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Chapter 5

Moving Alice in was relatively painless. Everyone worked well together and we were done around 1 p.m. The boys brought back her bed and dresser and we unpacked an insane amount of clothes.

In lieu of getting ready for the night, we relaxed with pizza and movies till it was time to get ready. The boys left to go get ready at Jasper's and will meet us at the bar.

Rose was right, just going along with what Alice wants is a hell of a lot easier than arguing. Which is why I'm in dark blue, skinny jeans that apparently hug my ass. My top is a navy blue halter, with rhinestones decorating the v-neck seam. I have to say, my tits look nice in this shirt. Maybe I can borrow it again sometime. Both Alice and Rose are in extremely short jean skirts. Their legs look miles long, especially with the black heels they have on. Rose has on a bright pink v-neck halter top as well, but her boobs look fantastic in it, making me wish I was that supple. Alice on the other hand just opted for layering black and white tank tops, that hug her in all the right places.

My hair was blow dried and curled to frame my face and hang down my back. Alice let me put on my own make up, thank god! I left it simple; with just a little eye shadow, mascara and a light pink lip gloss. Surprisingly, Rose and Alice kept their makeup light as well because you don't want to sweat it off, or at least that's what they say.

Piling into Rose's white Lexus. We head to Dunbar's. On the way there, I can't help but go over the talk Alice and I had while we were unpacking her clothes.

Walking into Alice's room, I pull open a box and contemplate how to broach the subject of her brother.

"Hey, Alice? What was going on between you and Edward earlier in the living room?" Alright, I guess I'm just going to get straight to the point.

Freezing for half a second, she turns around looking at the ground. Finally, she looks up and all I see is immense sadness in her eyes. I don't think I've ever seen that kind of pain before.

Sitting on the floor, amidst strewn clothes and shoes, she pats the spot next to her. "I guess if I'm going to live here you should probably know what's going on, huh?" Alice gives me a tiny smile.

"Only if you want to, Alice. I'm here to listen if, and when you do decide to tell me." I smile at her encouragingly.

We sit in silence, lost in our own thoughts. I'm not sure how long we sat there, maybe 5 minutes or 10, but my ass was starting to turn numb, when Alice started speaking.

"Edward and I have had a rough 9 or so years. Um...lately he's been using a lot of women. Every night, sometimes days, he has a different girl. Essentially, Edward is a man whore, and when he got that call at the table, I knew it was one of his harpies. I was hoping he wouldn't answer it, but of course he had to." She looks at me then. "Bella, I want you to promise me that you won't fall for my brothers antics. He's very charming. Gets what he wants, and then moves on." She looks down at her hands as she continues."Please Bella? I really like you and I would hate it if my asshole of a brother ruined this." Her pleading eyes meet mine once again. And I nod, whispering 'I promise' before hugging her.

Taking a deep breath, she collects herself. Standing up, I hold out my hand to help her up. Smiling at one another, she says, "thanks for listening."

"No problem, Alice. Like I said, I'm here if you need to talk," I say, turning back to the box I was unpacking before.

Coming out of my thoughts, I see that we're already at the bar. I tried asking Alice about the 'rough' years she mentioned, but she asked if we could talk about it another day, and of course I agreed. I'm just too curious for my own good sometimes.

Walking up to the bar's entrance, we show our ID's and get branded 'underage, no drinking' wrists bands, but thats fine with me, I'm not really into the partying scene anyways.

Since Rosalie is 21, she goes up to the bar to get her drink, and a coke for me and Alice, while we go look for a booth on one side of the bars wall.

Dunbar's is a little place, has maybe 10 booths and 10 tables, a makeshift dance floor and a jukebox in the corner. Its walls are black, but have writing everywhere. The wall nearest me has a section for lovers. It looks like the carvings you see on trees. There's hearts with peoples names or initials. It's cute and different. The sign above the bar says,

"Dunbar's...Where the bartenders are DIRTIER than the bathrooms..." I giggle at that pointing the sign out to Alice. She giggles too. I really like this place.

Reading the many lover's names I feel someone sit next to me. Looking over at the person, I'm met with blue/green eyes and a smirk. Edward. He looks hot wearing a black button up, few buttons undone at the top, white shirt underneath and faded jeans. His smirk widened when he sees me checking him out.

Suddenly, my conversation with Alice echos in my head and I look over at Alice, to see her studying our interaction. Smiling slightly at her, I look back over at Edward.

"Hi, Edward. I was hoping you would be here," a breathy voice says. I jump, not expecting to see a blonde bimbo right next to him. Alice catches my eye and gives me an 'I told you so look.'

The woman is dressed in a barely there black dress. Her obviously fake breasts are almost to the point of falling out, along with her vajayjay. Her face is heavily coated in make up. Hair is pin straight and blonde. Of course, this is what he's attracted to. I'm nowhere near that.

Shaking that thought away, I focus on their conversation again.

"Oh...hey...Heather," Edward stammers, but the bitch just looks excited that he addressed her by name.

"I tried calling you earlier. I wanted to know if you could come over." Ohmygod! That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Its like she doesn't see the rest of us here sitting at the same table.

I snort, throwing my hand over my mouth to cover my laughter. Edward looks over at me with narrowed eyes. With an annoyed huff he turns back to the bimbo.

"Sorry Heather, I was helping my sister move into her new place. Maybe later on we can work on coming though." Edward winks. He sounds bored, but at least the woman walks away after that.

Leaning towards me, Edward whispers, "You find that funny beautiful? How about we get out of here and I can show you why women keep coming back to me." He smirks when I look at him appalled. "No? That's too bad."

Looking away from him and towards Alice, I now know what she was talking about. He really does just use women for his pleasure. I wonder why though? There's no doubt that he's a beautiful man and can get any woman he wants with just his smile, but why with so many. Why would he bring me dinner, flirt with me and connect with me, if he's just going to go to a different woman's bed that night, or hell that day? It just doesn't make any sense.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts by Edward's phone chirping. Being stealthy, I look out of the corner of my eye to see the screen. Someone named Tanya is texting him. He opens the message to answer her. Quickly looking down a little more, the message says she's here. He answers back with a be right there, closes his phone and then leaves the booth.

Alice slides over to me and asks, "What was that about?"

"Um...which part?" I ask her, not sure if I should tell her what I saw on Edward's phone.

With an incredulous look in her eyes, she says, "The phone. I saw you looking at it ,and I know you know where he just went. Please just tell me," she pleads with me.

Sighing heavily, I give in. Leaning into her, I whisper, "Someone named Tanya texted him that she was here. He told her that he'd be right there. You saw the rest."

Her eyes narrow, and that has me worried. Alice slides right back over to Jasper, pulling me with her a little. She tells Jasper something, but it's too quiet for me to hear. All of sudden, the talking around the table quiets as Edward and, who I'm assuming is Tanya, sits down.

Edward clears his throat a little awkwardly. "Everyone this is Tanya." Starting with me he introduces everyone at the table. "Tanya, this is Bella, my sister Alice, her boyfriend Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett, my cousin and also Rosalie's fiance."

Tanya waves a hello then promptly ignores everyone to talk to Edward. She's beautiful though. With red fiery hair, bright green eyes and a body to die for. By the way Edward is looking at her, it's safe to say he thinks so too.

Leaning forward to get my drink that's in front of him, I overhear their conversation.

"I'm so glad we got to see each other earlier. I totally needed that," Tanya says.

I gasp as I hear the implication in her tone. I can't believe he would actually do that. Who does he think he is!

Edward hears me, of course. He looks over and sees my disgusted face, but instead of looking annoyed, he looks...almost sad? No. Maybe remorse. I'm not sure why he would feel that way. I mean Tanya just confirmed what Alice already assumed. He knows Alice suspected what he did with these bimbos. He can't be that horrified that I know now.

I lean over to whisper again to Alice and all I can think to say is, "You were right."