Chapter 1

This is my first fanfic by the way

There was a knock at the door, Naruto turned his head away from the window and said "Come in"

The door slid open revealing a face that Naruto recognized

"Konohamaru, how did you do on the exam?"


"Well, you're now a Chunin, congrats dude"

Konohamaru smirked "Yeah anyway, tomorrow, you no longer have any freedom, bound to someone for the rest of your life, unless you divorc…"

"What!" Naruto was grabbing him by the throat and stopping him from breathing. It felt like the Kyuubi itself tightening its grip around the new Chunins neck

"No-Nothing" He said trying to stop the Hokage choking him

"That's what I thought" Naruto walked back to his chair and sat down on it

"Either way, you excited?" Konohamaru said sarcastically

"You're really asking me, I'm marrying the woman I love tomorrow and you want to know if I'm excited, nah not really"

"I sense sarcasm within you"

Naruto sighed and lied back, he picked up his beer and took a swig and sighed again. "You OK" Konohamaru said

"No, I'm so worried, Sakura and Sasuke are getting married are getting married in 3 months, I'm getting married tomorrow, all I need is a drink" He was about to take another swig when Konohamaru took it off him

"What gives?"

"You said no drink for the rest of the week, so ah ah ah, no more" he said as the Hokage tried to grab his beverage. Konohamaru walked over to the window, slid it open and poured the rest of alcohol out

Naruto was ready to smack the boy round the head then decided against it because he was half drunk. Naruto sighed "I wonder how Hinata's doing"

Hinata was in her pale lavender wedding dress, it matched her eyes, and she was holding pale purple roses "Hanabi, how do I look?"

"Perfect, you're so lucky"


"You met the perfect man, he's famous, rich, good looking, funny, kind, charming and helping. I have no one" Hanabi looked down in disappointment of herself

Hinata crouched down and looked at Hanabi. "I felt the same, it will get better and I can promise you that you will find the perfect man for you I know you will"

"You sure?"

Hinata grabbed her sister's shoulder and smiled "I'm absolutely positive, you're a great girl"

Hanabi tried and failed to hold in a smile "Thanks, it's so reassuring that you said that, I will try and find a guy that I like that isn't a bastard and cheats on me"

"Heehee, I bet you will, who wouldn't want to go out with a Hyūga, nobody, that's…"

Hinata was abruptly cut off by a knock at the door "Who is it?" Hinata said with a worried tone in her voice

"Me" This voice was familiar to Hinata, it was arrogant, strong yet kind and understanding. The door slid open revealing a pink haired woman in a beautiful pink bridesmaid dress which completely matched her personality and appearance

"S-Sakura, you look, amazing. Speechless, absolutely speechless" Hinatas jaw almost hit the floor in pure amazement

"But you look honestly a lot better" Sakura was so excited for the next day, Narutos wedding, she never thought she'd see the day were he would dedicate the rest of his life to someone and have a family with them