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It had been two weeks since the mystery girl had shown up and she was still locked away in the med bay, monitored 24/7. Classes were starting again and it seemed everything was back to normal. But the girl had no idea that her appearance had created an uproar in a sense. The students wanted to know about her, where she was from, why she was there, and why she was unconscious. So until she awoke, they were enjoying creating their own stories. "Maybe she works for Magneto and was sent here to spy on Professor X!" Jubilee, the school gossip, said from her seat in the living room.

Kitty Pryde, also known as Shadowcat, rolled her eyes. "I doubt that, Jubes. One time I, like, visited Hank to take him some medication he was running low on and saw her. She looks, like, too innocent to work for Magneto."

"What does she look like? I hear she's covered in scars and is completely ugly!" Jamie said, looking up from his Gameboy.

"Now where did you hear a thing like that?" Jubilee demanded. And why haven't I heard it yet, she thought.

Jamie shrugged. "Bobby and Kurt have been guessing what she looks like. None of the students have really seen her."

"Seen who?" The three looked up to see Remy standing in the doorway, trench coat and all before sharing a look. All the students had caught on that when Remy was around; the mystery girl was to be an unspoken topic.

"No one." Kitty said with a shrug, looking down at her iPhone as the Cajun rolled his eyes.

"Petite, y' be a terrible liar." He said, patting her head.

"Well-" Kitty started, but was cut off by Jubilee.

"What's with you and the new girl, Gambit? Is she an old flame? Is that why you don't like talking about her? Or is she someone that crossed you a long time ago? Why do you hate her being a topic that's brought up around here? I mean, come on, you have got to know we're dying of curiousity!" Jubilee rambled on and on about her questions and assumptions while Remy watched her, his trademark smirk on his lips.

"Jubilee, y' be a curious fille. Mon past is mon past. De chere down stairs is a part of it. Let's just leave it at that, hm?" he asked, pulling out a deck of cards and shuffling them till they became a blur between his fingertips. Kitty and Jamie watched him, knowing that he meant that as a clue for Jubilee to shut up. But she didn't exactly listen.

"Is she a threat to Rogue?"

Dead silence.

That's all there was and once the questions left Jubilee's lips she knew she made a mistake. His eyes seemed to glow a dark red, filled with anger at the fact that question could ever even be thought of as a possibility. "Petite, learn when y' cross a line." He said, his voice low before he got up and left the room. Jubilee's face was a bright red as she bit her lip and looked at the ground.

"Nice move." Jamie said, returning to his Gameboy before earning two pillows being thrown at him. "Hey!"

Remy ignored Jamie's shout as he walked down the hall, hands shoved in his jeans and his auburn hair falling in his eyes, making them look even more demonic. He sighed softly, ignoring the students who waved and said "hi" as he thought about her. That damn woman that came back into his life. How could she? She was supposed to be dead!


"Gambit, go! They don't want you! You did your job!" A pair of pale hands handed a young girl to him as he looked up, seeing green and gold eyes stare at him with tears threatening to fall.

"Non, Gambit ain' leavin' y'."

"Gambit, go!" she shouted, pushing him before holding up a hand towards the ceiling of the sewers. Electricity crackled in her fingertips before bolts of light hit the ceiling, caving in between the two.

"Non!" Remy shouted, setting the little girl down and banging on the stone. He held his fingertips there, ready to charge the concrete before he heard a heart shattering scream. Closing his eyes and looking down, he released the charge before picking up the little girl and running. His friend was dead. And all he could do was run.

-End Flashback-

Storming down to the med bay, he entered the infirmary with a small 'hiss' of the doors. His metal boots were silent on the tile as he walked inside, shuddering slightly. He always had hated hospitals.

"Remy? What are you doing here?" Hank asked, looking at him in confusion. Remy turned to him and gave him a cocky smile.

"I only got a glimpse of our friend for a few seconds the night of her arrival. I thought I would check on her to see how she's doing."

Hank watched him for a moment before nodding. "Alright, just be careful. Might want to take your boots off. Anything metal has a chance of being electrocuted if close enough to her." He said before walking into his office. Remy thought about it before a moment before shrugging. The Cajun had never had a problem with her powers before and doubted he would have one now.

Entering her room, Remy walked to the table in the middle and looked down at her. "Why'd y' come 'ere, chere? What's after y'?" he whispered, taking some of her silver hair in between his fingers. Against the light, some of the strands appeared gold and he smiled slightly. She always hated how her appearance showed hints of her powers. She shifted in her sleep, turning her face towards him and he frowned when he noticed what looked to be scars. Tucking her hair back, his frown deepened when he noticed the scars lacing each other down her cheek, neck, and collarbone before disappearing under the hospital gown.

"Pretty gruesome, huh?" Remy looked up to see a pair of eyes so similar to his. Green and gold irises on black sclera watched him intently. Her soft voice escaped her pink lips as she whispered, "Hey there, Gambit."