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Title:  Sesshoumaru

Rating:  PG-13 for language, and also, just in case

Summary:  What if Sesshoumaru was the one that met Kagome on the other side of the well?  Basic, same beginning, different plot.  (I'm very unclear as to what this story is going to be about…)

Pairing:  Sess/Kag, Inu/Kag (Sess/Kag is the main one)

Disclaimer:  I DO NOT own any Inuyasha characters.  (I wish Fluffy was mine, though.)


Chapter One

"I'm leaving now!" Kagome shouted over her shoulder to the family.

Her long, raven-black hair bounced on her shoulders as she jogged down the short flight of steps from the shrine at which she took residence.  As she neared the small shrine hosting the Bone-Eater's Well, she saw her younger brother, Sota, standing nervously in the doorway, peering down the steps to the ancient, unused well.  She stopped next to him.

"Hey Sota, what's wrong?" she asked cheerfully, glancing down at where he was looking.

"Buyo went down there," Sota answered shakily, pointing a finger in the direction their fat cat had gone.

"Why don't you go get him, then?" Kagome inquired, eyes half-closed.

"Are you kidding?!" Sota exclaimed, holding his head in his hands, "It's creepy down there!"

"Come on, Sota," Kagome said tauntingly, walking down the steps, "You're a boy."

"I'm a little boy!" he retorted indignantly.

"You are not," Kagome said, looking around for Buyo.

"AIIIYYYY!!!" she screamed, causing Sota to jump at least ten feet in the air.

"What is it, Kagome?!" Sota screamed, looking around frantically.

"It's Buyo," Kagome said calmly, picking up the cat curled around her legs.

"Don't do that!" Sota scolded, taking the cat hastily from her older sister.

"You worry too much."

A blue light emanated from the well behind Kagome, casting a misty light on the walls of the small shrine.  Sota watched mutely, mouthing words as he watched as the upper body of a six-armed woman rise from out of the well.  Kagome, seeing his brother's obvious state of fright, turned around to see the 'big, scary monster', not expecting to actually find one towering above her.  She only had time to gasp as she was pulled down into the surreal surroundings of the old well.  The last thing she heard before falling into the dark blue dimension was her brother's panicked muffled call to her.

For a few moments, she floated in shock as she stared at the dream-like walls of the well.  They seemed to glow with their own wisdom and unchanging time.  Hands, six of them, moved along her arms and turned her towards their body.  Kagome gasped as she saw the upper body of a woman, with blank eyes staring at her.

"You have it, yes?" it hissed, pulling Kagome farther and farther into the well's depths.

The thing now held Kagome upside-down and brought her closer.

"I can feel it," the thing purred.

The lower part of her body was that of a centipede, Kagome now noticed.  She shrieked in horror and pushed the creature's face away from her own, the impact causing the thing to lose an arm.  How did I do that?  There was no time to answer the question as Kagome seemed to fall through a tear in the bottom of the well.

She landed with a soft 'thunk' on the dirt ground.  Looking around, she saw dark green vines snaking up the side of the well.  She stood, dusting herself off.

"Sota!" she called up the well, surprised to see the dark blue of the starry sky.

No answer came to her, so she grumpily climbed up the thick vines.  When she finally reached the surface world, she pulled herself up on the rim of the well to sit and observe her surroundings.  It was totally different from Tokyo, where she lived.  Oh my god…  The well sat in the center of a clearing with several paths leading away from it.  To her left, though, was a natural path, like a lane of grass.  Trees bordered the grass lane on either side, creating a dream-like effect.  She felt attracted toward it.  Pushing herself off the rim of the well, she walked down the lane.  Glancing towards the heavens, she was amazed by the clarity of the night sky.  Millions of stars sparkled above her head, winking at her with their bright, shining, blue light.  Set in the center of the stars, the crescent moon glowed brilliantly, lighting the world in a mist of moonbeams.  Looking ahead again, she found that she had arrived at a clearing, boasting a gentle, thundering waterfall pounding into a clear pond.  Her breath caught at the beauty of it all, catching sight of the many lush plants that straddled the pond.  She stepped forward, caught off guard by movement just to the right of her line of vision.  Turning her head slightly, she found someone watching her intently.  Gasping, she realized she was looking at a man, waist-high in water.  He's absolutely gorgeous…  Sharp, golden eyes stared back at her, blank and monotonous.  Dark lashes lined the beautiful eyes, contrasting with the person's pale skin.  She could feel a prickling sensation at the back of her neck, telling her to be alert, although she really didn't know what it meant.  The only thing unusual about this man was his long hair, silvery like the moon, cascading down his back.  Now that she was observing him, she realized he had no clothes on.  Still, she gazed on, something telling her to be on her guard.  She didn't know what to do…run…stand her ground?  Not wanting to be caught off guard, she watched him closely.  On his face, two red stripes grazed each cheek, and a dark, midnight blue crescent moon adorned his forehead.  What should I do?

Sesshoumaru watched the curious-looking girl observe him, smirking as she gasped several times at his appearance.  What is a girl doing wearing such clothing?  His curiosity got the better of him, and he looked her over.  She had long, flowing jet-black hair that fell halfway down her back.  Dark lashes accented alert and gently blue-gray eyes.  She didn't smell all that bad, either, as humans usually did.  They probably stood a hundred feet apart, so he could reach her more than easily.  Right now, she seemed to pose no threat.  Glancing once more at her, he noticed how she bore resemblance to Kikyou, his brother's wench.  He turned around and rose out of the pond.  He had come to see his brother about certain matters, but it could wait.  His hair, tumbling halfway down his thigh, covered most of his backside, but nonetheless, the girl watching him gasped, and Sesshoumaru could sense her turn away from him.  Never turn away from an enemy.  Deftly, he slipped on his clothes and armor and turned to the girl.

Moving with amazing speed, he pinned the girl by her wrists to a tree.  She gasped at their close proximity.  Kagome's senses were flaring, telling her to run, to pry him off, to do something, but she was frozen, physically and mentally.  She tried her best to remain as calm and cool as possible, but she felt it quite impossible with the tall man towering over her and pinning her to a tree.

"What do you want?" she demanded softly, glaring at the sharp, alert, golden eyes.

"I could ask the same of you," the man answered, his voice smooth and calm.

"Where am I?" Kagome asked, firmly.  Her eyes flashed with defiance.

"You're right here," the man replied, eyes dancing in amusement.  "You should not so openly defy a youkai."

"Y-youkai?" she stammered, eyes going wide in fear.  "Those are only legends."

"Is this a word of myth?" he asked, brandishing his claws and smiling, baring his sharp fangs.

Kagome gasped.  Oh…my…god…

Sesshoumaru pressed a claw to her cheek, to emphasize his point.  A thin stream of blood began to trickle down her face, and he licked it off, smirking as she stood stock-still.  He pulled back, examining her reaction.  She was still completely still, like if she moved she would be cut to a billion tiny pieces.  Kagome looked past his shoulder to a dark shadow working its way towards them.  Seeing her gaze past him, Sesshoumaru sharpened his senses, reprimanding himself for not being alert enough to notice it.  He turned too late, but soon enough to block the attack from reaching the human, whoever she was.  Kagome gasped, seeing a sword protruding from the man's stomach.  Turning to the source of the sword, she was surprised to find a man, much like the one whom was now wounded.  His eyes were also gold, with long, silvery hair.  However, this man had dog-like ears perched on top of his head and a more childish look in his eyes.

"You shouldn't molest the village girls," the man said, his voice taunting as he looked at the wounded figure.  Turning to Kagome, his eyes softened.  "Are you alright?  Did he hurt you?"

"No, he didn't," she answered curtly, not wanting to rouse anyone's anger.

Though she had feared for her life, she had not wanted to see anyone hurt.  It went against her morals.  No matter what, nothing deserved death so easily.  The beautiful man sat against a tree, breathing laboriously.  He had pulled the sword out but was now bleeding profusely.  Kagome glared daggers at the one who had wounded the youkai.  Squinting at him, she noticed his claws, much like those of the former youkai.

"What are you?" she asked tauntingly, "half youkai?"

The accused glared back, seemingly hurt by the harsh words.  "Yes, in fact I am."

"Oh," Kagome said a bit sadly, "sorry."

"Aren't you the most honorable fighter?" the wounded youkai asked, throwing the sword aside as if it had burned him.

The sword was rather large, in the shape of a fang.  Once the man had thrown it aside, it seemed to transform into an old, rusted katana.  Blood spewed from his wound, causing Kagome to wince away from the sight.  She felt sorry for the man.  After all, he had done absolutely nothing wrong…

"What did you do to him?!" Kagome accused the hanyou.

"Me?!" he asked incredulously.  "He was molesting you!"

"He was not!" she exclaimed, bending down to the wounded figure.

She couldn't stand to see anyone hurt.  It gave her a longing to help them, to help everyone.  Maybe it was her gentle nature, maybe it was just her kindness, whatever it was, she needed to help.  She pushed her fear aside, trying her best to look composed.

"Are you alright?" she asked gently.

"And what do you care, human?" he retorted.

"I care about everyone," she stated plainly, her blue-gray eyes boring into his golden ones.

His mouth opened in surprise, and his mask of indifference made way for an expression of surprise.  He looked to his half-brother, he whom had wounded him.  "She sounds much like your wench," he said indifferently.

"Kikyou is NOT my wench!" Inuyasha snapped, picking up the fallen, rusted katana, making it turn once again into a fang.

"Don't touch him!" Kagome shouted, standing over him.  "He didn't do anything!"

"You know nothing of me, girl," the man spat weakly.

"I don't have to know anything to know what is right," she retorted, still standing over him, arms crossed.

"Youkai never do anything that is just," he said.

"People can change," Kagome said, staring unyielding at the hanyou.

"Not Sesshoumaru," the hanyou assured, growling slightly.

"And what about you?" Kagome said, lifting her chin slightly, "You are just as bad as him."

Both the male youkai gaped at her boldness.  "You do not know what Sesshoumaru has done," Inuyasha said decisively, brandishing the fang.

"Stand down, girl," Sesshoumaru admonished.  "Inuyasha does not waste time."

"Whatever," Kagome answered nonchalantly, unmoving.

Inuyasha, knowing what his brother would do, raised the Tetsusaiga above his head.  Sesshoumaru grabbed Kagome's wrist and flung her to the side, barely able to hold off the inevitable blow.  Tightly, he held either side of the blade, trying to throw it off.  Inuyasha did not relent, forcing all his strength downwards, onto his hated brother.  Never would he ever forgive him for the death of Kikyou.  Now, she had been revived, but nonetheless, she had been put through a great deal of torture before her actual death.  Now, he would have his revenge.

"Die, Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha screamed, throwing his full weight down on the Tetsusaiga.

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