A/N: This is about Loki, obviously. The first part is somewhere between when Loki goes to Jotunheim, but before Laufey comes. The second part is after The Avengers.

Ringed with rooftops, gold and silver, I look out.

And beyond them, darkling water whispers ever at the shore.

Farther still, starlight shimmers on the swells, mirroring the sapphire sky.

Infinite and burnished Asgard, eternal

City – mine to rule. Brother, I do not regret

Forcing Father to acknowledge you were not

The worthy son.


When he wakens he will see silvered streets glint

In the last light of the afterglow, giving back

To whence they came borrowed rays of golden gleam.

He will see our realm as was it on the day

Father forfeited your crown for your rash act: 'I will hunt

Down every last beast, slay them all!' If you had

Fulfilled your promise, Asgard would no longer stand.


Thundering echoes rise behind me, shatter silence

As I turn, striding back through gilded passage

To ascend my rightful throne. I consider Asgard's welcome

As I lift my father's lance. I am king now,

I her hero. Will my people see it so?

They who know not what this skin hides, or with whom

I forged my fate. Truly, trickery becomes me;

I have made the wiser choice.


Asgard's courtyards rise before me. Stained with glory,

Dripping red- red the life-blood of her cold suns.

Quivering shadows whisper round me, as I kneel

Before the throne. Lost to me, this seat of kings

When I fell. Cold is Asgard, sharp her people.

Jagged as my heart. Scorn me then, Eternal

City, I your once and future king.

A/N: I know, I know, Mihi writing poetry. The world must have ended. Trust me, it wasn't voluntary. The first stanza of this poem is based on a one-shot by CrackinAndProudOfIt called The shadow and the gold. Go read it; it's awesome! The poem is in a Saxon meter. Please tell me what you thought of this; I don't write poetry often. Was it in character for Loki?