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So...the Amaroo tribe have lived on the island for seven more months, and that means this chapter will explain them leaving it. Some people will want to stay behind, similar with some elders on Warrior Cats: Dawn. It'll be sad to see some people come and go, but it's part of life

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Epilogue: A New Home

Waking up in the light

Of a shining new day

Giving thanks to the moon

For guiding my way

There is no greater gift to the soul

Like each breath that my body can hold

Aratak had helped her Tribemates and Team Avatar with packing up camp seven months later, working hard in the bright yellow sun. Just as they had promised, Aang and Katara had returned to the tropical island along with Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and some other Air Acolytes. It was time for Aratak and her tribe to leave their old home (and those who still wanted to stay on the island) and come to their new one near Republic City. She did feel bad for going away from the place where they were born, but it was time to adapt...and it was finally their time to leave.

Along with them, they had brought along some bison to help pack up. Aratak knew that Appa alone wouldn't be able to lift the entire luggage all by himself, so this could be the reason why Aang brought along other bison. Plus, she had been helping pack up clothing, weapons, food for travel, and other stuff for the long trip to their new home. Both Aang and Katara had told her and Shun that it was on a mountainside outside of Republic City, and there was a beach cave not too far away to spend their winter.

Once she was done with looking over the horizon, she heard a weary grunt from behind her. Behind her, Shun had waddled up to her, seven months pregnant with twins and wearing dark green robes. She knew the babies in her weren't biologically hers since she had become pure female on their wedding day (which meant she now had a womanhood instead of a manhood), but she promised to love them like they were hers. With a grin, she walked up to her wife and gently kissed her on the cheek, earning her a giggle.

"How're you doing in packing up?" Shun asked. "It must be hard."

So great spirit

Hear my voice today

Aratak smirked. "Well, you got the easier stuff, you being pregnant and all. But that's fine." She rested a hand on her swollen belly and added, "As long as our kids and everyone else are okay, it'll be fine. Do you think we'll have two girls, two boys, or one of each?"

Shun looked up from her stomach and back up at her. "Honestly...I'm hoping for them to both be boys. I've always wondered what it would be like to care for male children."

"I wouldn't mind," Aratak said with a smile.

"I bet you would." Aang had looked over from steering Appa, the bison they were riding on right now. He went on with a grin on his face. "There's been plenty of male children born in the tribe lately. The camp might soon be swarmed with boys!"

Aratak gave him a mock offended look, and a giggle made them look around. Katara was cradling Kya in her arms, the seven-month-old baby no longer nursing from her breasts, as she went on, "Don't worry about that; Aang's just pulling your legs. I'm actually hoping that you have a boy and a girl each."

Shun smiled at this. "I thought Sokka was the one who had jokes like that?"

"I would," Sokka spoke up from the back of the saddle. "Back then, I was pretty sexist as Katara told me. But I got the stuffing beaten out of me by Suki, and I'm not against women anymore. I even got into some easier kinda set me back."

"Like sewing?" Aratak snickered, watching the Water Tribe warrior do so.

Sokka looked up with a stubborn look. "What? A warrior's gotta do other stuff besides defend his home...and I'd defend our home everyday. It's what we do."

"Anyways, maybe we can get two girls, right?" Aratak spoke up. "I'm just worried about the decline of girls being born. Why is that so?"

"Maybe it's temporary," Katara reassured her as Kya began reaching for the necklace around her neck. "I'm sure it'll all go back to normal soon."

I hope so, Aratak thought.

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sunray

"Look up ahead!" Masambo suddenly spoke up, distracting them from their talking. "There are the mountains over the city!"

They all looked over the saddle and saw that he was right. The snow-capped mountains were looming in the distance while the sun rose higher in the distance. Once they flew over the city, the bison flew over the grasslands, which were now covered in fresh green grass and flowers of many colors. It was the height of summer already, and everything in nature looked like it was celebrating the warmth.

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day

"So this is it? Our new territory?" Shun rasped, looking over the scenery. "It all looks so amazing!"

"Yep," Aang said. "Katara, Sokka, Toph, and I spent a few months trying to find the right place for you. The camp will be somewhere in the mountains, and soon enough, you'll feel right at home." He finished this with a big grin on his face.

"I can't wait until we actually see it," Aratak confessed, hoping that their new home was like the old one. "Can you make Appa go faster?"

Aang nodded and took control of the reins again, calling "Yip yip, Appa!"

With a deep roar, the large flying bison steered around in the clouds and headed down towards the ground. As if wanting to follow him, the other bison behind him did the same thing, and some of the tribe had to keep their stuff from falling out of the saddles. The ground was getting so near that Aratak could feel as if her feet were already on it, and she couldn't wait until they saw their new home.


Life is simple and clear

When you make the right choices

It's true that you're here

When you find your own voice

Oh, my brothers and sisters believe

You are just what you are meant to be

Wow...look at all this, Aratak thought as she wrapped her arms around Shun's shoulders. The camp on the side of the mountain looked just like the one back on the island, except there was no stream in the middle of it. However, there was a small pond near the back of the camp, which was in a ravine in the mountainside, the walls rising over their heads and protected by bramble bushes.

The huts themselves were almost like the ones back in the old camp. Some were made of hardened mud, while others were made out of pine needles and oak leaves. Plus, Aratak's hut and the elders' hut were the only huts made out of stone, and the nursery for pregnant or nursing mothers was actually built into the side of the ravine walls. As for the wolves' den, it was made of Bended bricks, and several pathes led to the outside area. One was the entrance to the camp itself, and another was where they would go relieve themselves.

This is all ours... Aratak thought, looking around in awe. Aang, Katara, and their friends made tall of this for us...I wish there was a way to thank them for all of this!

Oh great spirit

Hear my voice today

"Well?" Katara asked as she offered Kya to Aang. "What do you think?"

"It's amazing!" Basha, Masambo's niece, spoke up in awe. "It's like the old camp!"

"We knew you'd like it," Aang said while cradling Kya in his arms. "Besides, Sokka's handing out some parkas and other clothes for you all to wear. But if you still want to be nudists, then it's fine..."

Aratak blushed, but she said, "Actually...I'm lifting the nudist law. Some can be naked if they want, but I'd really like to try the clothes."

To her relief, Baldomero said, "Fine by me. We'll miss being nudists...but we gotta adapt to survive in this new place."

Kumiko sidled up next to him, Yori now toddling over and trying to walk fully for the first time. "Spoken like a true tribesman, my love."

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sunray

Aratak was happy to see some people in the tribe inspect the new camp with easing acceptance. Even the wolves were starting to make themselves at home; Balto was not the true alpha yet, but he had already become the beta male after Sango. It looked like things were going to be all right once everyone got fully settled in.

But there was more stuff to do, by the way. First, they had to go hunting for game animals and forage for any fruits or berries out in this new wilderness. So first things first: her tribe would come first.

"Everyone listen up," she called, bringing the clamor to a halt. "We thank Aang and Katara and their friends for bringing us here, and I wish there was a way to pay them back. But now that we're here, we have to get to work. Hunters and fruit gatherers can go out and try to find whatever we can eat. Anyone else staying here can help fix up the camp. Start bringing in stuff from the bison saddles."

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day

Many of them nodded, and some gave some cheers before they all set off to work right away. Aratak hoped the tribe could survive out here well and adapt, for if they couldn't adapt, then they would die. But whatever dangers they could face, they would be sure to meet it head-on like an Toph would say. Just as it happened before on the island...


However, Sokka and Toph had to go back to work at the council and the police force, so they left before the work on the camp began. As for the camp itself, it was getting a bit like the old one, all right. But as for Aratak and Shun...Aang and Katara had decided to show them their winter home, a small island off the coast. Masambo and Baldomero were left in charge of the new camp while they were away, and Aratak would miss Tukalaq helping them out, for he had opted for staying on the old island with a few others.

The four of them had gotten onto Appa (they were going to leave some bison around here due to being somewhere near the Northern Air Temple), and off they went. Below them, the waves of the ocean crashed against the beaches and rocks that were the borders between land and sea. They soon found the island, an island with several pine trees and a very tall oak tree in the middle, and landed on its shores.

" wanna go for a swim?" Aang asked with a sly smile on his face while they all got off. "...nudist style?"

We can...but it'll feel weird with nothing much between my legs, Aratak thought. She still felt weird about having a vagina instead of a penis...but at least she felt normal now.

"The rest of the world calls it skinny-dipping," Shun said with a grunt as Aratak helped her get off of Appa. "But I'd love to feel the water against my skin."

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sunray

Love is no secret

Look all around you

So Aang and Katara took turns holding Kya before finally stripping down, and Aratak and Shun did the same with ease. The older couple still looked the same as ever, though Katara had lost some of the postnatal fat and some stretch marks. As for Shun, Aratak took in her naked beauty...from her belly huge with their twins to her breasts (which had doubled in size during the seven months of pregnancy so far), to her slender legs and arms, and finally to her sleek raven-black hair and warm brown eyes. This made her recall their time together back on Air Temple Island, and she felt lighter than air when being around her wife and former lovers.

"You look amazing, Shun," Katara spoke up as Aang gave Kya to her. "You look so big!"

"Thanks," Shun replied with reddened cheeks. "These twins are kicking me nearly everyday!"

"I'm glad they're healthy," Aratak remarked, laying a hand on her wife's huge baby bump. She felt the skin stretch a bit as one of the babies kicked and asked, "Aang, can you sense what genders the babies are?"

To her disappointment, Aang said, "No. I don't think I have that kind of power...besides the elements and the Avatar State, by the way. So...who's up for some swimming?!" he crowed, racing to the water on his air scooter.

Katara called cheekily after him, "No fair, Aang! Two of us are pregnant and holding your baby!" But he was already at the water, so she rolled her eyes and said, "It's like I have two kids now. Come on!"

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sunray

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day

So they all headed down to the water, where Katara passed Kya to Aratak before leaping into the water after Aang. Due to having a baby in her arms and Shun being heavily pregnant, Aratak opted for staying in the shallow part of the water. As they watched the Avatar and his wife frolick in the deeper part of the water, she was reminded of how she spent time with Nanuk, Kaya, and Ataki...and especially if Hotaru was there and if she knew him. But he, Nanuk, and their ancestors would be watching over them in spirit.

Peace has come at last, Aratak thought as she and Shun swam together, the latter floating easily in the water. And I'll spend the rest of my days with my loved ones and the tribe...until we all pass on too. Until then, I just want all us to live each moment as if it was our only one left.

And this winter...we'll be ready for our next island adventure.

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day!

The End


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