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I've decided on either to make a prequel or sequel to Kataang Island Adventure for a while. It's gotten popular, and I'm glad you liked it, but I couldn't decide on making a prequel or sequel. But since you wanted to see a sequel, then darn it, you'll get a sequel. :) But I recommend that you read Kataang Island Adventure before reading this. And I'll say the summary for the story before the disclaimer. Those who did read it will be fine.

Summary: Aratak, the young intersexual chief of the Amaroo Tribe, is going with Avatar Aang and Katara to see Republic City as long last. But when she, Ataki, Ziron, and Shun arrive, how will they handle settling in to this new world? And who's going to either welcome the islanders to the city or reject them for their strange origin?

Disclaimer: I only own Aratak and some other villagers, but Avatar: The Last AirBender does NOT belong to me. It belongs to Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Plus, Ataki belongs to Crazy Cowgirl Cassie, and Ziron belongs to Jade's One Of A Kind.

Publishing Date: July 1, 2013

Rated M for: Some sex scenes, lactation, a birth scene, and other stuff



A New Adventure Begins

The sun was already setting over the island, the rays catching it in an orange glow. The wolves were already returning from a day of hunting, holding fish and smaller animals in their jaws, as the older wolves and hunters came back with larger prey. A few flying bison and ring-tailed winged lemurs had been rounded up and ready to go to Republic City back in the four nations. Not too far away, in the village of the Amaroo Tribe, a slender young woman was hanging out at her hut, thinking.

Aratak, the hermaphrodite chieftain of the Amaroo tribe, leaned against a tree outside her hut after she finished packing. Today was the day, the day she (along with her pregnant little sister) would get to go to the four nations and see what they were like. She had lived all twenty one years of her life on the island, and she would finally get to see the world away from here. And the ones taking her there were Avatar Aang himself and Katara, Aang's heavily pregnant mate. The two strangers she had come to know and love were taking her to the slowly growing Republic City.

But she knew that society would not want a naked hermaphrodite to walk around their city. Aratak saw that the people in her tribe had used animal furs for clothing if the weather got too cold, but to stay closer to nature, they always went naked. So she went over towards the storage area where they kept the pelts, but a familiar voice interrupted her.

"Hey Aratak." It was Aang who had spoken, Katara standing beside him, and they were visiting for the day and being nudist like them. "When are you ready to head out?"

Aratak didn't know what to say at the moment. Right now, she was looking at how their naked forms were glowing in the dying sunlight, feeling her heart thumping harder than ever. Aang's muscular yet lean frame was enough to make some women's heads turn at the sight of the Avatar, yet she had heard that they would use this as an excuse to try and get him to date them. But Aratak (and Katara even more) knew better; besides the powerful Bending, he was a good person. Not only that, but he was very handsome too: tall, lean, muscular, and gray-eyed, he was lucky to have been a good friend and husband.

And speaking of that, she looked over at Katara and blushed. Despite being heavily pregnant with her soon-to-be-born baby, she looked just as beautiful as ever. Aratak took in the features of this young woman: her once-slender belly swollen and huge with her baby, her gorgeously large breasts, her darkened and fully erect nipples, her long smooth legs, her tan skin glowing in the candle light, her well-shaped thighs, and her most sacred body part shaved. Despite all of that, her bright blue eyes, long dark brown hair, and friendly smile were the same.

Just then, Aratak caught the scent of an erotic smell and inwardly smiled. It seemed that Aang and Katara had decided to mate during their stroll. She could tell they had because of the faint scent of sweat on their bodies, the look of slight weariness on their faces, and even the rich, creamy, and delicious scent of breast milk. This made her feel a little aroused, but she swallowed those lustful feelings and focus on her special friendship with the Avatar and his mate.

"How about tomorrow?" she suggested. "I figured that you'd need some rest after the trip here to the island...that, and you could clean off the mating scent."

The couple blushed and looked away from each other before Katara asked, "How'd you know we were mating?"

Aratak shrugged. "I just have a good sense of smell; once you stick around on the island, your senses develop more." Clearing her throat, she went on, "So...getting back to the subject...can you stay over for the night?"

"Of course we can," Katara said, looking over at her mate. "Can we, Aang?"

"You know what the answer is," Aang replied with a gentle smile. "We can stay for the night. But what should we do first?"

"Well..." Aratak had been mates with the Avatar and his wedded mate for eight months, and they had missed out a lot on many stuff. But since it had been months since they saw each other again, she knew they would have to take it slow this time. So she said, "There's the feast, you know. We're making a big feast for your return here...and for us to go to Republic City."

Aang smiled at this. "I don't see how a little feast can hurt. Besides..." His grin got a bit goofier as Aratak heard a familiar internal rumbling. "I'm getting a bit hungry anyways."

Katara nodded with her mate and blushed as her stomach growled too. "So am I. And we have to get some food for the baby for the night."

When she finished, Aratak reached her hand over and rested it on the WaterBender's stomach. "The baby feels healthy, all right. I can feel it...or him...you think it'll be a boy or a girl?"

"I'm hoping for a girl...and I want to name her after my mother," Katara told her. She looked over at her husband and asked, "So what do you think, Aang? Still hoping for a boy or a girl?"

"I think we're gonna have to wait until the baby arrives," Aang told her, kissing her cheek. "But if you're hoping for a girl, I'll love her all the same...and that also goes for if the baby doesn't become an AirBender. We'll love him or her nevertheless."

"That's good to hear," Aratak said. "Now come on. We'll be late getting the feast in shape."

So the three of them headed down to the village together and helped the others get the feast prepared. Aratak wished Tuqakaq was still around to help, but he had retired early due to having had a badly twisted ankle that couldn't be moved without Masambo's EarthBending. Even the wolves of the tribe were helping, carrying over pieces of meat to the table before heading pack to get more. But Balto, Aang and Katara's wolf and her wolf Brutus' son, was looking awkward, perhaps due to living a civilized life for eight months.

Aratak noticed Ataki, her six-month-pregnant sister, walk slowly towards the table with a bowl of assorted fruits in her hands. She was joined shortly by her mate Ziron, who gave her a peck on the cheek before breathing and shooting his hands out towards the candles. Only small sparks appeared, but it made Aratak smile: a certain someone must have taught him FireBending over the past eight months. Rolling her eyes at this, Ataki took a breath of her own and shot a few small jets of flame from her fingers towards the candles.

"Sorry about that, Ataki," Ziron said with a nervous giggle. Aratak knew that he was once a troubled teenager forced to live on the island, but they took him in and, thanks to them, Aang, and Katara, they grew to respect him.

"It's fine, love," Ataki giggled, kissing his cheek. "Just focus more on the life burning within you like I've done...and that's not the only life!" she added with a smile, laying her gentle hand on her stomach.

Aratak remembered in time that she was also going to be an aunt. She hoped she would be a good aunt, for she had been a good sister to her quadruplet baby brothers and sisters; the boys were named Lee and Moshi, and the girls were Aya and Ling. But then...she almost knew what it was like to be another mother, since her deceased mate Nanuk had died while pregnant with their first child.

But her growling stomach pulled her out of her thoughts. Tonight was a feast to celebrate the return of the Avatar and his mate to the island, and Aratak wasn't going to miss it. So, noticing one of her second-in-commands Masambo (a dark-skinned man) bringing in the freshly-killed fox antelope to cook, she went over to help him out. But she decided to spend some more time with Aang and Katara, so she asked her other second-in-command Baldomero (a bronze-skinned man) to assist in the cooking.

Perhaps Katara can teach me to cook the way she does, she thought, thinking back to what the WaterBender taught her. The tribe can all enjoy it.


Not really needing anyone to wake her up at whatever time, Aratak rose from her bed and gave a yawn, stretching a bit. The sun was shining through the paneless window, and a few peacock chickens were outside crowing, blue-&-green feathers glowing and fanned out. Aratak smiled at a certain memory, a memory when she saw Katara trying to warm up the eggs and help them hatch...by "laying" them. She gave her long black hair a shake (since it had grown longer over the past few months) and headed out.

The village was full of life as usual; hunters were getting ready to leave for a hunting trip, and children were running around and having fun. Even the wolves of the village were active; two of them were tugging on each ends of a stick, and the wolf puppies were wriggling around together. Aratak felt her heart beat in terror when she saw a poisonous rat viper slither towards the pups, but Balto, Aang and Katara's wolf and Brutus' son, pounced at the snake and grabbed it with his jaws, shaking it around until it was dead. She felt bad that she had to give away a valuable wolf like him, but he was much happier with his owners.

Near the banquet table, Aratak noticed Aang and Katara arrive out of their hut; the Avatar was leading his pregnant mate over to the table. She noticed how the WaterBender was moving lately, waddling around due to being so close to give birth soon. She smiled over towards them and walked to their table, where they looked up at her.

"Morning, you two," Aratak said, kissing them each on the lips. "Slept good?"

"Yep," Katara sighed, returning Aratak's kiss with a lick on the cheek; Aratak knew that this was one of the main ways to show affection in the tribe. "After that day of travelling, I felt like I could sleep for two days!"

Aang added playfully, "Well, guess what? We'll have to start travelling again today!"

Katara made a fake whine. "Oh, do we have to? But seriously, you're right," she added, seeing the reassuring smile on his face. "We have to get back to Yu Dao and introduce the bison and lemurs to the island you made."

Aratak did a double take as she sat down beside them, a cup of pineapple juice in her hand. Was Aang really that powerful enough to create an island on his own? She knew he was a powerful fully-realized Avatar, but creating an island would have taken a lot of strength.

Out loud, she asked, "You really made an island on your own? How?"

"I had some help," Aang replied with a modest look on his face. "Our friend Toph helped me make the island, though she did a few parts of it. And even though I'm the Avatar, I STILL think her EarthBending's more powerful than mine."

"I should imagine so," Aratak said. "Earth is your opposite element, right?"

Katara nodded. "Yep. You should've seen Aang when he tried to learn EarthBending for the first time. Toph was training him hard, though I told her to go easy on him...and it worked!"

Aang had a sheepish look now. "Actually, she drilled me pretty hard after you said that."

"She did?!" his mate yelped. "She and I will have a talk about that when we get back."

Seeing that she was irritated about their friend, Aratak said, "You might want to settle down now. Think of your baby."

At this, Katara looked around, her annoyed look fading away and softening. She rested a hand on her very round belly and sighed, "Sorry about that. But still, Toph should've listened when I told her to go easy-"

"But it's fine now," Aang quickly cut her off. "Thanks to her training, I've actually gotten better in EarthBending."

While they were talking, Ataki and Ziron had approached them and said their good-mornings to the three of them, Kumiko following them. This young woman was one of the first people Aang and Katara had ever met in the tribe due to the latter helping her give birth eight months ago. Aratak knew that Kumiko had been a shy person before and after she and Baldomero became mates, but apparently after meeting Aang and Katara, she got even braver.

"So are you ready?" Kumiko was asking the younger couple, holding her eight-month-old son Yori close to her chest.

"Yeah," Ziron said with a smile. "What do you think Dad will say about our baby?"

Kumiko shrugged. "I don't know. We only met him once when he came to the island eight months ago. But I think he'll be happy to see you again."

"She's right, Ziron," Ataki was saying. "He's on good terms with us now...but it's been months since we last saw him! I wonder how he's doing."

Ziron chuckled and drew her close to him gently. "Just as curious as ever, Ataki."

Aratak smile at this, happy for her little sister and her mate having a family together. Looking to the side, she saw Shun (the healer of the tribe and Kumiko's older sister) walk over with herbs in her arms and strike up a chat with the Avatar. Shun (whose real name was actually Shuna) was a gifted healer and quite a lovely woman, from her slender frame to her long black hair and warm brown eyes and even to her slim figure and medium-sized breasts. Besides Katara and Diao Chan (one of the fighters in the village), Shun was one of the most beautiful women in the tribe.

"Hey Shun," Aratak said, walking over to her. "Giving out free herbs?"

Shun smiled back. "Sure am. Besides...I've already been training an apprentice in case I go away or die, remember? So she can help the village with the temporary leader."

Aratak was surprised to hear this. "You mean Basha? Juma's daughter?"

"Yes," Shun replied. "And...I was wondering if I could come along with you, Aang, Katara, Ataki, and Ziron. I want to see how WaterBending in the world works."

"And besides, you'll have a temporary leader and healer in the tribe while you're with us," Aang added helpfully. "So what do you say?"

"I'm the chieftain of this tribe, and I say if she can join us," Aratak told him sternly. To Shun, her face softened as she said, "And Shun...you can come with us to the four nations."

Shun gave her a smile as she threw her into a hug. "Thank you, Aratak! I can't wait for our trip!"

Aratak nodded. "No problem. So should we get packing?"

"We can," Katara spoke up. "But first, we need to get prepared for the trip back to Republic City. And Aang, you know how I can get on the trip back."

"Well, you got us to talk to," Ziron spoke up cheerfully. "That way, you won't get bored on the bison trip back. You can tell us what you two have been up to, and we'll do the same."

Aang added, "And be sure to bring along some animal pelts. We'll get some clothes for you guys, but until then, you might wanna use those."

Aratak smiled at this, and she knew she would enjoy this trip with more than her lovers with her. Her own sister, her brother-in-law, and one of her childhood friends were coming with them to see Republic City for the first time. This was going to be the greatest adventure they had ever had since they would actually be leaving the island. A surge of excitement made the young hermaphrodite's heart race at the thought of seeing the outside world.

Ancestors watch over us. Our home may be the island, but I can't wait to see the city too.

To be continued...


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