written for basketballpoetsociety's challenge #24, "rarepairs"

"Dai-chan," she says, with a tone of deep-rooted exasperation. "Why are you always there?"

"It's not just me," he says rather shamelessly.

As if on cue, the five other occupants of the café table he sits at raise their hands in greeting.

Momoi's date looks at them all, a literally embodied rainbow next to his own innocuous head of dark hair, and tries his best in offering a smile - albeit a bit wobbly at the edges. "Um," he says.

Aomine takes this as invitation and leans forward to prop his elbows on their table, body aligned to the back of his own tilted chair. "Satsuki wet the bed until she was twelve," he announces, with an air of conversation.

"-really?" Akashi asks, just as the girl in question lets out a considerable screech of agonized embarrassment and tackles his ex-teammate to the floor. Somehow, this is a signal for the rest of them - as Murasakibara immediately descends on her seat ("can I try some of your parfait, Sacchin? It looks yummy – thanks~") and Kise pipes up ("hey, Momoicchi, remember how you brought me drinks that one time we went out?") and Midorima snatches away the tiny paper flower stand in the middle of their table with a murmur ("-can substitute for a lucky item just this time, I guess…")

This chaos reigns for a few solid moments, before Momoi calls out, "Stop! STOP!"

She stands up and straightens out her skirt. Her cheeks are bright red, her chest heaves and she dusts her hands off decisively, having just finished decimating her childhood friend. "THAT IS ENOUGH," she says firmly and with a note of finality.

She turns to her shell-shocked date. "I – I'm so sorry about them," she sighs, with slight resignation.

And when she looks away for just a moment, Kuroko sidles up to the guy and says, deadpan –

"I was her first love."

AN: (this was actually for my own prompt that I'd been planning "they ruin all her dates", but I thought it'd go well with my other submissions. I am 100% happy with how it turned out, fufufu - Momoi/MiraGen is my new OTP of otps!)