

"Pai's obsessed with stuffed animals," Kisshu snickered. "The best way to blackmail him is to threaten to tell Lettuce his little secret."

Ichigo giggled. "That's funny," she said. "I didn't expect that the toy store thief in the news was Pai."

"He's been seen?" Kisshu asked, worried.

"No, but it's pretty obvious at the smaller toy stores that someone's taking large amounts of stuffed animals," Ichigo said. "And Mew Lettuce plushies are really hard to find, thanks to Pai."

"Jeez, I'd better tell him to be careful," Kisshu said. "Let's make dinner first, though."

Ichigo smiled. "K," she said, and followed Kisshu to the kitchen.

Sorry the ending isn't very good, but I like this, so I hope you do too!