I don't eat anything the next morning.

Victoire leaves home at about seven thirty to get ready. I feel like I should do something to get prepared as well, but it doesn't take me four and a half hours to get ready. I decide to take a shower after a few minuets of debating what to do.

After cleaning up, I grab my things and apperate to the chapel.

"DON'T come in here!" Lily exclaims, pressing her back against a side door as I enter the chapel.

"I already saw Vic today," I tell her.

"No, no, no, everyone knows that. But it is bad luck to see the bridesmaid's changing before the wedding too because then they'll call you a perv and attack you," She explains.

"Right. I have another job for you," I tell her. "Healer Ray will be at the wedding. If he's not, then we have another problem. Get the ushers to sit him next to Russell, alright? And make sure the two of them stay together like glue until you hear loud screaming and curse words."


"Because if Healer Ray doesn't talk to Russell before I leave the country, he never will.

"Why do you care?"

Why do I care? I stop thinking so frantically for a moment and wonder why I do. Because I get passionate about my cases? But I chose this case myself. I came to Thompson and begged him to make this into a case.

"I mean, ever since you got back, you've been obsessed with bringing people together. If I've heard you say your glad Chelsea stopped hanging around with Annalise once, you've said it a thousand times. Then you have the sudden urge to bring them together. Maybe Russell's fine without Healer Ray, for whatever reason you want to reunite them or whatever."

"Healer Ray is Russell's father. I have a pretty good reason for wanting to bring them together."

"Yeah. Thing is, that reason is because things between you and Remus didn't turn out that well, did they? You get a once in a lifetime chance to meet your father, and you blow it by arguing with him the whole time. The two of you 'made up', sure, but it took him poisoning you to get there, didn't it?"

I slump down the wall and sit on the floor. Lily's right, isn't she? I tried to tell myself this was about everyone else, but it isn't, is it? It's all about me.

"Hey," Lily says as she bends down and places her hand on my shoulder. "Things wouldn't have been like this if your mum and dad had lived, alright? I know I didn't know Remus for long, but I miss him too."

Here we are.

It's almost noon now. The bridesmaids and groomsmen are all dressed. The guests are sitting anxiously in their seats. Victoire and I are sitting on a couch in the back room, her head placed against my chest.

"Hmm," She muses, glancing at my hair. "No, that's not the right color. A little paler."

Against my grandmother's judgement and wishes, we decided that I should have blue hair for the wedding. We're getting married, not her. If she can add her sister and company to the guest list including every Weasley in existence (which she did), then I can make my hair pale blue to match the color scheme.

"You guys have to come out now," Robert says, peaking his head inside the room. I pull Victoire out of the couch and, still holding her hand, lead her outside.

"Go!" Robert exclaims, pushing me out the doors and into the crowd of people.

How many people did we invite to this thing? I'm pretty sure it ended up being half of London. I remind myself that I'm not the bride and can therefore walk faster and make my way up to the alter. By the time I orient myself, Victoire is already walking down the aisle, not too fast because this is not a shotgun wedding.

I'm on auto pilot the entire ceremony. Now I know why all they make the bride and groom do is say "I do", put on some rings, and start kissing, because I don't know how I would remember much else. I don't know if our wedding was shorter than all the other dragging affairs I've had to sit through or if it just felt that way, but before the two of us knew it, we were running out of the chapel, hand in hand, while all our friends and family pelted large handfuls of rice at us. I know people just sprinkle a bit on the newlyweds, but Victoire's cousins Fred and Lily just went ahead and started scooping as much rice as they could out of the bags.

"Ah, get the car door," Vic yells as I struggle to get the door open. I pull the door open and leap into the car as Lily tries to dump a bag of rice on us.

"Where's the invisibility booster? Did I get that fixed?" I ask.

"I took it in when you were gone. Hit the accelerator!" Vic cries.

I accelerate and we take off into the sky.

The reception ended up being pretty awesome. Victoire's parent's house ended up being the perfect place to have it. The sea air kept the summer heat at bay. No one got too wasted and everyone loved the espresso bar. I saw Russell and Marta during the party. We did not talk for long, but they thanked me for what I did for them. A little while later I did see Russell and Healer Ray talking to each other. I don't know what Healer Ray said to him. Maybe later I'll ask Lily if she heard. I'm sure Russell will tell me all about it next time I see him. The three of them can work it out on their own just fine.

The bigger excitement stemmed from my own family, especially when we found out that Lily's elusive boyfriend was none other than Scorpius Malfoy. Harry and Ginny didn't freak out as much as her brothers predicted, but the knowledge that the youngest Malfoy was dating Lily Potter was enough to diffuse another slowly swelling argument about an old family heirloom between Grandma and Great Aunt Narcissa, as she had another crisis to deal with. I guess having a Weasley marry someone descended from the Black family is alright, but mixing Potters and Malfoys is just one couple too far.

And who caught the bouquet? Was it Chelsea, before running off to dance with Russell? Marta, glancing over at Healer Ray and asking herself if she should forgive him? Or even Lily, causing her brothers to make awkward comments to her and Scorpius the rest of the night? None of those! The bouquet dropped on the floor and Victoire's seven year old cousin Cosette picked it up and ran around the yard with it until her mother was able to catch her. Of course, we don't need old wedding traditions to figure who will stay together, especially when we have Al in the corner, reading tea leaves and trying to convince everyone he's actually a seer. He says we can all expect good fortune and happiness in years ahead. I don't know if he's just making that up or not, but let's just assume he's right and leave it at that.

Author's Note: Before I read this chapter to my sister, I asked her what she thought would happen. She predicted a cheesy scene of full on panic where Healer Ray didn't arrive until later, bursting in and interrupting. He'd argue with Russell and maybe Marta and MEGA SOAP OPERA DRAMA! We both liked the subtlety and calm implications of this ending better. I hope you did too. Not that the Ray-Keel family reunion went one hundred percent without problems, just that Teddy stopped caring about them and started focusing on his own life and problems. I hope I led up to this ending enough, with a few characters asking Teddy why he was being such a nosy bastard. Thanks to all my loyal reviewers and followers. When I say followers, I mean those who follow my story. When I say followers, I imagine myself starting a new religion surrounding...me! All Hail-

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