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Chapter One: Meet The Beast

The rain was coming down hard that night when Old Man Mcguket saw it for the first time. He out that night, doing his 'old man rain dance' in front of the Mystery Shack when he heard a powerful roar, which at first he thought was which a clap of thunder and continued on with his dance of madness, until her heard the sound of wood breaking apart. He again stopped his rain dance and looked up to the top level of the tourist trap to see a horrible sight erupted from the building's roof. While it was dark and pouring rain, the elderly madman could see the shape of the beast and its bright yellow reptilian eyes that shined through the darkness of the storm. The monster threw up its head and released another powerful roar as a bolt of lightning dashed across the clouds, as it roared, a steady stream of flames spewed from its jaws twenty feet into the air. It then unfurled a pair of massive bat-like wings from its back and rocketed up toward the clouds above where it vanished within the storm. Now normally, any sane man would be either awestruck at the sight they had just witnessed or be completely terrified beyond rational reasoning, however sanity was not a strong suit for McGucket these days.

"Whew doggie, we got finally ourselves a dragon!" the prospector happily cheered as he did a jig

Stan was not unaware of the commotion upstairs, which at first he mistook as just the his grand niece and nephew rouge housing, however that theory went down the drain when he heard a loud roar and something big crashing through his building. The old con-artist raced up to the children's bedroom and found Mabel hiding under her bed as a long scale covered tail slid out of a giant hole that was punched through the ceiling. The elderly man heard another roar and ran over to where the hole was made, only to see nothing since the creature had already flow off. Stan then quickly went over to where Mabel was hiding and saw her clutching unto Waddles for dear life as well as something else that she had in her hand.

"Mabel, are you ok?" he asked, to which she nodded in response"Where's your brother?"

To that question, Mabel responded by handing her great uncle her siblings hat, which was slightly burnt. Stan's heart sank to the pit of his stomach at the object in his hand, such he picked on the kid from time to time, but he still cared for Dipper none the less, his mind went back to the beast that burst into his home and apparently killed his nephew, he turned away from Mabel in order to chase after that monster that did this and find a way to kill it, but then his niece grabbed unto his wrist.

"Wait Grunkle Stan, you can't go after it!" she warned "there's something you should know…"

"In other news, the Gravity Falls Zoo has reported that three of the zoo's lions have died due to unexplained burns and that the other four have disappeared without a trace, the zookeepers say-"


"The unexplained wildfires have now spread throughout the woodland areas and are now-"


"I don't know what it was, but it was bi-"


"The entire field was set fire by who the authorities are claiming be is an arsonist, the police-"


"-Thing was flying so fast, my plane could barely keep up with-"

"That's enough TV for now" Wendy dryly thought to herself as she switch off the living home television

The teenager stood up from the sofa and put her boots on, she then made her way to the front door; she had had enough of just laying around the house today.

"I'm going for a walk dad!"she informed loudly to her father who was upstairs "I'll be back in time for dinner"

With that, she stepped out the door and into the wilderness that surrounded the Corduroy home. The sun was getting ready to set and the all the sounds of nature engulfed her. Wendy enjoyed these lone walks through the forest; it let her gather her thoughts in peace. As much as she loved her dad, he was becoming irritable around the house, due to the fact the wildfires where impeding his job and he couldn't stop talking about what he'd do to the 'miserable such-and-such' as he called it that was starting these fires. Among other things, she was still getting phone calls from Robbie, who kept on about how it was really her fault and how he was willing to forgive her; it was getting to the point where she blocked the goth boy from her phone and every social website she was a part of. The red-heads friends weren't helping the situation either, they either wanted to throw in their two cents about the breakup or tell her just hook back up with Robbie; she was starting to feel truly alone at this point and the one thing that bothered her most was that she snapped at the only person who cared about how she felt.

She wanted to apologize to Dipper the day after her break-up with her jerk of an ex-boyfriend, but when she came in for work that day; the group had apparently left to rescue Waddles, who had been taken away from some strange creature as Soos tried to explain later that day. So the teen decided to wait until the following day to set things straight with her friend, but once again her apology was forced to be put on hold due to the fact that according to Mabel Dipper was out exploring and wouldn't be back until sundown, it was same excuse his sibling as well as Stan and Soos gave to her for the next four days. While Wendy did feel disappointed by the young boy's absence, she did however theorize that he was out searching for whatever was causing these fires, she couldn't blame him for wanting to protect everyone from what was out there.

Speaking of things that stalked about forest, she broke out of her line of thoughts when she heard a deep growl from out of the shadows of the fading light within the forest. She froze in place and began to look around the area around her in order to find the origin of the growl came from. It never really crossed her mind about whatever could be lurking in these woods whenever she went on one of her nature walks, but if she survived whatever was watching her, she'd make a mental note of bringing her father's axe with her.

Wendy heard another deep growl, but this time could figure out where the sound was going from: behind her. She spun around to see what was hunting her and gasped in fear at the sight the animal that slowly walked out of underbrush, it was a mountain lion and by the look in its eyes she knew that it had the full intention of making her its prey. The predator crouched down and pounced at the teenager, but she managed to drive out of the way at the last second. As the big cat stumbled to get back on its feet, Wendy quickly got back up and ran off further into the woods, she was too far away from her home and turning back was not an option, her only hope was for her to find someplace safe and wait until the beast lost interest in hunting her, the problem with that plan was that it was pretty hard to find someplace safe from a large cat in a forest like this.

She knew the mountain lion was gaining on her as she ran and was beginning to fear the idea of dyeing such a horrible way at the claws of this animal, but suddenly a small ray of hope came in the form of a hollowed out log that was only a few feet in front of her, sure it wasn't much but it was best she could do at the moment. She put all of her energy into her legs and ran to the log, which she dove into its opening and quickly crawled as far back into it as fast as she could. The cougar however still did not give up chasing its prey and dove in after the girl, while it was a tight fit for the big cat, it still managed to at least get its front half inside of it. The predator started to swipe furiously at the red-head, to which she retaliated by kicking the cat with all her strength and screaming her lungs out.

Then without warning, something big grabbed onto the bottom half of the cougar with a loud and began to drag it out of the log and dangled it in the air, all the while the now helpless hunter yowled in both rage and as it started to slash madly at whatever had captured it until a loud crunch! Was heard and the cat instantly went limp. The girl didn't give a sigh in relief that her attacker was gone; instead she was now terrified whatever was now consuming the cougar. Her first idea was stay hidden until the unknown creature left, however she feared that beast would catch her sent and dig her out of the log, so she came to the conclusion that she had to risk getting away while the animal was busy eating.

"It's not like I have any better options" she mused mentally"here goes nothing"

With that she hurriedly climbed out of the other end of log and got to her feet in order to once again run, only to see a long lizard-like tail lying in front of her escape 's eyes couldn't help but follow the tail's length to what it was attached to and had to cover her mouth in order to keep herself from screaming in terror at the sight of what the tail belonged to. Standing in front of her, was a real life dragon. The dragon was about forty feet in length from nose to tail and covered in crimson scales with black spines that ran down from the its head to the end of its tail and had a pair of yellow wings that where currently folded on its back, Wendy also noticed the two horns on the top of its head and the fills on each side of its face, as well as the onyx black claws on all four of its feet that she was pretty sure could slice through solid steel like butter if given the chance. The fire-breathing behemoth had its head turned away from the teenager as it continued to devour the cougar that was previously about to maul her, it tossed the dead animal into the air before snatching it in mid-air and swallowing it down in a single gulp. As much was the ginger haired girl's brain was screaming at her to run, her legs where frozen where they stood as she still gazed in a mixture of horror and amazement at the monster she once thought only to have existed in story books.

The dragon suddenly started to sniff the air around it and then slowly turned to face the petrified teen, showing its bright yellow eyes to her as well as its crocodile shaped jaws that where now bloodstained from its newest kill. The beast let out a low hiss as it leaned its head forward toward the girl, who fell unto her backside and started to crawl backwards away from the oncoming head until the back of her head banged into its tail, to which she stopped. At this point, Wendy was so terrified that she couldn't even let out a scream, all she could do was close her eyes tightly and wait to be devoured, but after a few seconds, she felt not even so much as a nip on her body. Confused by this, she opened her eyes again and saw that the dragon was looking at her in almost a curious fashion, as if unsure what do with her.

"Y-you're not going to eat me?" the red-head asked, as if she was going to get an answer from the reptilian titan

The dragon moved its head back a bit, allowing the girl to stand back up and now be only inches away from the fire-breathers face. At this point she was downright dumbfounded at what to expect next from this monster as the two of them examined one another. Then Wendy's eyes caught something tiny on the center of its forehead, something that made her gasp in shock at the sight of it and made her mind spin.

There on the dragon's forehead, was the big dipper.