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Chapter 10: Rescue and Restart

"We're going to need some help." Edith said, walking towards the room door.

"Where are you going?" Margo asked incredulously.

Edith spun around. "Where do you think? I'm going back to the arcade to get the others to help us escape."

"Edith, you can't go out there." Margo exclaimed. "It's pouring rain and its dark out. You could get seriously hurt." Margo reasoned, gesturing to the rain splattered window for emphasis.

However, Edith merely waved it off. "Maybe you and Agnes can't go out there but I certainly could. It's my job to do stuff like this. Your job is to be the responsible older sister and keep us safe. It's Agnes's job to be cute and have fun and it's my job to do the tough stuff that you two can't." Edith sighed. "The arcade isn't that far and I remember the path completely. I'll get to the arcade, make a rescue plan with the others, and get back here. Miss Hattie won't even know I'm gone."

Margo bit her lower lip. "I'm not so sure, Edith." She replied hesitantly.

"Margo, I know you're trying to keep us safe but you have to trust me. If we don't get help, we'll be separated for good. Calhoun and the others are the only way all three of us can get out of this." Edith reasoned. "It's too dangerous for all three of us to go now. Miss Hattie is going to be watching us like a hawk tomorrow and the only time she would let us out would be when Agnes and I are supposed to get picked up." Edith pointed to Agnes. "I could probably fight to get away but Agnes probably can't. We're going to have one shot and we can't do it alone." Edith looked Margo in the eyes. "Please, trust me on this. Let me go get help." She calmly pleaded.

It wasn't very common but Edith made some very good points this time. There was no way they could safely go out in the rain and get to the arcade together. Miss Hattie would certainly be keeping a close eye on them tomorrow. Agnes was too young, small, and weak to try to escape on her own. Miss Hattie would probably keep her in her room while her sisters were picked up. They did need help from outsiders and the only ones they could trust to help them were their friends from the arcade. Edith was strong on her own, she could get through the rain. "Alright, go get help. Also, please be careful." Margo decided. After hugging Margo and Agnes, Edith snuck out of the room with a 'be back later'. The front door would be locked when Edith left so it was up to Margo to let her sister back in when she returned.

Stealthily like she had been in Hero's Duty, Edith made her way from the third floor to the front door on the first floor. While this was a serious mission, Edith took secret pleasure in going out in the rain since she loved to splash in puddles. Of course, now it would be dangerous. Taking caution, Edith ran out in the rain. As quietly as she could, Edith opened the gate in front of the orphanage and slipped out onto the sidewalk. The rain continued to fall as Edith zipped down the sidewalks and crossed the streets when there were no cars driving through. The arcade within sight, Edith silently thanked that her hat kept the rain out of her face and from getting her sick.

^Fix-It Felix Jr.^

Ralph sat on the top of the apartment building. He couldn't sleep. Even though Vanellope had given him quite the day full of adventure like sledding in World 3 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and dropping balloons full of lemonade from the clouds of World 7, he still wondered about Margo and her sisters. Wondering how they were doing and what Miss Hattie was doing to them, he couldn't get to sleep.

"Can't sleep, brother?" Ralph looked over to the side of the building where Felix just climbed up.

"No, not really Felix." Ralph answered. "What about you? Is Calhoun keeping you up?" Ralph asked suggestively.

Felix blinked. "What?" His brain caught on to what Ralph was saying. "Oh no, she's sleeping just fine. I'm just not that tired. Today wasn't as exciting as Sundays usually are." The handyman sat down next to Ralph on the edge of the roof. "So what's keeping you up?"

Ralph turned his gaze back to the view beyond the game screen. "I'm just thinking." Ralph responded. Maybe he should tell him or maybe not. It wasn't like he was going anywhere at this time of night and neither was Felix. Then again, it felt good to get stuff off the chest at Bad-Anon so what harm could there be in telling Felix. "Felix, do you feel like we did the right thing? You know, with getting Margo and her sisters back to their world?"

Shrugging, Felix looked up at his 'brother'. "I don't know. We just did what they wanted and helped them get back to where they wanted to be so I think we did the right thing."

The large wrecker sighed and rested his chin in one of his large palms. "I'm just concerned about them. They had a bad past and they don't seem to like their Miss Hattie person so I just don't know what to think about all of this."

"Well Ralph, who knows? Maybe they're doing all right and they'll be getting adopted some time soon." Felix offered positive thought. Turning back to the view, he noticed something strange. "Ralph, isn't that Edith at the door?"

Looking up from his chin in hand, Ralph looked out the game screen to the front door of the arcade. Suddenly, he was speechless and surprised. At the door was definitely Edith, the middle sister was currently pounding on the door with a look of seriousness and worry on her face. "She looks like she's in trouble." Ralph heaved himself up onto his feet. "I'll get Calhoun and Vanellope. You get Surge to open the portal and go let Edith in." The two characters rushed off in the directions of their respective tasks.

^Game World Portal^

"What!" The four game characters exclaimed after Edith explained everything.

"She can't do that! There's no way she can do that." Vanellope protested. Her grouchiness of being woken up from her sleep was shortly forgotten after hearing the news.

Edith rolled her eyes in exhaustion. "Apparently she can. Like I said, she's got it all set up and everything. If we don't do something before we get to those orphanages, we'll be separated for good. It would be impossible to escape them with our stuff along and Agnes is too young to try to escape on her own. That's why we need your help. We need you guys to help us get away and back here. There's no way they would look for us in the arcade world since they don't know about the portal. We would be in town right under their noses." Edith suggested.

Felix let the information sink in before grimacing. "Oh my lands, this is terrible." He looked to his wife and his friends. "We've got to do something. You might have been right, Ralph."

Ralph nodded in agreement. "Just maybe Felix." The large good bad guy looked down at Edith. "Any ideas on what we can do?"

Edith shook her head. As far as coming here to get help, that was all she had thought through. All five in the room had to think for a few minutes before Calhoun finally came up with a plan. "I've got one. It may be the only way this could go but it's worth a shot." The others inched closer to her, listening to every word she said. "Here's what we do." Calhoun laid out the plan while the others absorbed every detail of the plan, making sure they would know what to do in their part of the rescue mission.


The day had gone by quite fast for everybody. Late last night after Edith returned, the sisters had made sure to dry out Edith's clothes so Miss Hattie wouldn't know she snuck out. While they prepared to go to bed, Edith relayed Calhoun's plan to them. Miss Hattie left them alone all day which gave them more than enough chances to go over what was happening later that night.

^Litwak's Arcade^

As the gamers played, the core four kept going over the plan as well. They had all done their part in preparing for the rescue. Once Litwak closed the arcade for the night, there was an hour left before the plan would be put into action. While a serious subject, it was also exciting for Ralph, Felix, and Vanellope since it was the first time they would really be out in the gamer world. Only Felix got a glimpse of it yesterday night when he let Edith in to explain the emergency.

^Miss Hattie's Home for Girls^

At last, the two sisters that were being picked up were ordered to pack their bags. Despite not being one of the sisters that were supposed to be leaving, Margo still packed hers since she would be leaving but for almost different reasons.

"Remember what to do?" Margo asked her sisters as they shared one last hug before Edith and Agnes would walk out the door.

"I definitely do." Edith assured.

"Me too!" Agnes grinned. To make sure it seemed like nothing was going on, the sisters put on sad faces as they left. Sitting on her bed in the room, Margo watched the event unfold.

Agnes was walked up to a woman standing by a dark green car. "Hi there, you must be Agnes." The woman cheerfully observed. Agnes nodded. "I'm Mrs. Whithers, I'm the caretaker of the Children's Sunny Orphanage. You'll like it there. It's really nice and has lots of toys to play with." She opened the back seat door. "Climb in, we have a drive ahead of us. Don't worry about it if you fall asleep, it won't matter to me." Setting her ladybug suitcase on the car floor, Agnes climbed into the back seat and let Mrs. Whithers buckle her in. Getting on her knees, Agnes peeked out the car window and waved to Edith.

Meanwhile, Edith walked over to a woman with a white car. "Hello, Edith. I'm Miss Truesman." Edith stayed quiet while looking like her sour self when she's with Miss Hattie. "Well then, I'll take your bags and put them in the trunk." Miss Truesman took Edith's suitcase and put it in the trunk before turning back to Edith. "Shall we get going?" Edith stared at her before looking down at her legs. Edith reeled her foot back and kicked the woman's knee. "Ow!" The lady pulled her leg up in pain.

Edith glared. "That's for splitting me up from my sisters." After blowing a raspberry at her, Edith ran off down the block.

"Hey! Edith get back here!" Miss Truesman yelled. On the porch step, Miss Hattie watched as she disappeared to chase after her new charge. Like she was going to do something about Edith, she was Truesman's problem now. Not even caring the slightest bit, Miss Hattie walked back inside and shut the door. Upstairs, Margo smiled. It was going just like they planned. It would only be a matter of time.

^Litwak's Arcade^

After getting Ralph out of the closet, and Felix fixed the narrow closet doorway which was wrecked by Ralph, the quartet walked out the arcade's front door and took off in the direction Edith had directed them the orphanage was. Soon they were at the orphanage door and Calhoun gave a rapid knock. A minute later, Miss Hattie appeared. "Can I help you?" She said bitterly while trying to sound sweet. Not that she would recognize them since she never goes to the arcade, the gang had worn disguises instead of their usual clothes.

"Yes you can, Ma'am!" Felix said, taking his hat off respectively for a moment before slapping it back on. "We're looking for our friends: Margo, Edith, and Agnes. They told us they lived here. Can we speak to them please?" Calhoun, Ralph, and Vanellope had spent the better half of the night teaching Felix how to lie so nobody would catch onto their plan. Whether Miss Hattie said they could or not, they were going to get in there.

Miss Hattie put on her best fake smile. "I'm sorry but Edith and Agnes aren't here anymore. They've been moved to new orphanages and Margo is here but she's sleeping. Please try tomorrow!" Just as she tried to close the door on them, Ralph held it open.

"Hold on! We know all about you splitting them up and we just want to say we don't approve. We're taking them with us." Ralph sneered.

"That's right! Now spill it, where did they go?" Vanellope snapped.

Miss Hattie scoffed. "And I should tell you because?"

Then Vanellope got serious. "Look Miss Wigged Witch of the World, our friends are very important to us. We care about them very much and we plan on making sure they get the life they deserve so unless you want to tussle with us. I suggest you spill the beans and point out where they are." Vanellope ranted as she glared up at the woman.

Miss Hattie stammered a little. She didn't pay too much attention after Vanellope insulted her. "Wigged Witch of the World? Listen you little bratty pipsqueak, you have no right to talk to me like that. I would appreciate a little respect. I run an orphanage here."

"With how you run the place, I think you're getting more respect than you deserve which is zilch." Vanellope retorted. She and Miss Hattie stared off until Vanellope spoke again. "Commander Critical, get her!" Upon hearing the cue, Calhoun rushed forward and had Miss Hattie pinned down in seconds. "If you tell us, we'll get her to let you go." Vanellope bargained with the headmistress.

Miss Hattie grumbled about people are insane. "Fine, Agnes is on her way to Children's Sunny Orphanage, Edith ran off somewhere in the city, and Margo is upstairs. Now get her off of me!"

As part of the plan, Calhoun kept Miss Hattie locked while she let her up. "Sorry but we can't have you calling the cops on us. If anything the cops should be called on you." Ralph set up a chair and let Calhoun force Miss Hattie on the chair before Ralph and Felix tied her up.

"This is against the law. Let me out of this!" Miss Hattie barked as she squirmed to try to untie herself.

"Sorry, Ma'am but we can't let that happen." Felix apologized. For good measure just in case Miss Hattie would free herself, Ralph tore Miss Hattie's phone out of the wall. Calhoun shut down Miss Hattie's computer so even if Miss Hattie got loose, it would take forever to find the police's e-mail address and send a request for help.

The four gathered in the front hall. "Short stack and I will go after Edith." Calhoun said. "Fun Size, you go and rescue Agnes." She said to Vanellope. "Ham Hands, you go get Margo and keep an eye on the fugitive." Ralph nodded before returning to Miss Hattie's office. Outside, Calhoun set up her hoverboard and she and Felix hopped on. Vanellope took out a tiny kart and a device. After setting the kart on the ground, Vanellope activated the device which made the kart grow in size until it was big enough to drive. This kart wasn't the Candy Kart, the kart was actually made of actual metal parts like real rubber tires and a metal engine.

"Thank you, Eggman!" Vanellope cheered as she climbed in the kart. Last night after Edith left, Calhoun assumed that karts made of candy wouldn't work very well in the gamer world so she had Vanellope go to Eggman with Ralph to ask him to build a kart that could be used in the gamer world. "Hang on, Terror Toddler, your president is coming." The roads were pretty empty tonight so it would save Vanellope time getting to where Agnes is. Using the tracker that Calhoun had given her, Vanellope cruised off into the night to find her friend. Felix and Calhoun did the same on the hoverboard to go find Edith.

^With Ralph^

Following Calhoun's order, Ralph retreated inside the orphanage. Miss Hattie was struggling to free herself as he passed by and went for the stairs. Remembering what Edith had said, the wrecker went straight up to the third floor. "Margo," He whispered. "Margo,"

Waiting for Ralph to come and get her, Margo heard whispering coming from the hall. It sounded like Ralph. Hopping up from her bed, Margo opened the door to her room to find Ralph wandering around the floor, whispering her name. "Ralph!" Hearing his name, Ralph whipped around and smiled. Never being happier since a long time ago, Margo leapt into his arms for joy. "You made it!"

"Of course I did! I helped you all week and I never let you down. You think I was going to let you down especially in something like this?" Ralph joked as they embraced.

Margo pushed away a little so she could look at him. "You know, you're really not a bad guy." They shared a laugh before Margo returned to her room to grab her suitcase. "Let's get out of here." When they got back to the lobby, they saw Miss Hattie trying to scoot over to her desk and Margo realized that she was trying to reach the intercom, she could broadcast a message that would wake up the rest of the orphanage and get help. "Sorry Miss Hattie but you're not winning this time." Margo said as she stopped Miss Hattie from scooting any further. "Destroy the intercom!" She told Ralph. All it took to get rid of the intercom was a single smash of a fist. The smash was successful but the smash also obliterated Miss Hattie's desk which broke the computer. "I said to destroy the intercom, not the entire desk." Margo complained.

"Hey, I tried to be gentle." Ralph tried to avoid the blame.

Seeing her desk and everything on it in pieces, Miss Hattie was furious. "Margo! What is the meaning of this! Why are you helping this criminal? I'll have you thrown in juvenile hall for this!" If Miss Hattie could wring Margo's neck she would.

"Sorry, Miss Hattie but I'm done here." Margo apologized. "And don't call my friend a criminal, he's really a good guy. If anyone is the criminal here, it's you with how you treat everyone here." Picking up her suitcase, Margo ran out the front door to join Ralph. "Edith's suitcase is still in the trunk." With no problems at all, Ralph pried the trunk open so the oldest sister could retrieve her younger sister's orange suitcase. Hopefully Edith and Agnes were being rescued by now.

^With Agnes^

The car ride in the dark night was pretty boring. Even though it was later than Agnes's usual bed time, she was wide awake. She had to be if she was going to reunite with her sisters and escape to Sugar Rush. To pass the time, Agnes hummed the Sugar Rush theme song. Vanellope would come for her soon. "We're stopping to fill the car with gas on the way, okay?" Mrs. Whithers said, getting a nod from Agnes in reply. Apparently in between Children's Sunny Orphanage and Miss Hattie's Home for Girls was a gas station. Soon they stopped and Mrs. Whithers had Agnes get out while she filled the car. After the car filled up, Mrs. Whithers took Agnes's hand and they went inside the station to pay. There was a bit of a line so they would have to wait. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Whithers, there was a tracker in Agnes's suitcase and it was beeping as it was being tracked.

^With Vanellope^

Vanellope was the only one on the road and every few minutes, Vanellope would glitch a couple feet to cheat time a little. Gamers don't have a glitch like she does, their loss. Checking the tracker again, Vanellope saw that her target was coming into view on the screen. Almost there, Agnes! Beeping on the tracker got even more rapid as she drove closer. Now she could see the gas station and the beeping increased even more. Knowing the tracker was close, Vanellope parked the kart next to some bushes so it was hidden. Following the location of the tracker on the screen, Vanellope tiptoed next to the dark green car and peered inside. The car was empty except for a ladybug suitcase. She checked the tracker again, the tracker was in the car so it must be in the suitcase. Considering that's where the tracker was coming from, Vanellope guessed that the suitcase was Agnes's. Lucky for her, she had the ability to glitch through walls. In less than a minute, Vanellope glitched in, grabbed the suitcase, and glitched out. She quickly returned to the kart and set the suitcase inside. Okay she found the tracker and Agnes's suitcase, which left Agnes. Scoping the area, Vanellope looked through a window on the side of the gas station. "Oh boy…" She muttered as she saw Agnes in the station.

As quietly as she could, Vanellope entered, hoping she wouldn't gain attention. "Agnes!" She called. Hearing her name, Agnes turned around and saw her. "It's me, 'the Glitch'." Nobody could know she was a game character.

"Hi!" Agnes waved. Mrs. Whithers looked where Agnes was looking.

"Oh, Agnes, is that one of your friends?" Mrs. Whithers asked.

Agnes nodded, eager to greet Vanellope. "Yes she is, can I go talk to her?" After receiving permission, Agnes went over. "I can't believe it. You came to rescue me." She whispered.

Under her disguise, Vanellope chuckled. "Why wouldn't I? Plus, it was much easier getting here without any other people on the road." Gripping Agnes's hand in hers, Vanellope smirked. "Let's get out of here while we have the chance." Making sure no one was looking at them, Vanellope whispered, "Hang on to me, I'm going to glitch us away." Taking her friend's advice, Agnes kept her hand firmly in Vanellope's. Not even a sound was heard as Vanellope glitched the two of them outside. No one even noticed that they disappeared and to get them to the kart quicker, Vanellope added a second glitch.

"That was fun! Let's do that again!" Agnes cheered as they got in. "My stuff! You already got it." Agnes observed as she buckled herself in.

Now that they were away from everyone, Vanellope laughed out loud. "That I did!" She started up the kart's engine. "Next stop: Litwak's Arcade! Put these on!" Vanellope handed Agnes a pair of racing goggles like hers which would keep any dust or dirt from getting in their eyes.

In the station, Mrs. Whithers paid for the gas. "Okay, Agnes, time to go." Turning in the direction she had seen Agnes wander off to talk to her friend, she frowned when she saw Agnes was gone. "Agnes, where are you?" Curious if she went outside, Mrs. Whithers looked out the window. As soon as she looked, she gasped. Out in the parking lot, a small white kart was backing up and in the kart was her new charge. "Agnes!" Wasting no time, she ran out the entrance and yelled at the kart. "Stop! Bring her back here!" Not knowing who she was yelling at, she was shocked that the driver ignored her.

Agnes saw the woman was outside and looking at them. "Bye Mrs. Whithers! We're going home!" She waved to the speechless woman. Then Vanellope put the kart in drive and they zoomed off down the open road. Not wanting to lose the little girl, Mrs. Whithers quickly got in her filled car and pulled out of the gas station. Hardly able to keep it in, the girls in the kart began to laugh. In the middle of their laughter, they gave each other a high five. Their laughter cut short when they heard another engine behind them. While Vanellope drove, Agnes looked back. "Uh oh!" She exclaimed as she saw Mrs. Whithers's approach. "She's following us! What do we do now, Vanellope?"

They were being followed. Quickly thinking, Vanellope noticed her tracker was still working. The tracker apparently could show roads that were both paved and unpaved. The woman couldn't follow them if she didn't see where they went. A shortcut was coming up. This was perfect, this would be where they lost her. At least she hoped they would. "Hang on, I've got a plan. It involves a glitch in three… two… one!" A bright flash overcame them. The world disappeared for a moment before it returned and they were on a dirt road. It worked! "Is she still behind us?"

Looking back again, Agnes saw no one behind them. They had lost her. "No, she's gone! We did it!"

"Perfect!" Vanellope complimented her friend. "Now we can enjoy the drive home in peace." Shifting up a gear, they soared down the dirt road. The woman wouldn't catch them at this rate thanks to the shortcut.

On the main road, Mrs. Whithers couldn't believe what she just saw. One moment, her charge and her friend were driving by themselves on the highway then the next moment, they disappeared from her sight. She was so surprised that she almost crashed into a nearby ditch. She had lost her new charge and it's been less than six hours. How was she going to explain this to the police or anybody?

^With Edith^

Her running around the arcade paid off in a way because right now, she was leaving Miss Truesman in the dust. In the last two hours, Edith had been running across streets and cutting through alleys but her new headmistress was persistent. She was really hoping that her arcade friends would come help her soon. Ducking into another alley, Edith stopped to think for a second to see if there was any way she could pick up speed. No such luck, the alley was useless. So she continued on her way and her pursuer just rounded the corner. There had to be a way to lose her but how? Crossing the empty street corners, Edith looked around for inspiration. There were no really complicated places except for a construction site. Wait, a construction site? Yes, that would do the trick!

With the destination of the construction site in mind, Edith rounded the street corner and in its direction. Once she got close to the site, she searched for an opening, if she couldn't find one then she would climb the fence. Rolling back her sleeve, Edith checked the tracker that was buckled on to her wrist. The beeping was steady which meant her friends were on their way. When Edith got behind the construction site, she finally found a broken piece of fence. Making sure her pursuer saw her, Edith waited until Miss Truesman rounded the corner before slipping through the open space. "Edith! Get out of there!" Miss Truesman yelled and when Edith didn't listen, she reluctantly climbed over the fence to catch her new orphan.

"This is awesome!" Edith whispered as she ran behind a crane. Soon Miss Truesman came within sight and chased Edith in circles before Edith ran off to hide behind a cement truck. It didn't take long before Miss Truesman chased her away from there either. Then the tracker began to beep even more which meant her friends were getting closer. "Time to lose this weirdo for good." A new plan in place, Edith ran into the actual construction, ignoring the woman's protests to not go in. Pieces of steel and equipment sat around the area. Edith kept running through until she found what she needed. Please let the elevator work! The tomboy ran into the elevator and pressed the button to take her up. The elevator boxed her in and ascended up the floors of the construction.

Miss Truesman halted as she watched Edith rise high into the unfinished building. "Edith, no!" Spotting stairs not too far away, the orphanage headmistress quickly scrambled up, following the elevator.

After rising three floors, the elevator came to a stop and Edith got out. Tracker beeps increased even more. Suddenly boards creaked as Miss Truesman climbed up the stairs, gasping for breath. "Tired?" Edith asked while she really didn't care one bit. "Good! That means you can finally leave me alone." The tracker's quiet but consistent beeps got even faster. Stepping closer to the edge, Edith saw a pool of cement drying for overnight.

After she regained her breath, Miss Truesman gasped in shock. "Edith, stop! What are you doing? Get away from there!" Her charge was putting herself in danger on purpose. No wonder Miss Hattie wanted to get rid of her. Gathering all her courage, Miss Truesman inched closer to Edith, hoping the child wouldn't do anything that she would regret. "It's getting late as it is, Edith. We have to go. We have to be back so I can get breakfast ready for everybody."

As Miss Truesman inched closer, Edith inched closer to the edge. Just a little more and she could jump. "No way! You split me up from my sisters. You can go back without me because trying to get me to come is pointless. I've already got a place to crash. I've lived on the street with my sisters for the last week so I think I can handle myself." The orphanage headmistress moved another inch closer. "I would rather jump down below to that cement than go to your orphanage without my sisters."

"Edith jump!" A familiar voice yelled.

"No!" Miss Truesman cried as Edith turned around and jumped over the edge. Edith's screams instantly cut off a few seconds later. Almost afraid to know what happened to Edith, Miss Truesman held back. Lucky for her, she didn't have to move because Edith appeared again but with two other people.

Edith laughed as she saw Miss Truesman's face. "I told you that you could go back without me. I've got these guys to keep me company. Let's go meet up with the others." Calhoun hit the accelerator, the cruiser turned and zoomed off into the night sky full of buildings.

Before they left, Felix tipped his hat to Miss Truesman. "Sorry about this but we had to help our friend." Once they were gone, Miss Truesman was left there on the unfinished building, speechless.

^With Ralph and Margo^

Ralph hurried down the street, Margo on his shoulder while holding her and Edith's bags. They were alone. Or they were until Calhoun's cruiser showed up. "Edith!" Margo said aloud.

"Margo!" Edith greeted. Using their sisterly instincts, Margo tossed Edith's suitcase over to her without saying a word and Edith caught it with no trouble.

Down the street, the red kart that held Vanellope and Agnes glitched every few feet ahead. Upon location of their friends, Vanellope immediately swerved onto their street and slowed down to keep pace with them. "What's up, my presidential chumps!" Vanellope cheekily remarked.

Agnes on the other hand, waved to her sisters. "Hi, guys!" She had fun on the entire ride home. "Glitching is so much fun. We used it to get away from the lady that was taking me to her orphanage." Apparently she had so much fun that she was bouncing in her seat even with being buckled in.

Quickly, Calhoun counted heads. "Alright, everyone's accounted for now let's get back to home base." She was about to hit the accelerator when Margo thought of something.

"Wait! What about the other orphans in the Home for Girls? We can't leave them to deal with Miss Hattie. That's not fair." Everyone in that orphanage suffered the same things and it wasn't right to ditch them to live a new life while they still were stuck with theirs.

Edith groaned. "Do we have to? What can we even do to help them?"

Margo thought for a moment. "We could find a pay phone, call the police and tell them there's an emergency at the orphanage. That way, they wouldn't be able to track us because by the time they found where the call was coming from, we would already be home." The others liked the plan and agreed. "There's one problem though. A pay phone requires money. We're out of that and I doubt that if any money was brought from the game world it would work." This stumped them until Agnes surprisingly offered the solution.

"What about these?" Agnes pulled out two quarters. "When we were waiting in the gas station, Mrs. Whithers gave me these so I could get a piece of candy to get me through the rest of the drive."

So the group accessed the nearest pay phone and Felix used his deepest voice he could to throw off the police from finding any matches to the call. Once 911 was dialed up, Felix said that there was trouble at the orphanage and that Miss Hattie was abusing the children. Hoping that their attempt worked, the group continued on to the arcade.

Safely inside, Felix took out Litwak's spare key to the arcade and locked the door behind them so Mr. Litwak wouldn't find out that someone had snuck in or snuck out. He returned the spare key to its original place and joined the others at the closet.

Margo stared at the portal. "This is it. Once we go through, we start our lives all over." Vanellope stepped to her side.

"If it makes you feel any better, you don't need to be adopted to be a family." Vanellope said. She then gestured to herself, Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun. "Besides Mallet Man and Leader Loco, we're not even related and we still act like we're our own family. You're a family all by yourselves." Margo, Edith, and Agnes shared a look. "Though, if you want, you can be part of our family."

Margo smiled at the thought of being in a special family. Vanellope was right, they were a family on their own and that was good enough. "I think that sounds nice." Edith and Agnes grinned. Then Margo nudged Ralph. "Besides, having an 'Uncle Ralph' sounds good to me." Ralph chuckled and rubbed Margo's head.

Edith pumped her arm in the air. "This is so cool. We're going to be living in an arcade. We won't need to worry about Miss Hattie anymore. Best of all, we can have fun all day long."

Politely, Felix added in his two cents. "Not to mention that game characters don't age so you'll be children forever. As long as the arcade lives, that's how long you will."

"Sweet! We're not going to turn into old hags like Miss Hattie." Edith commented.

Agnes couldn't believe all she was hearing. Her and her sisters only needed each other to be a family, they didn't need a mom and a dad even though it would be nice to have some. Maybe Felix and Calhoun could sort of fill those spaces. Every day could be spent playing and she and her sisters would never grow up. This was more than enough to convince her to live in the arcade. "What are we waiting for? Let's go! I can't wait to see Candlehead and everybody again." Tugging her ladybug suitcase along, Agnes jumped through the portal.

Everyone else laughed as they watched the toddler disappear into the game world. "Last one through the portal is an even bigger stinkbrain than Ralph." Vanellope jeered as she pocketed her shrunken kart and shrink ray and jumped through. Edith, Margo, Calhoun, and Ralph followed afterwards. Felix went last since he had to fix the closet doorway again after Ralph had squeezed through and closed the door so the arcade looked normal for when Mr. Litwak came in.

^Some time later^

"Attention, the arcade is now closed." The all-clear sounded through the arcade. Margo helped her 'uncle' Ralph up. Almost as quick as Sonic, Felix joined them on the ground and after complimenting their co-workers and exchanging playful banter, the trio got on the train to Game Central Station.

^Game Central Station^

They walked through the station quickly, aiming for Sugar Rush as their destination. On route, Calhoun and Edith cruised by on Calhoun's hoverboard from Hero's Duty and joined them. Together, all five entered the sugar-coated racing game.

^Sugar Rush^

An hour later, the five guests were in the president's booth, waiting for the Random Roster Race. Down on the track, the karts lined up four by four. All spaces were filled from first to sixteenth. Applause from the citizens and the fans echoed all around the starting line until a certain sour voice quieted them down.

"Guests and citizens of Sugar Rush, all hail our rightful ruler, President Vanellope von Schweetz!" Sour Bill announced.

Ralph, Margo, Felix, Calhoun, and Edith all moved aside from the curtain hiding the president's seat as Vanellope happily zipped forward to snatch away the microphone from Sour Bill. "Thank you! Thank you, everybody! I would especially like to thank our avatars from today. Good job, everyone! Great racing!" The raceway roared in cheer for the nine avatars that had been today's roster. "Tomorrow's another racing day so let's give the gamers what they play for. First things first, we've got to set up the roster. Torvald if you would please?" Said racer accepted the honors of being the first to register and jumped onto the lollipop. Sixteen racers signed up, one of those sixteen racers being Agnes.

"Hey, Edith, what did you do with that fort you built in Street Fighter now that we have our own house in Niceland?" Margo asked her sister as she watched her youngest sister live out her dream as a Sugar Rush racer.

Edith gave her answer, not even taking her eyes off Agnes. "I gave it to the Koopalings. Now that we have our awesome place, I didn't really need it anymore." Edith smiled. "Somebody could say it was a way of saying thank you for separating us when we came to the arcade in the first place."

The racers finished registering. "Sixteen racers, nine available spots, one coveted center square! Let the Random Roster Race begin!" Vanellope commanded.

Note: And that's the end of Despicable Wreck. Hope you enjoyed it! I am currently making plans for a set of midquels explaining what happened between the girls reentering the game world up to this race. Also, I plan on making a sequel to Despicable Wreck. To help get the inspiration I need to write out the midquels and sequel, I'm writing a Tangled/Wreck-It Ralph crossover. If you like my writing keep an eye out for a new story. See you then.