New Girl

Part 10

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Angel, Gunn, and Wesley slumped down on the couch in the lobby. It had taken them what seemed like forever to lug all those bags and boxes into the lobby, just to have to carry them back out to Cordelia's car or up to Brittney's room. They couldn't believe all the stuff they bought. They didn't understand why women needed so many clothes, not to mention the shoes. Cordelia alone had bought six new pairs of shoes. When asked about them, Cordelia said that shoes alone can boost a woman's mood and that she should always be prepared for any occasion. Brittney, thankfully, hadn't bought more than two pairs of ballet flats and one pair of simple heels. She did, however, have three bags from H&M and had decided that she needed the new 32G iPhone 5, even though her old cell phone was less than a year old. Angel assumed she had bought it just to spend his money. He didn't like cell phones too much, and didn't understand peoples' attachment to them.

After her bags had been loaded in her car, Cordelia had left for the evening saying that her bathtub was waiting for her. If she had a vision, she would call. Other than that, the guys were to leave her alone.

Even though Angel was dreading getting his credit card bill for the month, he was happy that the women seemed to have had fun. They both came home alive, without any injuries, and they looked happy. And that was all Angel wanted. They didn't have to get along they just had to be civil. Angel had intentionally sent Cordelia with Brittney first, knowing that if the women were willing to be nice to her, that Wes and Gunn would follow suit, which was why he was trying to come up with an appropriate Fred/Brittney activity. Fred was not outgoing, in fact, she didn't like going out at all. Also, the only things that Angel knew Fred liked were physics and old movies. Brittney may like old movies, but he wasn't sure how he would be able to work that.

After a few moments, Wes got up to leave. He had to go to the magic shop before they closed to get a few things they were running low on. Wes always believed in being prepared and having a well-stocked closet of potions, herbs, and other magical trinkets. Gunn followed him out. He had a meeting with Anne to discuss setting up a fundraiser for the shelter. While Gunn wasn't really the fundraising type, he would do anything to help Anne out.

After a while, Angel decided to see how Brittney was coming along with her unpacking. When he got upstairs, however, he regretted the decision. The hallway outside her bedroom door was filled with empty bags, boxes, and Styrofoam. Angel waded through the mess and stopped in Brittney's doorway. Even with all the bags outside, there was still plenty still unpacked sitting on the floor.

"Tell me something," Angel asked stepping through the maze of packages to sit on the trunk at the end of the bed, "was all of this necessary or did you just buy them to use my money?"

"Most of it was necessary." She replied hanging up her fourth new dress.

Angel just nodded. He knew he couldn't say anything about it since he had given them permission to use the card as they pleased. But Angel tended to lean toward a minimalist view of life when it came to things like clothes and room decorations.

"I bought a bunch of new sheets and blankets for the bed, so all the old ones can go to Gunn's friend's shelter. Cordelia told me about it while we were out. Oh, and I forgot to mention there will also be a new chair delivered Monday as well, along with all the other things."

"I know I said you could redecorate, but why, exactly, did you feel the need to completely refurnish the room?"

"Because I wanted to." Brittney replied with a smile.

Angel knew that phrase. He had heard it many times from many women over his long life. That simple phrase meant the discussion was over and he was to pretend to be happy with the decision made. He had tried to argue with Darla once when she had said it and all he won in the end was a lot of grief, so he decided to change the subject.

"It seemed like you and Cordelia had a good time."

"We actually did. Cordelia isn't as much of an airhead as she looks. We actually found things to talk about that we could both agree on. I am not saying that we are going to be BFFs, but I think I can try and be nice to her from now on. She told me a bit about everyone here and what you guys did. She told me how everyone met each other and saving Fred from an alternate dimension. She also told me about every single time you went off the deep end in one way, shape, or form. I think she was trying to make a point with that one." Brittney said glancing sideways at Angel.

"Probably was." Angel agreed. Angel looked around the room and stood up. "So, any way that I can help speed this process along?"

"Sure! You can start unpacking all the things over in the pile by the bathroom door. Those are all things for the room. That won't need to be moved when the new furniture arrives. There is a box of nails and a hammer on the nightstand. Just start unpacking and I will tell you where I would like it to go." Brittney said.

For the next hour, Angel helped Brittney arrange her decorations while she finished unpacking, folding, and hanging her clothes. They talked, laughed, and joked about everything. Brittney threatened to buy Angel a new cell phone but Angel wanted nothing to do with it. The look on Brittney's face, however, told Angel he was fighting yet another losing battle. He knew that they were important, especially with what they did, but that didn't stop him from hating them.

When all the unpacking that could be done was complete, they cleaned up the room and hallway, checked that Fred didn't need anything, and went out on patrol. The night was uneventful with only a few rogue vampires crossing their path. Angel used the evening more as a tour than actual patrol. He showed Brittney all the ins and outs of the city and how to get around. He showed her the sewer and access tunnels and how to get back to the Hyperion whether above ground or below. Brittney enjoyed this time. It reminded her of the past when the whole family would spend their first evening in a new city just exploring and doing a little recon for future hunting trips. The only difference was that it was just the two of them this time and instead of planning human hunts, they were planning demon hunts.

When the night was over and the sun was beginning to rise, the pair made their way back to the hotel. Brittney decided to stay in Angel's room again that night. She claimed she didn't want to sleep in her new room until she had all of her new things in Monday night. In truth, she just missed being close to her sire. No matter how old she became or how much she may hate or love her sire from one decade to the next, she would always be drawn to him by their sire/childe bond. They fell asleep almost instantly and Brittney dreamt of times gone by.