Author's Comments: This is my first time ever doing a fic like this, this chapter takes place just after Sectionals in Thanksgiving and just before Tina's idea of Sadie Hawkins. So yeah... This part is pretty much gonna take over Swan Song then Sadie Hawkins will happen etc, etc.

Warning: Coarse Language.

Chapter One

Every Song's Like: Gold Teeth, Grey Goose, Tripping in the Bathroom, Bloodstains, Ballgowns, Trashing the Hotel Room

("Royals" by Lorde)

"This is ridiculous" Unique sighed as everyone crowded around Marley

"I fully agree with Unique here" Ryder said

"Well you can thank the Pretty Little Liar over here" Santana snarled pointing at Kitty

"What did I do?" Kitty asked innocently

"You've been making Marley starve herself AND purge" Santana started to rant

"No I-" Kitty started

"Shut up Kitty we all know you have" Sugar said rolling her eyes

"Bitch" Kitty murmured under her breath

"And you know if no one gets on that stage soon we're gonna be disqualified, right?" Will said anxiously

"Don't bother Easy Bake Hair" Sue smirked as she strolled into the choir room "You've already been disqualified"

"Perfect. Just… Perfect… Thanks Marley" Tina snarled at the exhausted girl

"I'm really sorry guys" Marley said starting to cry

"It's okay Marley" Santana said as she hugged the sobbing teen

"So that means… No more glee club?" Sugar asked sadly

"Unfortunately it does Sugar…" Will sighed

"And this is what happens when you give the next solo to a bulimic" Tina snarled at Will

"Okay Blowin'-Wang! I have had it up to my Mexican third eye with this "Diva-Bitch" attitude. That isn't you! Okay now sit down and shut the fuck up!" Santana yelled at the young Asian

"Oh really? I isn't me huh? How the fuck would you know Tana?" Tina spat back at Santana "You were always too busy going to Pussytown with Britney to even notice me"

"That's 100% true" Brittany said wistfully

"Oh whatever Girl Chang. I remember Gaga week and how Figgins took your precious gothic garb away from you and I suggested that you take up biker chick as your new look, but what did you pick? A champagne bubble dress" Santana snapped just as she whacked Tina across the face. Tina rose from her chair takling Santana to the ground and tugging violently on her ponytail

"Girls come on, that's enough" Will said trying to tear them apart

"Unique loves a good girl fight" Unique said as she placed a hand on Will's shoulder "And if you break this up now, Unique will HAVE to end your breathing" Will looked at her with wide eyes and shook his head

"Puck give me a hand" Will said, Puck quickly helped him pull Tina off Santana whilst Brittany and Sam held Santana back

"Usted horrible perra! ¿Tienes alguna idea de lo que soy capaz de hacer para usted? ¿Sabes de dónde soy? Lima Heights Adjacent! Ya sabes lo que pasa ahí? Las cosas malas!" Santana screamed in perfect Spanish at Tina

"Oh give it up Santana, we all know your just a Lima Loser" Tina sighed rolling her eyes. Which was a bad idea, as Tina lost her focus on Santana, she broke free from Sam and Brittany and punched Tina in the face.

"¿Quién es el perdedor ahora puta?" Santana smirked

"Okay that's enough!" Will roared "Santana Diabla Lopez! You need to stop acting like you would three years ago. As for you Tina Jade Cohen-Chang, you need to stop acting like this right, royal bitch and be yourself, not this version of yourself."

"Yeah, I guess you're right" Tina sighed "I hate being so mean all the time"

"Yeah, I mean you've been so out of character this whole year…" Artie said

"Okay well I guess that's it, we just go back to living normal non-glee lives" Kitty smiled as she left the choir room

"Kitty's right… There's gonna be no more glee" Will sighed "I'm sorry guys"


"Well this sucks" Tina sighed as she, Sugar and Blaine walked down the hallways of McKinley on Monday morning

"Yeah… I already miss glee" Blaine sighed

"I don't" Sugar grinned

"Excuse me?" Tina said

"I have a plan" Sugar grinned wider

"Is it cunning?" Blaine teased her

"It is actually, I'm going to start a write-in choir" Sugar smiled

"A write-in choir?"

"Yeah I was going through the rule book because I'm fairly sure those charming Warblers cheated." Sugar told them as they kept walking towards their history class "And I found a section about write in choirs, it said and I quote "Write-in show choirs can be formed and allowed to compete under the signed permission of an elected official, an official sponsor, OR school administrator." So all I need to do is get Figgins to sign the form and I can start my choir" Sugar smiled

"But you can't sing… Remember?" Tina stated

"I can now, I got better singing background for you guys and I got extensive singing lessons, listen" Sugar said, both Blaine and Tina covered their ears just in case, but instead of the screeching they heard last year they heard a soft, beautiful alto pour from the girl's mouth


I've never seen a diamond in the flesh

I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies

And I'm not proud of my address

In the torn up town, no postcode envy

The two nodded as she kept singing, they were very impressed with how far she had come since day one.


But every song's like:

Gold teeth

Grey Goose

Tripping in the bathroom


Ball gowns

Trashing the hotel room

We don't care, we're driving cadillacs in our dreams

All three laughed as they started to dance as Sugar kept singing as they went down the halls


But everybody's like:



Diamonds on your timepiece

Jet planes


Tigers on a gold leash

We don't care, we're aren't caught up in your love affair

The trio kept laughing as they continued to dance, the other two decided they'd join in just for fun

Sugar (Blaine and Tina)

And we'll never be royals (royals)

It don't run in our blood

That kind of lux just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz

Let me be your ruler (ruler)

Sugar (with Blaine and Tina)

You can call me queen bee

And baby I'll rule, (I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule)

Let me live that fantasy

The trio laughed as they arrived at history and were greeted by three slushies, thanks to Rick The Stick and his gang of Puckheads.

"This is Versace!" Sugar screeched after the group of hockey players

"Then we best get this cleaned off quick" Tina said reverting back to her selfless ways, the way she was all the way back in 2009.


"Okay what are we doing here girl? Unique has ice hockey practise soon" Unique sighed as she, Marley, Ryder, Jake, Sugar, Artie, Tina, Blaine and Joe sat in the now empty choir room

"I have a plan on how we're going to compete at Regionals" Sugar grinned

"She's not really THAT dumb is she?" Jake groaned

"He's right Sugar… We LOST Sectionals. We can't go to Regionals" Marley said patting Sugar's shoulder

"Yes we can. All we gotta do is compete in a new Sectionals as a brand new write-in choir"

"That's actually an really great plan Sugar." Artie smiled at the young girl

"Thanks Wheels" Sugar winked

"Okay so why haven't you invited everyone back?" Joe raised his eyebrow

"Because, I really don't want Kitty on our team" Sugar looked down

"And when I extended the invite to Brittany she just shrugged me off telling me it was a dumb idea" Tina shrugged

"And Sam just didn't want to come back" Blaine said plainly

"Okay are you guys in?" Sugar smiled

"Unique is" She smiled "And that means I can quit ice hockey thank Jesus for that!"

"I'm in too" Marley smiled

"Same" Jake and Ryder said simultaneously

"Sure thing" Joe smiled

"Of course I am" Artie grinned

"Awesome" Sugar grinned and did a small, excited dance "Hands in" Everyone smiled as they did so "Vocal Perfection on 3."

"Wait what?" Tina raised her eyebrow

"What… I thought it would be a cool name for us…" Sugar looked down

"It is… I just thought you would've picked something egocentric like "Pot O' Sugar" or something like that" Tina laughed

"Nope, we're gonna be Vocal Perfection" Sugar grinned as everyone put their hands back into the circle "1. 2. 3"

"VOCAL PERFECTION!" The group cheered as they came in for a big group hug

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Songs Featured:

"Royals" by Lorde. Sung by Blaine, Sugar and Tina