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Despicable Wreck-It Ralph

Chapter 1: The Game Starts Now

Light peeked into the room of Miss Hattie's Home for Girls. Margo stirred and made a reach for her glasses on the bedside table. She finally got them and put them on then got up out of bed. Walking over to the calendar, Margo squinted her eyes as they adjusted to the light while she tried to read the date on the calendar. She gasped in surprise at the date. Quickly she moved over to her youngest sister, Agnes's bed.

"Agnes, wake up! Agnes!" She nudged the little girl, who was clutching her favorite toy pink unicorn in her sleep. After a bit of nudging, Agnes finally woke up.

"What is it, Margo?" Agnes asked while she rubbed her eyes with her free hand.

"Today's the end of the month, remember?" Suddenly Agnes's face lit up like a kid on Christmas day.


"Really! Now get dressed!" Margo said as she moved over to Edith's bed to wake up her other sister. Agnes hopped out of bed and began to take off her slippers. Meanwhile, Margo had a hard time rousing Edith. "Edith, get up!" Edith made no movement. "Edith, come on, today's the day." Edith slightly groaned and turned to sleep on her stomach. Annoyed, Margo turned to her own bed and grabbed her pillow then began whacking Edith with it. "Wake up!" She called as she whacked Edith with her pillow. She whacked her again. In response, Edith took her pillow and covered her head with it. Even more annoyed, Margo turned to Agnes, who was having trouble unbuttoning her pajama shirt. "Agnes, help me out here." Agnes stopped trying to unbutton her shirt and grabbed her pillow from her bed and joined Margo in whacking Edith awake. At last, Edith removed her pillow from above her head and glared at her sisters, who ceased whacking her.

"What!" She snapped. Edith liked her sleep and if she didn't get to sleep for as long as she wanted, she tended to be a little cranky in the morning.

"Today's Arcade Day!" Agnes cheered gleefully. Edith looked at Margo for confirmation and the oldest sister nodded. Just as when Margo told Agnes, Edith's face lit up and she jumped out of bed to get dressed.

What has the three orphan sisters so happy is today was their monthly trip to the arcade a couple of blocks away. Being orphans, it was hard to get money to fund their trips so the three agreed on going once at the end of each month, when they managed to gather enough to play for a couple of hours.

All three girls got dressed and went down to the dining room to have breakfast. Usually, the arcade opened at eight and now it was seven. This left plenty of time to eat, clean up, and get down to the arcade. What they didn't know about today was that their lives would get really interesting and it would all start at the arcade.


Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun were in Game Central Station. The arcade would open in an hour. All four of them were meeting before the arcade opened since they didn't get to hang out the previous night. Vanellope was perched on Ralph's shoulder and her eyes scanned the other characters in the station. Bowser from New Super Mario Bros. Wii was having a hard time getting all eight of his kids back to their game but luckily he was getting help from Kamek and Zangief. Then all thirteen heroes from Sonic Heroes strolled by. Sonic and Amy covered their ears as they walked, trying to block out the argument between Knuckles and Rouge were having. Shadow and Omega just ignored them while Tails, Cream, Cheese, and Chocola flew above avoiding getting involved. Big was walking close behind, petting Froggy as he went. Meanwhile, Espio, Charmy, and Vector were talking about going to Dance Dance Revolution for a Saturday Night Out. Vanellope continued to look around at other game characters. Meanwhile, Felix and Calhoun followed behind her and Ralph.

"So, I'll see you at the entrance of Hero's Duty tonight, Shortstack?" Calhoun asked her short husband.

"You know it. Once the Random Roster Race is over with, we can go to Burger Time like we've been talking about. I'm eager to see how Peter has done with making a complete after-hours restaurant. I hear the menu expands further then burgers." Felix responded, losing himself in a daydream of tasting new recipes.

"Are you sure we can even get in? The place will probably be packed."

"Not to worry Ma'am, Peter owes me a favor for fixing his grill back in 2001. I asked him to keep a reservation for us."

"Nice, Fix-It! Come here so I can kiss that clever head of yours!" Calhoun said as she pulled Felix in to kiss him.

"Will do, my dynamite gal." Felix responded, not resisting his wife's strength. Ralph stopped at the entrance of Sugar Rush to drop off Vanellope. When she hopped down to the station floor with a glitch, she turned to her three older friends.

"Okay, so you're all coming to the Random Roster Race tonight right?"

"Of course, I have to make up for missing last night's race don't I?" Ralph teased.

"Good! I'm going to whoop everyone else and I want my favorite people in the world to see it."

"Can't wait… top shelf?" Ralph held his fist out as he grinned with enthusiasm. Vanellope jumped up and bumped Ralph's huge fist with her own tiny one.

"Top shelf!" At the turn of her heel, Vanellope dashed into Sugar Rush to prepare for the day's players. Calhoun kneeled down to Felix and pushed his cap down playfully.

"Guess that's my cue to head to my game," she kissed Felix's cheek. "See you after work, Fix-It!" She got up and went down to the other side of the station to where Hero's Duty's entrance was. This left Ralph with Felix, who was still in a blissful daze after being kissed by his high definition wife. Ralph chuckled at the sight.

"Come on, Felix, we have our own game to get to." He told his protagonist as he grabbed the short handyman and took him to the Fix-It Felix Jr. entrance.

^An hour later^

Margo, Edith, and Agnes, who brought along her unicorn, were at the doors of Litwak's Arcade and Family Fun Center with a couple of dozen other kids, waiting for Mr. Litwak let them in. As they waited, Margo gave them the rundown of how their day was going to go.

"Okay, first we play Sugar Rush then Fix-It Felix Jr. and then we'll play some of the other games."

"Could one of the games we play be Hero's Duty?" Edith asked. Ever since Hero's Duty was plugged in months ago, Edith has wanted to play it but Margo wouldn't let her.

"No, Edith," Margo replied. Edith snapped her fingers. Rats! "That game is too violent for us to play and it costs two dollars to play." Edith crossed her arms and looked away in a huff. Soon, Mr. Litwak opened the doors and kids at the door rushed in. Running ahead to call first dibs on Sugar Rush, Edith hopped into the first player seat. Margo and Agnes got there soon after and Agnes climbed into the second player seat.

"I get Vanellope." Agnes called as Margo entered the quarters in the machine. The roster appeared on the screen. Featured on the random roster today was Vanellope von Schweetz, Taffyta Muttonfudge, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Candlehead, Nougetsia Brumblestain, Torvald Batterbutter, Swizzle "the Swizz" Malarkey, Crumbelina di Caramello, and Minty Zaki. Agnes turned the wheel until Vanellope's square was lit and pressed the accelerator.

"Big whoop!" Edith waved off Agnes's enthusiasm over Vanellope. "Taffyta can drive donuts around her." She turned her wheel to Taffyta's square and confirmed her selection. "Come on, Taffyta, let's win a trophy." The race began to load.

"I play the winner after this." Margo said as the race began.

^Hours later^

The three girls played for hours including Margo's amazing round of Fix-It Felix Jr. While Margo and Agnes played Burger Time, Edith drank her juice box and she heard someone start a new game of Hero's Duty. With Margo distracted, Edith went around the corner of Sonic Heroes and saw it. The game was just starting up.

"We are humanity's last hope." Calhoun stated. "Think you have what it takes rookie? Let's find out." The door behind her opened and Edith stopped drinking her juice and her jaw dropped open in amazement. She watched as a girl with blond hair and pink clothes played the game. The game itself looked incredible and the enemies the girl was shooting were really cool. Suddenly, Mr. Litwak's voice brought her out of her daze.

"Last games everyone, the arcade will be closing in five minutes." Going back to Burger Time, Edith found Margo and Agnes finishing their level. Margo let go of the controls.

"Okay, the arcade is going to close so let's go to the bathroom so we don't have to wait until we get back to Miss Hattie's." Then Margo pulled Agnes away from the screen. All three went into the girls' room and Edith went while Margo helped Agnes.

Outside the girls' room, Mr. Litwak lead the last couple of kids out the door and locked up, unaware of the three girls that were still inside. Once Mr. Litwak left, Yuni from Dance Dance Revolution stopped the game demo and called out to the other games.

"All clear, the arcade's closed." All the other games stopped their demo mode and characters began to leave their games' screens.

^Fix-It Felix Jr.^

"All clear, everyone, take a breather." Felix called to Ralph and the Nicelanders. Q*Bert sighed in relief, today was a busy day. All the characters in the game gathered in front of the apartment building. Mary walked up to Ralph, holding out two pies.

"Here, Ralph!"

"Are those both for me?" He asked. She had never given two pies to him at the same time.

"No, one's for you and one's for Vanellope. I know she would want a pie after a hard day of racing." She handed him the pies.

"Yeah, if I know the little medal thief, she'll want something. Thanks for the pie. I'll be sure to get this pie to her." Ralph said as he eat his pie. Mary nodded and went to celebrate another great day of gaming with Gene and Deanna. "Felix come on, we don't want to be late."

Felix emerged from the front door of the Nicelanders' apartment building, straightening his cap. "Sorry for keeping you waiting, Ralph. I wanted to make sure I looked presentable for dinner with Tammy."

Ralph started towards the train. "Yeah, yeah, let's go!" Felix skipped after him with his usual boing. They climbed into the train and rode it out into Game Central.

^Litwak's Arcade^

The girls left the bathroom, still drying their hands as they went. Edith wasn't so thrilled.

"I hate washing my hands, why do we even do this?"

"Edith, you know Miss Hattie doesn't like anything dirty." Margo replied as she tried to open the front door but it didn't open like she wanted. "Uh oh!" She tried again but with more force. The door still didn't budge. "The door's locked." Suddenly Edith's bored look on her face turned to one of joy. Edith pumped her fists in the air.

"Yes!" Margo whirled around, pointing a serious stare at the tomboy. Backing down to the stare, Edith pulled her fists back down. "I mean this is bad." She said, not really meaning it. Agnes stepped next to her.

"What do we do now?" Even Agnes knew what would happen if they didn't get back to Miss Hattie's before lights' out.

Margo looked at her sisters, then the door, then around the arcade. "I think we need to find a phone and call for help. Try opening a door and see if any other rooms have a phone." The girls split up and all but a few doors were locked. "Any luck?"

"No!" Agnes called as she returned to the front of the arcade. She stopped by Sugar Rush and noticed something different about the screen. "Hey, what's going on with Sugar Rush?" Margo came over and viewed the screen with her. The nine boxes that were supposed to be containing racers were blank with nothing but a question mark in each box. What was going on?

Margo looked up above the screen. The cabinet read: new racers daily. Oh! The game was resetting and selecting random from the game's racers for the roster. "The game must be selecting the racers for tomorrow." She told Agnes. "I'm sure the game is fine."

Meanwhile, Edith was still searching for a phone. She came to an unlocked door and pushed it open. It was a closet. Normally, Edith would have just ignored the closet but something caught her attention. In front of the fuse box was a blue, swirling portal. That's something you don't see in every closet. "Margo, Agnes, come check this out!" She yelled. Margo and Agnes came to see what she found and Margo wasn't very amazed.

"What is that?" Margo asked.

"I don't know but I have a good feeling about this. We should go in, it's not like we can go anywhere else." Margo grabbed Edith's arm as her sister made a move to step towards the portal.

"Are you crazy? We don't know what would happen if we went in. We could end up on the Great Wall of China or something." Rolling her eyes, Edith shook her arm out of Margo's grasp.

"Like I said, it's not like we can go anywhere else." Once again, she moved closer to the portal and turned to her sisters. "If you want to stay here, fine, but I'm going to find out where this goes." With that said, Edith turned around and jumped in the portal, vanishing in an instant.

Agnes gasped. "She's gone! Where did she go?" Scared that her older sister disappeared, Agnes tightened her hold on her unicorn. Margo was at a loss for words, she couldn't believe that Edith just went and did that. After at least a minute of silence, a voice came from the portal.

It turned out to be Edith's voice. "Margo! You and Agnes need to come in, this is so cool." Both Margo and Agnes sighed in relief that Edith was okay. Agnes, hearing that wherever Edith went was a great place, wanted to see for herself.

"Edith says it's cool. Can we go in, Margo please?" She pleaded. Hearing this request, Margo bit her lip. Her and her sisters needed to get back to Miss Hattie's but it wasn't very often that the three of them got to have any fun. Maybe it would be okay to go in for a few minutes and then get back to find a phone?

Soon, Margo gave into her sisters' desires. "Alright, we can go in." Agnes squealed in excitement. However, Margo gave her a warning. "But only for a few minutes." Taking a breath, Margo and Agnes jumped in together.

^Sugar Rush^

Roars of cheering filled the Royal Raceway as the racers parked their karts in the line-up, the Royal Raceway fanfare playing around the crowd. The racers gathered beneath the presidential cheering booth. Sour Bill, the assistant to the game's president, shushed down the cheering fans.

"Citizens of Sugar Rush, all hail the rightful ruler, President Vanellope von Schweetz!" Sour Bill announced in his usual monotone. Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun were also in the booth and stepped aside as Vanellope bounced up to Sour Bill to take the microphone.

"Good evening, Sugar Rush!" She greeted, way more enthusiastic than Sour Bill ever would. All of the fans screamed happily in response. "Glad to hear everyone's having a good day. Now I would like to thank the avatars for another great day of racing." The racers below the booth clapped, congratulating each other. "And I would like to also address the whoopee cushion in Sticky's kart this morning before opening time," Vanellope narrowed her eyes down at the racer wearing the pumpkin hat. "Gloyd," Gloyd nervously chuckled. Then Vanellope shifted her mood back to cheerful. "Anyway, time to set the roster for Monday. So let's register for the roster."

After Vanellope became president of Sugar Rush, one of her actions was eliminating the coin entry fee for Random Roster Races. Now all the racers had to do to get in a race was step onto the lollipop next to the starting line and their code was scanned onto the board.

The lollipop scanner lowered down and the racers lined up to register. "As usual, we'll register by placement in the last Random Roster Race, first to fifteenth so Rancis start us off." Vanellope said. Rancis nodded and jumped onto the lollipop. The lollipop scanned his code and his named blipped onto the board.

"Rancis Fluggerbutter!" The announcer on the board boomed. Rancis jumped off the lollipop and descended the stairs to his kart, the Kit Kart. Vanellope glitched down from her booth and jumped onto the lollipop. "Vanellope von Schweetz!" She jumped off and glitched back up to the booth so when the roster was complete, she could start the race. Once the rest of the racers were in their karts and had started them up, the Soda Fountain sprayed several kinds of pops and sodas into the fountain below and the Random Roster Race fanfare began. Vanellope then cleared her throat. "Everybody, this is going to be another great race, I know it. So let's get this race started!" She set the microphone down and glitched down into her kart. The starting light went from red to yellow to green. All at once, the racers sped off down the track. From the presidential booth, Ralph and the Fix-Its cheered Vanellope on.

^With Margo, Edith, and Agnes^

The jump through the portal was a weird one. One moment it felt like everything was okay and the next moment, Margo felt like she had been scattered into a million bits and reassembled in a second. After a minute, she and Agnes landed on the other side of the portal. If she wasn't so taken by surprise with the scattering into a million bits feeling she would have landed on her feet. Instead, she landed on her back. Groaning, she got back on her feet. She looked around and saw that she, Edith, and Agnes were in a dark room.

"You call this cool Edith? We're in an empty and dark room." She complained to her sister.

"Hey, I said that there was something on the other side of that portal and I was right." Edith replied. As she went on, she started counting on her fingers to emphasize her point. "It felt cool going through the portal. It's cool being in the dark and wherever the tunnel goes has to be cool."

"What tunnel?" Margo didn't see a tunnel.

"That tunnel!" Edith pointed and she was right. A large tunnel was in the wall of the room. Agnes too followed Edith's pointed finger.

"Where does it go?"

Edith looked up above the tunnel. "I think it goes to wherever that sign says." Margo and Agnes looked up where Edith did. The sign said: Game Central Station.

"What does it say?" Agnes asked, her eyebrows raised in confusion.

"The sign says Game Central Station." Excited finding out about something for once in her life, Edith dashed forward into the tunnel. This upset Margo. What happened to only going in the portal for a few minutes? Why go in deeper?

"Edith, we don't know what's in there. It could be dangerous. Besides, we're supposed to be looking for a phone so we can get back to Miss Hattie's."

Her younger sister turned around and snorted. "Margo, it's a station. It's probably harmless. Go back through the portal if you want, I'm going to be a little adventurous and have some fun." After saying what she wanted, Edith turned around again and continued into the tunnel. For Agnes, fun was a magic word and it made her want to follow Edith. Slipping her hand from Margo's, Agnes scrambled after her sister.

"Edith, wait for me!" She called, forgetting that Margo was in charge.

"Agnes! Ugh!" Margo groaned. Why was being the oldest sibling so hard? Reluctantly, she followed her two younger sisters into the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel was another room, this one seemed to have a train and another tunnel. Edith and Agnes hopped into the first car near they could and Margo soon joined them. After a moment, the train began to move and it went into the tunnel, electrical sparks occurring around them, making them jump. Eventually, the train stopped in a room much brighter than the previous two and an automated voice sounded around the girls. "Train arriving in outlet one, welcome to Game Central Station." The girls got off the train and down a set of stairs was a doorway. As they entered, their eyes scrunched shut until they adjusted to the brightness of the new area.

When they were finally able to open their eyes fully again, the girls were taken completely by surprise as they saw the sight before them. All over the station were humans, animals, monsters, even dinosaurs. Agnes grabbed onto Margo's skirt.

"Margo? I don't think we're in the arcade anymore." On the other hand, Edith's awe turned into a smile.

"See, I told you the tunnel was going somewhere cool. Would you look at this place? This is awesome!" Bringing herself out of shock, Margo turned to Edith.

"This is awesome? Have you gone out of your mind? Edith, look around, we are not in our world anymore. How can you think this is awesome?"

"Exactly what you just said. We're not in our world anymore. We're in a cooler and safer world. By safer, I mean safer from Miss Hattie." Edith explained as she took a couple of steps into the station.

"Edith, this is the opposite of safer." Margo tugged Agnes along with her out into the station to emphasize her point. "Who knows what could happen here?"

Suddenly, Lemmy Koopa from New Super Mario Bros. Wii came by. The little koopa turned behind him. "Last one to Dance Dance Revolution is the world's dumbest goomba!" He turned back in the direction he was going and ran off. The sisters watched as he ran away and Agnes blinked in surprise.

"Did he just say Dance Dance Revolution?" She asked to see if she had heard him correctly. While she did that, Edith looked at where he came from. Oh boy…

"Watch out!" She quickly pushed Margo and Agnes away and leaped out of the way in the opposite direction.

Why she pushed them out of the way was because Lemmy's brothers and sister came through. Roy shouted at Lemmy. "No fair, you got a head start!"

Wendy didn't care enough to go around Margo and simply jumped on her back. "Ow!" Margo yelped, clearly not appreciating being jumped on with high heels. Wendy kept on running without acknowledging Margo or her pain. Once the Koopa siblings were gone, Margo got up, dusting herself off in case any dust got on her.

"Looks like they don't only cause trouble for Mario." Margo commented to herself. "Thanks for saving us Edith. Now let's get out… of… here…" Now Margo was at a loss for words as Edith and Agnes were nowhere to be seen. "Oh no…" This couldn't be happening. Edith, Agnes, where are you guys?

^With Agnes^

After Edith pushed her and Margo out of the way, Agnes fell to the floor and saw the Koopalings run by. She had to get away. What if they came back? Her impact with the floor wasn't as hard as Margo's so she recovered pretty quickly. Without choosing a direction, Agnes merely ran off, still holding her unicorn.

Agnes ran for a little bit, dodging game characters as she did. She almost got trampled by the soldiers of Hero's Duty, she wouldn't know who those guys were. Not to mention she got caught in a stampede of Pokémon from Pokémon Battle Park. Maybe she should get out of the station so she wouldn't get hurt or something? Not even bothering to see which game she was going into, not that she could read yet anyway, she went into the closest game to her and got on the train. She had to wonder which game she was going into when she was actually going into Sonic Heroes.

^With Edith^

Following her leap to avoid the Koopalings, Edith had to scramble out of the way to avoid being stepped on by Zangief from Street Fighter. She had played the game before and knew Zangief's image well enough to know who he was when she saw him anywhere else. Bowser came by not a moment later. "Nice kids, they get that attitude from their mom?" She remarked sarcastically.

Bowser looked exhausted but was still able to reply to her. "I wish…" He continued on only going in a different direction than his kids, having had enough of them for a day.

These guys in the station really were game characters. Wait a minute… then that means they were in the arcade but in a different part of the arcade. Yeah… as crazy as this situation was, it still beat being at Miss Hattie's. Edith bet to herself Miss Hattie didn't even care that they didn't come back. Blech… Miss Ugly Hair.

^Miss Hattie's Home for Girls^

Miss Hattie went through every floor of the orphanage, checking every bedroom to make sure the children turned off their room lights. She had just finished checking Darla and Mavis's room and was moving onto Margo, Edith, and Agnes's room. When she opened the door into the room, she noticed that the girls were absent. Looking up, Miss Hattie checked the room light. Eh… as long as the light was off. Shrugging off that the girls weren't there, she closed the door and moved onto the next room.

^With Edith^

Looking around the station, Edith saw characters from different games hanging out and traveling to other games. So after the arcade closes for the day, they leave their games and travel around? Awesome! If they can do that then she probably could too. Margo and Agnes were probably somewhere else in the station and possibly entering games. Besides, they wouldn't have gotten out of the arcade until morning most likely. Now that Edith was here, this was her chance to see a whole new world, scratch that, whole new world(s). That's it, she was going to explore this arcade. Where to start? Since she was new to this digital world thing, she should probably start with a simple game. Think, Edith, think! New Super Mario Bros. Wii! Glancing around the station, Edith looked at the signs above the tunnels until she found New Super Mario Bros. Wii and went in.