Chapter Twelve: Day of the Dragons

Soos was awoken from his dreams of running the Mystery Shack when the sound of his cellphone ringing. His lazily reached over to his dresser where his phone was and answered it, where he heard the panicking voice of Mabel on the other end.

"Yo Mabel, what's up?" he asked the girl in a drowsy tone as he saw that it was five in the morning on his alarm clock "It's super early dude"

"Soos listen to me; you've got to go to the police station right now, the whole towns in danger!" she told him a frightened tone

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down dude, what are you talking about?" he asked

"Start heading towards the police station and I'll tell you on the way there" she replied

Without giving it a second thought, the man-child bolted out of his bedroom, threw on some cloths and ran out of his house as fast as he could since his car was still totaled after the whole T-Rex fiasco, all the while listening to Mabel's hurried explanation for her reason to make him attempt to save Gravity Falls.

The queen of the Wood Elves sat on her throne in a saddened slump. Her kingdom was in ruin, most of her people were either dead or wounded and her most faithful servant was consumed by the very monster that had caused so much death and destruction to her homeland. She had failed her subjects in protecting them from harm and now her love's grand-nephew was chasing after the ice Dragon to engage him what was sure to be his final battle.

It was then that Nara felt a comforting hand gently touch her shoulder; she looked up from the ground to see Stan standing over her with a look of concern in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Nara…" he said to her in almost a whisper as he hugged her "I'm so sorry…"

All she could do was wrap her arms around her neck and wept for both her people's blight and Valko's death; all the while the old man held her and ran his hand soothingly through her hair. As they did, Wendy, Dan and Mabel entered the throne room who were trying to find Stan and Nara, all of them with a look of fear and worry on their faces.

"Dipper's gone after Robbie" Wendy said to them "We've got to do something! He can't fight him alone!"

"What can we do? We'd only get ourselves killed!" Stan replied sharply

"But Dipper will die if we don't do anything!" Mabel shot back

"I admire your bravery child, but there's nothing you can do…" Nara spoke up sadly "I'm afraid that this will be your brother's final battle"

Just then, the lumberjack had an idea pop into his mind, perhaps there was a way that he could at least help his daughter's lover in coming fight against the ice Dragon.

"Your highness, would you happen to know an old man named Mcgucket?" he asked

"We've crossed paths once, why?" she answered him

"I need you to send me to his home" the woodcutter explained "I think I know a way to help Dipper"

"What are you going to do dad?" his daughter asked

"I'm going to suit up" he said to her

"You can't go out there, Robbie might kill you as well!" she pleaded

"Your kid's got a point, that wacko might rip you shreds" Stan added

"You said so yourself Wendy: he can't beat that bastard alone" he replied softly before hugging her "Whatever happens to me, I want you to know that I love you darling"

Wendy knew that when her farther was set on something there was little anyone could say or do to change his mind, but she knew that he had just as much chance as Dipper did of not surviving the battle with the reptilian psychopath.

"I love you to dad" she replied, hugging him back as she did "Be safe"

"I'll bring your boy back in one piece, I swear" he promised her before looking over to Nara "I'm ready"

With that, the queen teleported the lumberjack away to prospector's wayward home in order to retrieve what he needed to save Dipper's life, leaving his daughter's mind to fill with even more worry. She wanted desperately to aid both Dipper and now her farther in the upcoming clash, but she was only human. Suddenly in the midst of her inner anguish, her brain hatched a plan of action to aid the two men she cared most for in her life, true she was human, however there was a way she could change all that.

"Your highness" she began as she ran up to her "I need you to send me to the Mystery Shack right now!"

At first Stan and Mabel were a bit confused as to why she wanted to go there, but then her true purpose suddenly came to them and they were shocked that she would want to go that far to help Dipper and her farther, however rather then try to talk her out of it, they both silently decided to follow her lead.

"Send us to Nara" Stan told "I think she's on to something"

"Are you certain Stanford? For all you know, this could all end in tragedy" the Wood Elf reasoned

"Maybe, but we're not going down without a fight!" Mabel stated

"And I'm not losing either Dipper or my dad" Wendy added on

"Very well…" she finally said before looking to her human lover "Be safe my dearest"

"I will Nara" the old man answered "I'll come back to you, I promise"

And with a simply gesture of hand, Nara sent the trio to the tourist attraction, all the while praying that whatever they had planned would put a stop to the ice Dragon's rampage and avenge the death and destruction he had caused.

Soos did as Mabel had asked of him, however as one would guess, when your a man who has known ties to the town's local con-artist who bursts into the police station shouting about a giant ice-breathing Dragon on it's way to destroy the town, he ended up right where one would expect: a jail cell.

"You gotta believe me dudes!" Soos begged from within his cell "You have no idea what's coming and it's gonna send us back to the Ice Age!"

"Yeah whatever, just sit there and shut up!" Durland ordered

"Can you believe that crap? A giant ice-breathing Dragon is coming to destroy the town" Blubbs laughed as he and his loyal deputy walked away "Like that'll ever happen"

"Yeah that dummy should know Dragons can only breathe fire!" Durland replied

As they spoke, the two police men began to feel a sudden cold breeze throughout the building, making them shiver at the surprise drop in temperature. They then heard the sound of a booming roar that shattered the windows of the police station. Obviously shocked by this, the two lawmen ran outside to see a strange massive creature fly overhead them as it made it's way to the center of town. The giant flying beast then descended downward to the town below, crushing the bank under its feet as it did. The great beast's arrival did not go unnoticed by Gravity Falls, as people where startled awake by the inhuman roar they had heard. As people stepped out of their homes to see the winged monster that they all thought was not something that could possibly exist before them, the Dragon looked down at them before spreading its gigantic white wings wide, blocking the slowly rising sun behind itself as it did.

"People of Gravity Falls…" the Dragon announced "winter has come!"

The Dragon then inhaled deeply before unleashing a wave of frost down onto the awestruck townspeople.

The dawn's light began to shine upon the landscape as it slowly rose into the sky, warming up Dipper's body as he flew after Robbie. It was hard to keep pace with the much larger Dragon, even when he was flying at top speed, but Dipper knew that since Robbie had a head start he was more then likely had already reached Gravity Falls and was currently tearing it apart. As he flew, the slightly smaller Dragon's mind kept going back to Wendy and his family, he swore he would return, but after the beating he received from their last battle, Dipper didn't know if he could survive another fight against the ice Dragon, but he refused to allow that psychopath slaughter thousands of innocent people for his own sick amusement.

Soon enough the fire-breather reached his destination, he gasped in terror at the sight before him. Robbie was currently on all fours, freezing people left in right that his eyes could spot with his frost-breathe and destroying any building that stood in his way. When the cold-blooded behemoth caught the scent of his enemy, he stopped what he was doing and looked up to see Dipper flying overhead of him.

"Ah you made it I'm so thrilled" he greeted "How do you like my winter wonderland?"

"I'm giving you one chance Robbie" Dipper began in a dark tone "Leave these people alone and surrender without a fight and I'll let you live"

"Oh I'm so scared!" the larger Dragon teased before getting serious "Now are you ready to die twerp?"

"Are You?" was the fire Dragon's only response

While all this going on, Puck and the lord of the third-race himself Oberon were watching the showdown from a distant cliff that overlooked the town. The trickster wanted to leave the town before the two monsters did battle, but the iron collar around his neck was keeping him from teleporting away since iron was the weakness of all of Oberon's children. The lord of the fair-folk held unto a rope that was attached to Puck's collar as he watched the two Dragons as they prepared to clash once more with a steel hard gaze in his eyes.

"Maybe you should do something about this?" the imp said his master "I mean you could end all this with a thought if you wanted to"

"No…" the fairy king said without turning away from the creatures "Let them fight…"

Back with Dipper and Robbie, the two monsters unleashed their strongest roars at one another before the teen turned Dragon shot into the air to face off with his enemy while Dipper flew downward to face off with the psychopath. Robbie fired a blast of frost from his mouth, but Dipper ducked past the oncoming frost and tackled the ice Dragon in mid-air, sending them both crashing down into building. Dipper them attempted to rip out his opponent's throat with his teeth but was stopped by one of Robbie's wings smacking him off his person.

As Dipper tried to recover from the blow, the ice Dragon constricted his tail around his two front legs as he got back up. He then hurled the fire-breather several yards across town, knocking over a couple of more buildings as he did. Dipper stumbled back to his feet just in time to see Robbie charging at him with his horns pointed straight at him, however this time the smaller Dragon was ready for this attack. Once Robbie was close enough, he reached out with his front claws and grabbed the psycho by the horns; he then shot blast of fire from his maw right in the ice Dragon's face.

Using the claws on his wings, Robbie slashed across Dipper's belly, cutting him deeply and forcing him to let go. He then brushed off the flames he had taken to the faced before taking flight once more, only this time he flew low to the ground as he grabbed Dipper by his back with his talons. The psychopath then started flying low, all the while dragging the smaller Dragon down the street before slamming him head-on into town hall, turning it into rubble upon impact.

"Is that it? Is what all you've got?" Robbie taunted as he flew above his beaten down opponent "I knew you'd be too weak to-"

The teen turned Dragon's words were interrupted when Dipper unleashed another volley of flames at in his chest, knocking him right out of the sky and onto another building.

"You talk too much" Dipper said as he got back to his feet

"You gonna regret that you little bastard!" the ice Dragon snarled as he climbed out the rubble "You might as well say your prayers now because your-"

Once again Robbie was cut off from his threats, only this time it was a flurry of missiles from the sky that had caught him off guard. Confused by this, Dipper looked up to see none other then Manly Dan in his newly repaired Mecha-Knight armor descending down from air to stand next to the fire-breather.

"Your right, he does talk too much" the lumberjack commented on as if their lives weren't dire peril

"Mr. Corduroy? What are you doing here?" the fire Dragon asked "You should be back with Wendy were its safe!"

"My little girl can take care of herself" Dan replied "I came here to make sure you'd live long enough to see her again"

Needless to say, Dipper was touched by the normally rouge and tumble man's kind gesture toward him. Just then, Robbie stepped out of the smoke the missiles that had hit him left behind, looking like he had taken little damage and even angrier then before.

"That's it!" he exclaimed rage "I'm going to rip you both limb from limb!"

"So what's the plan kid?" Dan inquired while drawing his sword from his back

"I'll hit him high, you hit him low" the fire Dragon said before taking flight again

As Dipper flew upwards into the air, Dan charged forward with his blade at the ready. Robbie attempted to fly after the other Dragon; however he was stopped when the lumberjack sliced off of his horns with a swing of his weapon. In response, the ice Dragon smacked him into the police station with a powerful swipe of his tail. As Dan picked himself up, he noticed the town's two local police officers hiding behind their car.

"Hey dumb and dumber" he said to them "Make yourself useful and get to together anyone who isn't injured and start getting anyone who is out of here!"

"And why should I listen to you?" Blubbs questioned sharply

The woodsman's answer to that was pointing his sword only inches away from the sheriff's face.

"Uh-we'll get right on it!" he quickly replied before running off to start a search and rescue mission with his loyal deputy

Unfortunately Dan could not celebrate to long. While his attention was focused on Blubbs and Durland, Robbie reached out and brought his jaws down on his suit's shoulder, thankfully though Dipper forced the ice Dragon let go with a blast of fire to his back, giving Dan the chance to spin around and try to behead the monster, only to have his sword caught in the psychopath's teeth, breaking in half with one strong bite. Even though his blade was broken, it did little to slow down the woodcutter from his fight with the beast. He delivered a strong punch across his face, knocking out few teeth as he did.

Dipper rained down another stream flames at Robbie, keeping him from concentrating his rage on either him or Dan. As the fire Dragon kept up his aerial assault, Wendy's farther continued to pummel their common foe repeatedly in the face. Dan then jumped back and activated a weapon that Dipper had seen in their battle. His right arm began to twist and changed into a giant cannon, the weapon itself began to charge up with energy the second it was created.

"Pulse cannon!" he shouted before firing the gun

The cannon fired a streak of bright blue light right at Robbie's chest, knocking him backwards into a building. Dipper took this chance shoot another blast of fire down on the fallen ice Dragon but just before the Dragon's flames hit him, the psychopath unleashed his frost-breath, canceling out the oncoming flames. He then took to the sky once again and knocked his smaller enemy out of the air with a smack of his tail. While Dipper was down for a temporary time, Robbie then proceeded to focus his wrath on Wendy's farther. He shot out another pillar of frost at the Mecha-Knight, who attempted to block it with his shield with his left arm, however unlike the fire it could deflect, it did little to stop the frost from hitting him, causing his armor to lock up from the intense cold.

"Damn it my suits frozen!" Dan shouted in anger

Robbie flew downward and reached out with his jaws and bit down on the Mecha-Knight's right arm, ripping it off in one clean motion as he pulled back. He then impaled his remaining through the armor's torso, nearly hitting Dan himself within the giant suit of armor before tossing him several feet backwards. Dan flew helplessly through the air before hitting the ground hard, causing even more damage to his suit then before, he tried to get back up, but his suit could hardly moved.

"Aw, what's the matter? Can't get up?" the ice Dragon mocked as he approached the woodcutter on all fours "You might as well stay down old man, because I'm about put you six feet under!"

Luckily however, Dipper halted his advance from going any further by running up and tackling Robbie from behind, pinning him to the ground as he did.

"This has gone on long enough!" Dipper snarled as he dug his claws deep into his foe's back

"You've got that right!" his opponent shot back before throwing him off his back with his tail

After being swatted off of his enemy's back Dipper quickly put himself between Robbie and Dan, shielding him from whatever attack the bloodthirsty teenager would try to turn on his lover's farther.

"If you want to get to him, you'll have go through me!" he declared with smoke bellowing out of his nostrils

"Are you sure about this Wendy?" Mabel asked as they held the shot glasses filled with the Drakenbane potion

The second the teenager and her friends where teleported back to the Mystery Shack, the red-head immediately searched for the very potion that turned Dipper into a winged titan. When she found it she tried to drink the magical liquid, however she was stopped by Mabel and Stan, but to her surprise they wanted to help their family member with the same idea she had. Now here there, standing outside of the tourist trap with the glasses in their hands dew to the fact that Stan refused to pay for the outstanding damage they would do to the building when they changed.

"Not really" she answered, still a bit unsure "But this is only way we can help Dipper and my dad"

"I hope this is enough to change us" Stan commented "I bet this is gonna hurt like hell though"

"Well here goes nothing" Wendy said "Bottoms up"

And with that, the trio poured the potion down their throats.

Dipper and Robbie kept their gaze locked one another, waiting for the other to make the first move. The fire-breather let out a low hiss from his throat to warn his adversary that he wasn't moving an inch, despite inwardly knowing that this maybe his last stand.

"Any last words?" the ice Dragon growled

"Yeah, shut up and fight" Dipper replied before charging at him once more

The boy's sudden charge caught the larger monster off guard, giving Dipper the chance to ram him in the chest with his horns, pushing him back just far enough he could threaten Dan's life. The smaller Dragon felt awful about the destruction he was causing to the town and blood Robbie had spilled before he arrived, but he knew that if he tried to move the fight somewhere else, the psychotic teen would only start killing more townspeople to keep the fight here.

While he was having this thought run through his head, Robbie took hold of his horns with his front claws and slammed him head first into the concrete street. The ice Dragon the began to pummel the beaten down beast with claws, cutting deeply into his skin as he did, the fire-breather tried to get up and shoot a blast flames, but his legs where frozen to the ground and his mouth was frozen shut by the larger Dragon's frost.

"You're pathetic!" Robbie laughed out "All that talk of killing me and you could barley hold your own!"

The teen then leaned down to look Dipper dead in the eye before speaking again.

"You know since you really pist me off, I'm going to finish you off nice and slow like I promised right here and now" he informed his helpless captive "Then Wendy and I are gonna have a hell of a time!"

Just as he that a wave of dark green flames came down from the sky, striking him in the back. The psychopath quickly spun around to see where fire had come from and saw along with Dipper and Dan three new Dragons hovering high above them.

The first Dragon was sixty feet long with emerald green scales on its body that shined brightly as the sunlight danced across them with a bright yellow under belly. It had a hawk-like beak for a mouth with shining green eyes and a pair of curved ivory white horns on its head, its claws where long and also white that looked like there were ready to rip the flesh from ice Dragon's bones. The emerald Dragon also had a pair of strong bright yellow wings and glistened like diamonds in the morning sun.

The second Dragon was seventy feet long and had stone grey scales all over its body with blood red wings holding it up. It had a muscular build to it with a shorter neck and legs then the other two newcomers, however it had a club at the end of its tail, its eyes where dark red and its jaws were shorter and more rounded like a muzzle with two dagger-like fangs and poked out from the top of its mouth and also had a single horn standing on the edge of its nose.

The third Dragon was smallest of the three white only a length of forty feet from nose to tail, it was covered from head to claw in bright silver scales with a dark blue scales on its under belly. It had no front legs like Robbie, only a pair of ocean blue wings carrying it in the air and two thumb-like claws on edge of each of them; it also had a line of red spines that trailed down from the back of its neck to the end of its tail.

Despite looking different, all three of them had one thing in common: they looked like they were ready to kick some serious ass.

"Sorry, but I'm already spoken for" the emerald Dragon announced sharply in a female voice

The three new winged monsters then flew over the ice Dragon and landed in between him and Dipper, keeping a protective stance around the fallen fire-breather. The green Dragon then used her claws to break off the ice around Dipper's mouth and legs, allowing him to stand beside them.

"You can't die on me yet honey" she told him sweetly "Not after I got my nails done and everything"

"Wendy?!" Dipper exclaimed in realization

"Hey don't forget about us bro!" the silver Dragon spoke up in female voice

"Mabel? Grunkle Stan?" he asked in shock "What have you all done to yourselves?!"

"You can yell at us later kid, right now we have a fight to win!" his great uncle shot back in a low guttural tone

"Where's my farther?" Wendy questioned

"I'm alright!" the lumberjack called out from his damaged armor "But it looks like I'm out of the fight!"

"Just stay low and let us handle this dad" she informed him

"Oh this is gonna be fun!" Robbie hissed with delight

"Yeah, for us" Mabel replied

"So any words of advice to kill this wacko?" Stan inquired to his grand-nephew

"Take him down, no matter what" Dipper answered

The four Dragons rushed their foe together, giving the ice Dragon little time to move. Dipper and Wendy both tackled him to the ground while Mabel and Stan took his legs out from under him, making him fall backward again. Robbie push the two monsters off his person before quickly took flight, hoping to get some distant from them.

"Oh no you don't!" Mabel said before taking flight as well "You're not getting away!"

"Mabel wait!" Dipper ordered

But his commands went unheard, like a bullet she was already up in the air. All the others could see was a silver streak zipping upwards toward Robbie's direction, clearly showing that she was the fastest of the group. Robbie himself had hard time keeping his eyes locked onto her as she zigzagged all across the sky, firing random blast of ice at wherever he thought she was.

"Missed me! Oh now I'm over here! Nope now I'm over here! Aw so close!" she taunted him again and again as she continued evaded him "Are you even trying? Or does your aim just suck?"

"Hold still and you'll find out you little brat!" Robbie snarled in rage as he tried to freeze her

"Yeah like I'm just gonna let you turn me into an ice sculpture" Mabel said as she kept dodging his attacks "besides, I'm just a distraction"

"What are you talking abou-" Robbie tried to say

His words where cut off when Stan hit him in square in the chest like a battering ram, breaking a rib or two on impact. He tumbled out of the air like a falling star before crashing into the rubble of an already destroyed building. While all this was going on, Dipper and Wendy rushed over to her father's destroyed suit of armor in order to get him out of it and get him to safety. Wendy ripped open the Mecha-Knight's chest with her claws before carefully picking up her dad from inside it and setting him down.

"Wendy…?" was all he could say as the gravity of the situation fully came to him "but how…?"

"Dipper's family had the same potion at their home" she explained "I wasn't going let either of you get killed, so I took matters into my own hands; Stan and Mabel just went with the idea"

"But you'll never be able to change back" Dipper mentioned with concern

"I know, but maybe it's for the best" his lover replied "Now we can truly be together"

She then looked over to her farther, still unsure what he thought her new form.

"Dad I know you're probably upset, but I had to do it" she began "And honestly, I really wanted to do this"

"Wendy you're my daughter and I'll love you even if you're a giant monster" he told her as he petted one of her claws "Now go out their and wipe some ass for your old man"

"I hate to break up this loving family moment, but he's getting up!" Stan called out from above

Like Stan had said, Robbie emerged from the rubble and locked his eyes dead on Dipper and Wendy. With a rage filled roar, he bolted toward them, but the two lovers met him head on. Dipper bit down on one of his enemy's wings, holding him down while Wendy slashed him across the chest with her claws. Robbie clamped his jaws down unto her front leg and hurled her into a nearby building, destroying it upon hitting it. Dipper let go of his opponent's wing and shot a wave of fire inches away from Robbie's face, burning away a chuck of his face as did. Once his assault was over, he saw why his attacks weren't doing much against his adversary: he was healing at a rapid pace.

"There's nothing you've got that can hurt me!" Robbie growled before hitting him with his giant wing

"We'll see about that!" Dipper shouted back as he lunged at his throat

Once again, the smaller Dragon was smacked aside by another hit from Robbie's wing. Wendy tried to strike the ice Dragon from behind, but was knocked back by his tail. It was then that Mabel swooped down to get a hit for herself, only caught by Robbie's claws and pinned to the ground under his wings. The much smaller Dragon started gag and snout, as she was trying to unleash her own fire from her body.

"In case you having noticed, I'm a bit fire-proof" the ice Dragon mocked

"Who said anything about fire?" she asked him in a snarky tone

Before he could even ask what she meant by that, she spat a heap of green slime from her mouth, hitting him directly between the eyes. The green slime began to melt away his skin, causing him great pain as it blinded him and giving Mabel to escape his grasp. Stan took up this opportunity by landed right in front of Robbie and smacking him in the face with his club tail, breaking his bottom jaw on contact. The con-man turned Dragon then inhaled as much air his lungs could hold before releasing a high-pitched roar that shattered his eardrums and left him in state of vertigo.

"Don't just stand there, finish it!" his great-uncle commanded

Upon seeing Robbie in such an injured state made him almost feel pity for him, however he knew that if he had the chance to heal, he would go right back to trying to kill them all and that was something he wasn't going to allow. Once more, he and Wendy tackled him together into a building; they then began to rip apart his wings, keeping him from escaping. Dipper then took hold of his broken bottom jaw and tore it off with one swift motion while Wendy sliced off half of his upper jaw, all the while the psychopath coughed up spurts of blue blood as he let out shrieks of pain and fear, knowing that this was his end.

"Heal from this!" Dipper exclaimed as he took hold of what as left Robbie's head in his claws

Dipper jammed two of his claws into Robbie's eyes as he started to apply pressure to his skull until he crushed the ice Dragon's head like a grape, spraying his blood all over his crimson scaled face. After the deed was done, Dipper threw back his head and released a victorious roar, which was accompanied by the roars of his lover and his family as well. Once Robbie was dead, Dipper surveyed the destruction he had and the other Dragons had caused in their battle, he wanted to stop the ice Dragon from destroying the town, but instead he caused even more damage then Robbie would've done by himself.

"Look what we've done…" he said, saddened by the sight around him "I was trying to prevent all this"

"This couldn't have ended any other way kid" Stan spoke up "That nut-job would've wiped out the whole town if we hadn't stopped him, it's best not to about what you lost, but rather who you saved"

As Stan spoke, the surviving humans from the battle began slowly step out of their hiding places and slowly approaching the four giant monsters, unsure just what to make of them. Just then, Soos and came running up to, clearly excited by what he just saw and he wasn't alone, next to him was Wendy's farther who looked up his daughter and her lover with pride in his eyes.

"That was totally wicked dudes!" he exclaimed "I mean I was stuck inside a jail cell for most of it until the police station was destroyed, but from what I saw it beat out every giant monster fight I've seen in Japanese movies period!"

"You did good sweetheart" Dan told his daughter before looking over to Dipper "You both did"

"Yeah we helped to you know!" Stan protested on his and Mabel's behalf (but mostly his)

Soos then began clapping his hands and cheering, hoping to the rest of the townspeople to do the same, however instead of cheers or even boos; the survivors of the great battle with exception of Soos and Dan began to fall to ground in a deep slumber. Suddenly a bright white light flash before them all, almost blinding them as it did. Once the light had faded away, there stood a tall blue-skinned man with long white hair that was tied into a pony tail, he wore a multicolored armor and had long cape that flowed in the wind. In his hand was a rope leash that had none other then Puck attached to the end it and while none one else knew who either of these newcomers where, Stan identified them both right of the bat.

"And just who the hell are you?" Dan demanded

The lord of the fair-folk narrowed his eyes at the woodcutter's words, but he answered his question regardless.

"I am Oberon, lord of the third-race" he announced to the humans and the Dragons

"You're Oberon?!" Mabel nearly exclaimed in shock "Soos told me about you when he was digging up info about the potion!"

"Indeed I am and I believe this is the whelp you want to turn your angry toward" the fairy king replied as he gave the leash a hard tug "This is Puck, but you would know him better as the one who turned your brother into a Dragon in the first place"

Upon hearing that, Dipper's head shot downward until it was only inches away from the trickster's face.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't eat you?" he growled in dark tone

"I've got a cute smile?" the trickster answered innocently

"Puck's punishment will come from my hand not yours monster" the lord of the third-race informed the boy

"Beg your pardon my lord, but how do you know about what happened here?" the con-artist inquired

"Because I told him" a familiar voice answered

The group then turned around to see Nara step out of the shadows, making the entire group looked surprised at her sudden arrival.

"That must Mr. Pines's elf girlfriend" Soos said in wonder

"What are you doing here Nara?!" Stan demanded

"As I said to you before, I am willing to face judgment for my actions" she said to him

"But he'll sentence you to death!" her lover shot back

"That is where you are wrong" Oberon cut in "True, I was originally going to kill me for disobeying my laws, but after she plead her case to me; I have decided to give her fifty years imprisonment in my kingdom of Avalon"

"Fifty Years?!" Dipper snapped "That's-"

"Very generous of you, your highness" his great-uncle interrupted with a bow "You are truly a benevolent ruler"

"He's sending the woman you love to live a chunk of her life in prison and you're saying its fair!" Dipper hissed to him in a low whisper

"Fifty years is the blink of eye in elf years Dipper" the old Dragon explained in a harsh whisper "I may not be able to live long enough to see her again, but as long as she's safe I can't live with that"

"Now onto another matter" Oberon said "I see that you four drank the Drakenbane"

"Yes and we know there's no cure for it" Wendy replied

"How much did you all drink of it?" the fairy king questioned

"Just a sip" Mabel answered

"Then I suppose Puck forgot to mention to you all that there is indeed a cure for potion" Oberson explained "However, it can only reverse the potion's effects as long as it was consumed in small amounts"

"Heh-Heh, must have slipped my mind" Puck mentioned nervously

"If I did not think banishment from Avalon was enough punishment for you, I would smith you here and now!" his master said "So have a care and keep silent!"

The lord of the third-race then summoned a glass bottle filled with dark blue liquid into Soos's hands.

"There is the cure mortals, enjoy yourselves" he told them

"Sweet!" Mabel cheered

"Now we shall depart from this place" the lord of the fair-folk informed them

"Wait my lord, there are still two things I wish to do before I leave" Nara pleaded "I wish to say goodbye to the man I love and name the one who will rule in my absence"

"Very well, but be quick about it" her lord answered, slightly irritated "My kindness has its limits"

The queen of the Wood Elves approached her still monstrous lover, knowing that this would more then likely be the last time they would see one another in this plane of existence.

"I know you are against this my love, but I must answer for my crimes" Nara told him

"You always where a stubborn one" he replied, trying to sound positive "I'll miss you…"

"And I you, my dearest" the queen answered "We will see each other again in the next life"

"I know, I love you Nara" he said, gently nuzzling her as he did "I will always love you"

"Who are you going to make your successor your highness?" Soos asked

"I have already chosen who will sit upon my throne during my imprisonment" she answered before pointing to Dipper "I have chosen him"

"ME?!" Dipper choked out in shock "Your highness I'm flattered but, you've got the wro-"

"I have watched during your journey as a Dragon and I believe you have all the makings of a wise king my child" she began in a sweet tone "You are strong, have a noble heart and ready to risk your life to save others; besides your bloodline and true surname comes from Arthur Pendragon"

"You're descendant of King Arthur?!" Wendy shouted in amazement

"I didn't know that till just now!" he defended before looking over to his great-uncle "Is there something you'd like to say Grunkle Stan?"

"Yeah, remember that talk we had about keeping secrets?" Mabel added on

"Well it's not like you two would believe me!" the old Dragon shot back

"Enough!" Oberon exclaimed "It is settled; the boy will become king once he is human again and that is then end of it!"

Dipper still didn't know if he had what it really took to rule over a race of magical beings, but as love as he had his family and Wendy's support, there was nothing he couldn't do, besides Oberon had just made it official so there wasn't any chance of going back now.

"I will watch over your people while you're gone your majesty" he said to Nara as he bowed in respect

With a kind warm on her face and bow in response, Nara then walked over to stand beside the fairy king, she have on last heartfelt look to Stan and prepared to depart.

"Wait, you can't just leave the town looking like this!" Dan declared "The people are going to wake up and-"

"Believe that the town was the subject of one of that old prospector's insane inventions" Oberson cut him off sharply "Be thankful I'm doing that much for you all"

And with that, the trio of magical beings where teleported back to Avalon to receive their proper judgment, leaving the rest to own devices and paths to take.

"So wait a sec…if Dipper's a king now…then that means…" Mabel mused to herself before coming to a sudden realization "I'm a princess! YAY! Go Mabel! Go Mabel! Go Mabel! Suck it Pacifica!"

"So who wants first dibs on the cure dudes?" Soos asked the Dragons "How about you lord Dipper? You gotta be tired of being a giant monster for a few weeks"

"Actuality, if it's all to same to his new highness…" Wendy spoke up as she nuzzled the side of his face "There's something I want to show him while we can still fly"

"Really, what is it Wendy?" her boyfriend inquired

"I'll show you when we get back to your cave" she replied in a sensual tone

The female Dragon then walked past him, running her tail slowly under his chin as she did before turning around and giving him a 'come hither' look in her reptilian eye, it didn't take much for Dipper to figure out what she was implying.

"But you gotta catch me first!" she finished before quickly opening her wings and shooting up into the sky

"Hold onto that cure Soos, we'll be back in a few hours give or take" he said in a hurried tone before looking over to Stan "And where so not done talking about our family tree"

Before Dan or anyone else could stop him, the crimson scaled Dragon was already shooting upwards into the air and giving chase to his beloved. As they flew together in the mourning sky, Wendy had one thought run through her mind that she wouldn't help but be happy about.

"Wendy Pendragon, I like the sound of that" she thought to herself with a toothy smile

The End

A/N: I want to thank everyone who has enjoyed this story from the bottom of my heart, this has been a fun out-there story and I'm glad so many people enjoyed it and while I don't intend on making a sequel, I might (keep in mind might) write a prequel story about how Stan met Nara. Once again, thank you all so much and I hope you enjoyed the ending!