Ok I mostly get comments that I need to use smaller paragraphs it is kind of challenging for me cuz I lose track of who I'm writing about so I hope I did a good job let me know what you think.

Lucy and Juvia sat on the bed with blank eyes. Their dreams felt so real, Lucy could still feel Igneels hug and Juvia could still feel the ring on her finger that was only on for a few moments.

Natsu and Gray stared at them in confusion. "What's going on with you girls?" Gray finally broke the silence. "Igneel, I'm so sorry." Lucy whispered so quietly no one heard, no one heard except Natsu. His eyes widened and was about to grab Lucy to ask about Igneel, not realizing it was not his father who Lucy dreamed of. He saw the look in her eyes and held back. "Come on Lucy lets go." Natsu said picking up Lucy and carried her back to the adjoining bathroom. "Gray take care of Juvia I will see what's going on with Lucy." Gray nodded and closed the bathroom door behind Natsu.

"What happened to you?" Gray asked as he sat next to Juvia. When Gray looked down and saw he was still wearing his boxers he jumped up. "Sorry! I should have put something on!" He slipped into a pair of pants near by. "It's not that i know it's what you're comfortable wearing." Juvia said softly. "Then what happened you look comfortable sleeping on me." Gray joked while Juvia blushed she didn't mean to stay asleep on him like that.

Gray realized that he shouldn't have said that seeing how she blushed and seemed to be embarrassed, honestly Gray didn't mind it in fact he thought it was kind of cute. "Ya know you look really peaceful when you sleep Juvia." Gray said trying to clean up his last statement. Juvia just blushed more. "Excuse me I am going to go to the rest room." Juvia said as she stood up and walked toward the bathroom. The door closed behind her and Gray put on a clean shirt.

Natsu carefully put Lucy on the couch in their room and sat across from her on the chair. Lucy stared sadly at the ground and Natsu sat gazing at her. He heard her say Igneel and he wanted to why she said that, he couldn't hold it in anymore. "Why did you say sorry to Igneel?" Lucy's eyes shot up at him she didn't think he heard even with his dog like hearing. Her eyes were glossy and big at hearing him ask. "What no I didn't say that." Lucy insisted she didn't know how to explain her dream to him.

Juvia came out of the bathroom and Gray sat on the couch waiting for her. "How ya feeling now?" He asked concerned. "I..I'm alright now don't worry it was something kind of silly anyway." Juvia insisted. Gray gave her a look of concern but moved on from the subject. "What do you want to do today?" He asked. "Let's go look around town." Juvia replied. "All right, sounds good I heard they are having a festival let's ask Natsu and Lucy if they want to join us." Gray said. Juvia just nodded but Gray didn't get up he walked into the kitchen and made them a cup of coffee. "So I had a weird dream last night. What about you? Did you have any special kind of dream?" Juvia looked at him with wide eyes and blushed. "No not at all." She was obviously lying and Gray knew it, he gave a half smile, "Sure you didn't don't worry you can tell me later." He said.

Natsu put his arm around Lucy, "It's ok tell me when you're ready." Natsu smiled. Lucy looked at him, "I'm sorry I am just really confused about what happened in my dream it felt so real." She said putting her head on his chest. "What do you want to do today?" Natsu asked. "Let's just walk around town today alright." Lucy asked. "Sounds good sweets." Natsu smiled and it made Lucy laugh.

Juvia laid on the couch staring at the ceiling to clear her head. 'I wonder what happened to Lucy it seemed like something was bothering her too. If she won't tell Natsu she will probably tell me, and I can talk to her about mine it will be easier to tell her.' Juvia sat up. "You alright now?" Gray asked. "I'm fine I just want to talk to Lucy for a few minutes." Juvia said as she stood up. She walked toward the bathroom door to go see Lucy for a little bit.