Author's Note: Yay! The long awaited sequel to Far From Home and All Alone. Featuring old favorites, new favorites and charaters that are no ones favorites and yet stick their ugly faces in this fan fiction anyway! This story will be longer, but not by much. Maybe by 2000 words or so. The chapters will be shorter though. Although that story may not be 100% necessary to read, you may get a little confused if you haven't. That story can be found on my account. If you choose to go ahead with this one or forgot what happened, here's a quick recap: Teddy gets poisoned by a modern terrorist group known as "Grindlewald's heirs", Teddy and Lily get sent back in time, Teddy and Lily meet Remus Lupin, Remus Lupin takes Teddy to a healer named Harley Ray to cure his poison, Healer Ray is unsuccessful, Lily goes home, but not Teddy, Remus and Tonks slip truth potion into Teddy's drink, Remus finds out Teddy is his son, lots of drama, Teddy almost dies, Teddy gets rescued, BAM! Story ends.

Tim, or what ever your real name is,

I'm writing this to you right after you basically told me that you're my son. I've suspected for the last few hours, after you confessed to being a Metamorphmagus, showed up to this address and told us you were born the same year my child will be. I don't think your mother suspects anything, at least not yet. I won't tell her unless she asks.

I hope that you understand that every horrible thing I've done since we've met, like slipping you Veriteserum and trying to get myself killed, was to protect you. All my life I've been degraded and hated and shown so little kindness because of something I could not control. I've become almost numb to it now, but I would never wish this curse on even my worst enemy. That's why I've broken your mother's heart so many times over the last few years and tried to distance myself from you. I'll try to do better, but if I ever hurt your mother or you again because of my "self sacrificial heroics", know that I am truly sorry for any pain I cause and that the two of you have every right to insist that what ever absurd notion wanders into my head is wrong and set me straight. Most of the time my intentions are good.

Whatever happens to you or me in the coming years, know that I think the man I met this week can handle any of it. I am very proud to be your father.


Remus Lupin.

It's been a week now since I found this letter lodged between the pages of my notebook. A week since I returned from one of the most bizarre adventures of my life.

It all began with Harry Potter, as these things usually do. After his oldest son's attempted suicide and the emergence of a terrorist group known as "Grindlewald's Heirs", his protective instinct kicked into overdrive and he gave me protective custody of his teenage daughter, Lily, for the afternoon.

Then everything went wrong, as these things usually do. One thing led to another and the next thing Lily and I know we're in the middle of a forest with my dead father and no way to get back home. He sent me to an illegal medical institution in some guy's basement and poisoned me with Veriteserum to find information on his son. Who was me.

The situation got worked out eventually, as these things usually do. Everybody is home, history is in tact and the last of Grindlewald's Heirs are awaiting trial. Not without giving the both of us a seriously needed perspective change though.

As these things usually do.

I place the letter back on my nightstand and slip an electric blue tie around my neck. I glance into the bathroom to see my fiancée, Victoire curling her hair with her wand.

"What time is it?" She yells.

"Five forty five." I yell back. She puts down her wand and rushes into the bedroom.

"Should I wear my red robes or the blue ones?" She asks me as she ruffles through her closet, throwing a binder full of wedding plans across the floor.

"I'm wearing blue," I tell her. She pulls out her light blue robes and slips them on.

"How do I look?" I ask.

"Hair." She reminds me. I rush back to the mirror and tone my vivid orange hair down to a deep brown.

"What'd you think Grandma would do if I showed up with a turquoise mullet?"

Victoire laughs and slips her arms around me. "You nervous?"

"Nah. This is going to be hilarious."

"Whose going to be there again?" She asks.

"Uh, Grandma, Aunt Narcissa, Draco, his wife Asteria and his son Scorpius. Why are we doing this again?"

"I think your grandmother wanted to reconnect with her sister?"

"Why?" I ask. Victoire giggles again. "At least Aunt Narcissa is a good cook. Hopefully her food won't end up all over the walls again."

"Ted. I'm so glad you could make it. This must be your fiancee," Narcissa shakes my hand and leads me inside.

"I'm glad I could come. Victoire Wesley, meet Mrs. Malfoy," I say.

"Oh, call me Narcissa."

We carry out the conversation without warmth as she leads us to the dinning room. Grandma already sits in an expensive old dinning chair made of a dark wood. The two of us sit down next to her as the doorbell rings.

"That must be Draco," Narcissa mutters and rushes out of the room. I give a nervous smile to Grandma and she smiles back.

"Don't talk about last week," She tells me quietly. I nod, knowing that the war is a sore subject here.

Draco, Astoria and Scorpius enter and sit down.

"How are you doing, Scorpius?" I ask the young man of about Al's age and build, but a few inches taller and a lot more blond.

"Fine, Ted." Scorpius answers stiffly, gulping slightly as if afraid I wanted to kill him.

"I told you last time to call me Teddy," I respond brightly. "We're all family here. No need for formalities."

Narcissa returns to the room, levitating a large silver soup tureen full of a reddish orange liquid. She begins laddling the soup into our bowls.

"My mother's tomato bisque," Narrcissa tells us. "Your favorite, wasn't it Andromeda?"

"Oh yes. I'm surprised you remembered. Did you add the secret ingredient?"

"Of course," Narcissa responds with a slight smile.

"Oh my gosh, this is amazing!" Victoire says after a few spoonfuls. "I've never had such an amazing soup in my life!"

"That's because of the secret ingredient," Narcissa says. "You know, you're practically family now. I'll send you the recipe."

"Oh, thank you," Victorie responds.

"Remember when the two of us were kids," Grandma remincess "And we ruined mother's china soup bowls?"

"Vividly. Oh how I miss those days, with the two of us best friends and Bella being alive."

Uh oh. It starts again.

"You... Miss Bellatrix?" Grandma asks. Draco and I share a quick glance, one of the only times I ever made eye contact with the man; we both know exactly what is going to happen.

"Do you need help with the next course?" Draco asks. "Scorpius and I could assist you."

The two older women stare stoically into each other's eyes.

"Andromeda, you know what I ment. I miss our sister from before the war started."

"Victoire, you must tell me all about your wedding gown," Astoria says loudly, more like a command than witty request.

"You mean before the two of you disowned me!" Grandma says, raising her voice. "Before Nymphadora was born, who might I remind you was killed by the sister you miss so much!"

"Alright you guys," I say, standing up. "I know we all have some issues here, but what family doesn't? Yes, I am painfully aware that my mother was killed by her aunt and that old memories, no matter how good to some, can be unpleasant to others, but maybe we could forget about all of that tonight and make new memories, together. I mean, we're family, right? We got to stick together and get over all our past, ah, differences."

Next thing we know, Victoire and I sit at the Leaky Caldron, sipping their signature ale and trying to compose ourselves.

"I love your family, Teddy," Victoire laughs. "So much drama for so few people."

"Well, they'll be your family too in a week. See how you like them then."

"Victoire Lupin. Great niece in law of Narcissa Malfoy. Kinda like the sound of that."

I roll my eyes and wave over to the bartender. "I'm still hungery. Let's get some chips."

"Amazing," Victoire says. "I'd like a large order of chips."

Rembering that my hair is still a boring dull color, I transform it to match my electric blue tie, using a spoon as a mirror. Moments later, a man rushes to the stool beside me and sits in it.

"Tim Grey?" He asks quickly. I groan. It's Healer Harley Ray, back alley extrodinaire best known for medical malpractice and breaking patient-healer confidentiality. He's twenty years older than the last time we met, and it shows. His frazzled hair is now streaked with an iron grey and he appears to shave even less often than he used to.

"It's Ted. Ted Lupin. You know that, you treated me after I got back."

"Yes, yes I know that. You'll always be my mysterious little Mister Grey though."

"What do you want?" I ask. "And make it quick, I'm on a date."

"I didn't notice," He says, his eyes drifting to Victoire's bust. "Who's the lucky lady?"

"My fiancée, Victoire. Focus here."

"Right," He says, shaking his head. "You owe me, in your own words, 'what ever I want'."

"Yes, but from what I understand you owed my father far more than you could ever repay him before his untimely death. Why not we transfer that debt to me and call it even?"

"Alright. My slate with Ted Lupin is clean."

"Thanks," I say, turning away.

"However, Tim Grey still owes me a favor for making me betray the man I owed an un-repayable debt too."

"Tim Grey and Ted Lupin are the same person."

"Well, I did not know that at the time."

"Did you know that you are a horrible debater?" I ask, turning away again.

"Look, this isn't something stupid. This is something your father would have wanted me to do and that I need help with."

I turn back to him. "Explain."

"Marta Keel."

A single name of a woman I've never met. Yet, we both know it is enough. Over twenty years ago, or last week, however you want to look at it, my father mentioned that woman by name upon meeting Healer Ray. I have to admit, I've been a little bit curious about what Healer Ray did to that woman that would get him in more trouble than he's already in.

"What should I do?" I ask.

"Go to the werewolf clinic you volunteer at. She'll be there, but she will not be expecting you. Don't mention me, just talk to her. Hold a short conversation. Then, come to my house. I will explain there."

Healer Ray jumps off the bar stool, leaves money on his table and departs without finishing his drink. "Do you think he's been sitting there every night since I got out of the hospital?" I ask Victoire. "Just waiting for me to arrive so he could talk to me?"

"Wouldn't doubt it," Vic tells me, taking a long sip of beer. "He's even creepier than you described. I half expect him to have a van with the words 'Free Sweets' across it in spray paint."

"No," I tell her. "I bet he drives a classic Crown Victoria. And by classic I mean old, but well maintained. That's more his style. Plus, someone once told me you could fit five corpses in the trunk of one of those things, which is why the muggle police and gangsters use them."

"Really?" Vic asks.

"Yeah. 'Cause when Magical Law Enforcement finds bodies, they can put them in undetectable extension enhanced body bags, but muggles have to just dump them in a big pile in the trunk."

"They just dump them in the trunk?"

"Oh yeah. At least, that's what Carter at work told me. He sometimes elaborates a little, but his mom was a muggleborn, so he's practically an expert about muggles."

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