Summary: When Perry learns that Phineas and Ferb's invention is dangerous, he attempts stop them from using it.

Perry Does the Busting

Phineas is sitting in bed, staring at the alarm clock. It beeps, and he turns it off and stretches. He looks over at his step-brother, Ferb, and his pet platypus, Perry, stretching in the bed on the other side of the bedroom.

"Good morning, you two," Phineas says.

Ferb nods, and Perry chatters, in response.

Phineas climbs out of his bed - a rolled up, blue paper in his hand - walks over, and sits down in Ferb's bed. He unrolls the paper, reveling a blueprint for a sling-shot.

He grins at his brother. "So, Ferb, are you ready for what we planned to do, today?" Ferb gives him a thumbs up. "Awesome!" The boys jump out of bed and run to the door. "Let's get started right after breakfast!"

Phineas and Ferb are in the backyard, in a construction montage. Perry watches, proud of how advanced his boys are, for their age.

After a while, Phineas and Ferb take a step back to admire their work. In front of them, stands an enormous sling-shot.

Perry chatters, and Phineas glances at him, then looks at his step-brother. "Do you think he's asking if we're a little young to be building a giant sling-shot, which we'll use to shoot ourselves into the ocean, hopefully creating the world's biggest splash?"

"If that's the case," Ferb responds, looking down at Perry, "then the answer is yes. Yes, we are."

Phineas says, "On that note, we'd better go change into our swim trunks." With that, they run into the house.

When he's sure no one is around, Perry gets up on two feet and walks over to the blueprint laying out on a small desk, nearby. Smiling, he looks up at the sling-shot. Then, he looks over the blueprint, and his smile instantly becomes a concerned frown.

"Wait a minute," He says aloud. "With that angle of trajectory," he puts his finger in his mouth, then takes it out and holds it up, "and with the wind's current direction and velocity," he pulls out his fedora and takes a map out of it, "they'll land right in-" He traces an area on the map with his finger and gasps. "THE SCISSORS FACTORY!?"

Perry freezes when he hears Phineas's voice. "Did you hear that, Ferb?"

The step-brothers walk outside, still in their clothes, and look around. All they see, is their giant sling-shot and Perry, now in mindless-pet-mode.

"I could have sworn I heard an Australian man, out here," Ferb comments.

"Wow, a whole two lines?" Phineas says to Ferb. "Someone's chatty, today."

They go back inside, and Perry goes back to examining the blueprint. "Don't panic, Perry," he tells himself. "All you need to do, is change the blueprint- Wait, Phineas and Ferb are gonna notice if the blueprint is different. I can't have them getting suspicious... Well, I'm sure that Candace will try and bust them for this. She drag Linda out here, and this sling-shot will be gone, daddy, gone. Oh, yeah. Candace is on a date with Jeremy, right now."

Candace and Jeremy are sitting in a restaurant, looking at the menu.

Candace suddenly looks up and says, "My busting-sense is tingling. But I'm gonna try and ignore it."

Perry gulps. "W-well, surely Doofenshirtz's inator will- Wait, Doof took the day off, so he could over-protect his daughter."

Doofenshmirtz is hiding behind some bushes, speaking to a plush platypus in a paper fedora. The toy is wrapped in vines. "So, Perry the Stuffed Platypus," he whispers, "I bet you're wondering- Actually, you're not a real platypus, so... I'm spying my daughter, Vanessa, and her new boyfriend. Can you believe she's dating Major Monogram's son? Anyway," he gestures to an elaborate device behind him, "behold! The break-up-inator! I'm going to use it to get Vanessa out of this relationship. And there is a back story, here! You see, when I was Vanessa's age..."

Perry is holding his head in frustration. "Come on! There's gotta be something-" He has an idea. "That's it! I'll call Linda, pretending to be Candace!" He runs inside. "Lucky for me, I'm a gifted mimic."

He runs into the kitchen, looks around and makes sure he's alone, jumps on to a chair, picks up the phone, and dials it.

Linda says over the phone, "Hello?"

Perry speaks, his voice sounding exactly like Candace's. "Lind- Mom! Mom! Mom! Phineas and Ferb built a giant sling-shot in the backyard! Their gonna use it to propel themselves into the ocean! But with their angle of trajectory, along with the direction and velocity of the wind, they'll end up projecting themselves into the Scissors Factory!"

"Candace," Linda interrupts, "I have absolutely no idea what half of those words mean."

Perry continues talking like Candace. "Forget about my voluminous vocabulary! You've gotta save- I mean, you've gotta bust the boys!"

"Well, I'm almost done at the grocery store. I'll be there soon."

"Hurry!" He hangs up. His voice returns to normal. "Now, all I've gotta do, is keep the boys from using that thing- Here they come!" Perry returns to mindless pet-mode.

Phineas and Ferb, now in their swim trunks, run to the back door. Phineas is saying, "This is gonna be awesome!" Perry chatters, and the boys stop and look at him. Phineas is smiling. "You're still here, Perry? That's a first. Usually, you disappear, by now."

I've gotta stall them, Perry thinks. He jumps on to the floor and picks up his food bowl with his mouth.

Phineas stares for a moment, then says to Ferb, "Perry must be hungry." He opens a drawer and pulls out a can of platypus food. He opens it, then he pours it into Perry's bowl. "There you go, boy." He and Ferb walk outside. "Now, let's make that splash!"

Fearful for the boys, Perry rushes outside. The boys are getting in the slingshot's pocket. Ferb opens up a panel on the pocket and presses some buttons. The pocket begins to vibrate. A countdown from ten is shown on the panel's screen.

Perry sighs. "I know what I've gotta do." He looks at the audience. "But I'll probably regret it." He lays on side and starts twitching and making chatters and chirps that sound like he's in pain.

Phineas looks over and gasps. "Perry! Ferb, stop the countdown! Something's wrong with Perry!"

Ferb presses a button, and pocket stills. The boys jump out of it and race to their pet's side. Phineas looks at his step-brother. "I'll call Mom. You find a blanket, so we can make Perry more comfortable." They run inside.

Perry stands up. "Let's see... It would take a grown human approximately seventy-two hours to create something like this, so if I work really really fast, it should only take me a minute, or so." He looks at the audience. "Is it weird that I talk to myself this much? Aw, who cares? This is a fanfiction, written by some girl with an active imagination."

A girl is shown, typing on a computer and cackling like Candace.

Phineas and Ferb run back outside. Ferb is carrying a blanket. The boys look around, but their platypus is gone.

Phineas says, "Hey, where's Perry?" He smiles. "Well, if he can disappear, then he must be feeling better."

Perry is behind the tree, holding a video game-like controller. He starts cackling like Candace, then slaps his hand over his mouth. He removes it. "Okay... That was weird..." He looks down at the controller and presses a button on it. He hears rockets start up and peers behind the tree. He does a double take when he sees the boys in the pocket.

Phineas is looking at the bottom of the slingshot. "Hey, Ferb, is it supposed to be smoking on the bottom."

"Well, as long as I can control where it goes-" Perry accidentally snaps off the control stick. "Uh-oh."

The slingshot blasts off into the sky. Perry dawns his fedora and jet-pack and flies off after them.

Linda walks into the backyard. "As expected, there's nothing dangerous out here. But didn't Phineas say that Perry was sick?" She notices the blueprint and picks it up. "Is this what Candace was talking about? Wow, this looks like a professional blueprint. I'm perfectly fine with the boys making blueprints, but if they'd ever managed to build something this big and dangerous, they'd be so busted, for it."

The slingshot is airborne, and Phineas says, "Hm... I don't remember this being in the design."

Perry is flying after it.

Phineas looks down. "Ferb, I-I think we're slipping."

They fall out of the pocket. Perry flies down after them, not caring if they see him in secret agent-mode.

"Hey, Ferb," Phineas says as he and Ferb fall, "is Perry wearing a hat and a jetpack, or am I just hallucinating from fear?"

"It's probably a hallucination," Ferb answers.

"Yeah... Let's just keep screaming."

The boys fall through the roof of a building. Perry looks down in horror. "Oh no! What have I done!?"

He flies down into the building, fearing the worst. His eyes widen at the sight before him. Phineas and Ferb are sitting in a pile of pillows. Workers are gathered around them.

One of the workers asks, "Aren't you boys a little young to be falling through the roof of the Pillows and Other Comfortable Things Factory?"

"Yes," Phineas answers. "Yes, we are."

"The Pillows and Other Comfortable Things Factory?" Perry says in disbelief. "But, but, but, but-" He returns to mindless pet-mode.

Phineas sees him and says, "Oh, there you are, Perry." Phineas looks at Ferb. "Good thing we didn't land in that Scissors Factory next door. Now, that would have gotten messy."

Perry just stares at them as they leave. "Well, at least the boys are safe. I wonder where that slingshot will end up."

Doofenshmirtz is whispering to the trapped plush platypus. "And now, I will activate my inator-" A giant slingshot lands on top of the inator, crushing it. Doof shakes his fist angrily at the sky and shouts, "Curse you, Perry the Platypus, even though I know you weren't here, but I'm sure this is your fault somehow!"

Vanessa walks up behind him. "Dad?"

Doof turns around and looks sheepishly at her. "Oh, hello, Vanessa... Whatcha doin'?"

The End