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Usually the weather is pretty fair during the summer. But not this time. No, this year, while the young residents had returned to their families, the sky was as dark as night. Thunder boomed outside as the sky lit with lightning, making the lights of the X-mansion flicker. Orroro looked up, taking a small sip of water as she sighed softly. "Doesn't the sky look beautiful?" she asked, enjoying the weather no matter the appearance as she sat in the kitchen.

Scott frowned as he followed her gaze. "It's four o'clock in the afternoon, Storm, and it looks like it's almost midnight. Can't you lighten this up at all?"

Orroro looked back at her dear friend and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, Scott. I can't. The news called for thunderstorms all weak." She said, chuckling as he returned to his coffee.

"You'd think there's a hurricane out there with-" Scott's depressing comments were ended by the familiar sound of two southerners bantering as they made their way closer to the kitchen.

"Come on, chere. Let's go on a date. We can even take de car." Orroro couldn't help but laugh when she heard Remy's proposal, shaking her head. If she knew Rogue, which she did, there was no way the Southern Belle would step outside in this weather.

"Are ya crazy, Swamp Rat?!" they heard Rogue say, earning a grin from Scott. "It's pourin' out there! Ya wanna get drenched? Ah'll wave at the door as ya drive off." She said, her Mississippi accent thick as the two entered. Rogue's hips swayed as she walked ahead of the Cajun, making her way to the fridge where she grabbed herself some leftover food from the lunch she hadn't finished.

Remy pouted as he leaned against the island in the center of the kitchen. "But chere-"

Rogue turned to Scott and Orroro as she placed a hand on her hip. "Guys, would either of y'all want to go outsahde in a storm like this? Much less on a date?" she asked, earning a shake of the head from Scott and a 'no' from the Weather Goddess. "There ya have it, Cajun. Ain't happening."

Remy only pouted more as his red and black eyes glowed with amusement. Even when she was irritated, she was beautiful to him. "Chere, it'd be fun."

"What would be fun, Gumbo?" a gruff voice said as the owner walked in, beer in hand as he sent a glare at Remy. Usually anything fun for Remy meant Logan wanting to shishkabob his Cajun butt.

"Remy wants t' take his chere on a date, mas she don't want t' cause o' de weat'er." He said, looking at his friend he often referred to as "Wolvie". "Please tell her dat it would be fun?"

Logan raised an eyebrow at Remy before looking at Rogue and shaking his head. "If the kid doesn't want to, she doesn't have to." He told Remy before looking at Rogue. "But do remember that you chose to date him so you're gonna have to find a way to deal with his…antics." Logan added before jerking a thumb at Remy who only grinned like a Cheshire cat. "And in my opinion, you're crazy if you want to go out in this weather anyway."

The grin on Remy's face dropped when he heard his final comment before hanging his head in defeat. "Fine, fine. Remy can see when people team up against dis poor Cajun." He said as Rogue and Orroro rolled their eyes.

"Yes, Remy, because the whole world is against you." Orroro said, looking at her old friend as he smiled.

"Yes, it is, Stormy. Glad to see you agree." He said before a knock came from the front door. Turning their heads, they looked in the general direction as Scott and Orroro stood.

"Now who would be out here in this weather?" Scott asked, not moving to answer the door.

"Ah don' know, but we should probably think about helpin' them, sugah." Rogue said, walking to the door as the others stayed behind, returning to their conversation about Remy's idea of a good date.

Walking to the door, Rogue tucked her white strands of hair behind her ear before pulling the door open. "Hello?" she asked, seeing someone standing there in the shadows. From what she could make out, they wore black jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt with a pair of combat boots and fingerless gloves. Their sunglasses hid their eyes as the person stumbled forward.

"I…L-looking for…Ga-Gambit…" they whispered, revealing they were female before she fell forward. Rogue quickly caught her, her gloved hands catching her arms before she set her on the ground. Silver hair cascaded around the pale girls form as Rogue looked up.

"Logan! Remy! All o' y'all get in here!" she called before looking down at the girl. She reached for the girl's wrist, checking for her pulse through her thin gloves as the others entered.

"Who was there, chere?" Remy asked before they saw the girl lying on the ground. Logan, Scott, and Orroro ran forward and kneeled around the girl as Remy stood still, his eyes widening at the sight of the girl.

Rogue felt a faint pulse as Orroro moved to pull off the sunglasses, the girl's eyes remaining closed before Rogue jerked her hand back. "What is it, kid?" Logan asked, noticing the movement as he looked at Rogue.

Her emerald eyes remaining on the girl, she looked at her in bewilderment before looking up at Logan. "She…she shocked me." The others looked down at the girl, wondering just who had arrived at their mansion…and just what kind of trouble she could possibly be in.


Yeah, so haven't written an X-men fanfic in a while and this idea just…popped into my head. Weird, right? Haha. Well, this girl is actually in my Avatar: The Last Airbender story if y'all have read it and recognize the silver hair. But I thought that she would be good for this story. I hope you enjoy it because this will be a huge focus on Remy's past. There will be some ROMY, but it's not the priority. And if any of you have any requests for pairings in this, please tell me. Whether it be a cannon with a cannon or this OC with a cannon.