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He clutched the goalie stick to his chest with a death grip. His eyes closed in hopes that when he opened them again, it would all be a bad dream. He felt like a traitor for doing this. He was betraying his best friend all because of a hastily made promise. He had had every intention on keeping that promise when he had made it, but in the heat of battle, nothing goes according to plan.

If the Saurians had just had the decency to stay in their alternate dimensional prison, none of this would be happening. But they did get out and they came gunning for his world again. He had sacrificed himself to defend his team and his planet. Now he was sacrificing his best friend because of that blasted promise.

He gave up trying to figure out how they had figured out he had some time last night. Their ways weren't...normal. It still gave him chills that they were able to retrieve him from his limbo without the help of any machines. All but one of them gave him the creeps, though she wasn't quite right either.

He could still see that fateful meeting in his mind's eye as if it just happened yesterday, though it had happened well over a year ago. He had gone through so much to get to that point and faced one last challenge. Who knew that those words would come back to haunt him.

She had stood there before him in that tomb with what he was seeking and fought so hard for in her hands. She was pretty enough, except for her beak. Her beak was all wrong. But he hadn't really been paying attention to her beak or her hair or feathers or even what she had been wearing, but what was in her hands.

He made his promise and got the prize he had sought for so long and fought so hard for. Afterwards, she had given him food and a place to rest and then had sent him on his way. He hadn't questioned why he had to make that promise and never for a moment did he think that they'd force him to hand his best friend over on a silver platter.

"It is time," a soft voice next to him said.

He finally opened his eyes and glared at her. She hadn't changed much since they had first met. She still had dark red feathers and eyes nearly as dark as her raven colored hair which she wore in a braided crown on her head. The light blue, floor length dress clung to her every curve and the belt of gold links embedded with precious jewels hung nearly to the ground. She had added a cloak to her outfit in deference to the fact that they were now outdoors. Her beak was still...not quite right.

"Don't do this," he quietly growled. "This is wrong. You know it is."

"I don't have a choice any more than you do," she gently reminded him. "The elders have decided and we are both bound by the promise you gave me."

"The Saurians are still out there," he said, desperate to stop what was going to happen. "I can feel it."

"You can't be sure of that," she replied calmly. "It could be that the Saurians have been defeated and your team simply couldn't return home. I will do my best to bring them back with me."

"He won't just let you take it," he warned.

"He won't have a choice," she replied with a sad smile. "Now please, give me the stick."

"I won't let you do this," he defiantly stated, clutching the stick tighter.

"Please, don't make me take it from you," she nearly begged. "I don't want to do this either, but I have no choice. You and I both know I can force you to hand it over. I'd rather not."

He glared at her for a good minute before finally thrusting the goalie stick at her. He couldn't look at her any more, feeling like the biggest traitor in the world. He felt her pull the stick from his fingers, but he still didn't open his eyes.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

When he finally opened his eyes again, she was making her way through the circle and headed for the center of the snow covered clearing. There were forty-eight of them in the circle with her being the forty-ninth and the only one in the center. They were all adults of various ages, colors and genders and every last one of them had beaks that shouldn't even exist.

The snow had been falling since they had brought him out of the vortex he had been stuck in three days ago, but it finally stopped last night. The sky was crystal clear and the sun was nearing its apex in the sky. The snow should have been a couple feet deep, but instead it was only a few inches. He could have asked how that could be, but these ducks made the world conform to their wishes. They gave him the creeps, except for her.

Probably because she had done nothing to intimidate him like the others had. She had been kind and understanding while the others had been passively hostile towards him and to a small extent towards her as well. They blamed her for him passing the test, not believing that he could have done it without help. However, she could hold her own against them, so they took their displeasure out on him. There was no love lost between him and this group of ducks. However, he wouldn't have changed what he had done, so now he had to face watching them go after his best friend.

Forty-eight voices started to chant, echoing off of the walls of the surrounding mountains in the tiny valley. He watched in morbid fascination as their eyes all started to glow. She stood silently in the center of the circle, her eyes closed, head bowed and the goalie stick clutched to her chest.

He briefly looked up at the rock formations above him. They looked like a couple of goalie masks. Twin Beaks. The place he had come to help save his world and where he now stood waiting to ruin his team's lives.

The wind kicked up as the voices gained volume, bringing his attention back to the circle of ducks in front of him. The sun seemed brighter and the snow was nearly blinding. The mountains appeared darker and more forbidding. They caused this, of this he had no doubt.

The chanting stopped and a single clear voice started to sing. Her head was now up and her eyes open, glowing like the others. Her voice was so soothing and yet haunting, but he knew that what she was doing was anything but peaceful. She stopped singing for a moment and the circle sang back to her.

He had no idea what they were saying, it was some ancient language that hadn't been spoken in who knew how long. It really didn't matter anyway. He could feel the feathers on his body starting to stand on end from the energy in the air and a shiver ran down his spine.

She took up the song again. He could see something start to form in front of her. A glowing disk that was growing larger and larger. His heart was pounding in his chest and he wanted to charge into the circle and stop this, but his feet wouldn't cooperate.

The circle started to sing with her and the disk grew larger and larger. As the last note was sung, the oblong disk was slightly taller than her and wind whipped around them in a near frenzy, kicking up any loose snow. While the edge still glowed with the energy of the spell cast, the center of the disk showed a place with clear blue skies, green grass, colorful flowers, tall trees and a peaceful waterfall. He wanted to do something, anything, but he couldn't move, couldn't shout. He was helpless.

"Forgive me, Wildwing," he managed to whisper as she stepped through the portal.

"Face it, bro," he crowed as he threw a football across the meadow towards his red headed team mate. "I was right."

"As much as it pains me to say this," she grumbled while she easily made the catch. "Nosedive's right. We needed a break. A little R&R."

"Thanks, Mallory," Nosedive gleefully responded until he realized what else she said. "I think."

"We should be finding Dragaunus," Wildwing complained as the football was caught by another member of his team.

"And we will," Duke soothed while throwing the football towards Tanya. "But all we've been doing has been fighting the Saurians, fighting crime and playing hockey. As great as those are, we all needed a break."

"Even Grin was starting to get stressed," Tanya pointed out, catching the football with calculated ease.

Wing glanced over at the largest member of the team, meditating by the waterfall at the top of the meadow they were at. The place that they had chosen for their picnic was on the side of a hill, looking down into Anaheim. The small waterfall trickled down into a pool of water. The pool then fed the creek that went over the side of a cliff behind some trees, joining a river a good hundred feet below them. Tall evergreens framed either side of the meadow that was dotted with wild flowers. It was a perfectly calming, tranquil place. He took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh.

"I guess you're right," he agreed as he caught the football as it went flying by. "We do need this."

He could feel himself relax as they threw the toy around. The playful banter and laughing helped him feel more at peace with himself as a captain and with his team. He finally was able to let go of all of the stress and responsibility that weighed so heavily on his shoulders ever since Canard had handed him the mask, making him team captain.

Eventually, Grin joined them after calming his inner being or eye or whatever it was he did. Wildwing laughed at the good natured jabs that were being thrown around almost as much as the football. He even managed to get a few in of his own.

"What's that?" Nosedive asked just before the football hit him in the side of the head. "OW!"

"Nice catch," Mallory snickered as Nosedive glared at her and rubbed the sore spot.

"What's what?" Wildwing questioned.

"That," Nosedive answered, pointing towards the edge of the clearing, not too far from the cliff.

The others looked and saw a small glowing disk hovering in the air near the small waterfall. Wildwing immediately reached for his mask and belatedly realized he had left it in The Migrator. Without a second thought, he turned tail and ran full out for the battle van.

By the time he returned, the disk had grown considerably in size and his team was now in their battle armor with their weapons aimed at the still growing, glowing disk. He quickly made the change to his own armor as he slapped the mask into place. As soon as the change was made, he activated the mask and got a real eye full.

"It's a portal...to Puckworld," he stated as his heart started to pound.

"Remember what happened the last time we had one of those appear in front of us," Mallory warned.

"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten," Wildwing replied while he tried not to think about any future Phils that might suddenly pop up. "The energy of this portal isn't anything like the energy the Saurians use."

Just as he finished talking, the portal completed opening and the team was hit with a blast of freezing cold air. They were briefly blinded by the wind and snow hitting them in the face and raised their arms to block the wind. By the time they could see again, a figure stood before the portal. Despite the cloak that had been blown over her head, it was very obvious that this being was female. A very shapely female at that.

"Well, that was dignified," grumbled the figure as she started to struggle to set the cloak back where it belonged.

Wildwing swiftly activated the mask again and did a full scan of the female before them.

"She's a duck," he stated with astonishment right before his voice became a warning growl. "And she's radiating the same energy as the portal."

The others raised their weapons again, waiting for the strange female's first move. After struggling with the heavy cloth for several moments, she gave out a frustrated sigh. Suddenly the cloak billowed back into place letting them get their first view of her.

"It's a blue beak!" Mallory yelled, just before opening fire.

The others followed suit in a heartbeat and for a while the air was filled with pucks. By the time they finally stopped shooting, the meadow was littered with spent pucks. However, the blue beaked female was unscathed and looked rather annoyed. They finally saw she was also holding a goalie's stick, something that they hadn't really noticed before.

"Are you quite through?" she asked grumpily.

"Not by a long shot," Wildwing snapped back as he and the others went to reload their weapons.

With a wave of her hand and her eyes glowing a bright blue, the same color blue as her dress and her beak, their weapons were soaring through the air, landing a good twenty feet away.

"Grin, put her to the boards," Wildwing ordered.

"You are disturbing my inner tranquility," Grin growled as he charged across the meadow.

Suddenly, he found himself flying through the air. With all the grace of a brick, he landed in the small pool of water at the base of the waterfall. After sputtering water out of his beak, he looked up at her in surprise.

"Please don't do that again," she instructed before turning back towards the others.

Not one to take orders from a blue beak, he burst out of the water. He leaped at her, going for a flying tackle. Instead, he ended up taking another flight through the air. However, his destination wasn't the pool of water, but his team mates.

After getting over the initial shock of having the largest member of the team land on them and managing to get their breath back after having the wind knocked out of them, they started to get to their feet. A bit unsteadily, they regained their footing and glared at the blue beak. She calmly gazed back at them with her dark eyes.

"Wildwing Flashblade," she started once they had sorted themselves out and Wildwing was stunned motionless for a moment that she knew his name. "As a Keeper of The Mask of Drake DuCaine, which you hold under false pretenses, I hereby reclaim The Mask."

"Over my dead body, lady," he snarled while his team flanked him.

"Fortunately, that won't be necessary," she stated as her eyes started to glow again and she held out her hand. "Mask! Return!"

Before he could even think to make a grab for it, the mask was zipping through the air into her hand. The entire team stood there in shock for several seconds before they started to charge towards her. She gave a self satisfied nod and turned to head back through the portal.

Wildwing knew that if she got through that portal, all hope of getting the mask back would be gone. The thought of trying to defeat the Saurians without it was not something he wanted to think about. As he charged across the meadow with his team by his side, he reached into one of the pouches on his belt and took out a puck. He quickly pushed the activation button on the exploding puck and threw it with all of his might into the portal.

He quickly stopped and brought up his shield, his team hid behind him. The resulting explosion was bigger than anything they could have ever expected. It took them a minute or so after being blown to the edge of the meadow to pick themselves up off of the ground.

"Ok, that wasn't one my more brilliant ideas," Wildwing muttered as he staggered back to his feet. "Is everyone all right?"

"More or less," Tanya groaned.

"That's gonna leave a mark," Nosedive moaned as Wildwing helped him to his feet.

"Pain is an illusion," Grin muttered painfully. "An illusion that really, really hurts."

"Can we please not do that again anytime soon," Duke added as he finally got to his feet.

After making sure his team wasn't in need of medical attention, he started to look around. He saw their weapons scattered around the hill side, the damaged goalie stick laying not too far away and there was a large black hole in the ground where the portal used to be. However, there was no sign of the blue beak. Even more troubling, the mask also was missing.

She gasped for breath as she managed to get her head above water. She desperately struggled to get the clasp undone on her cloak. The river was too deep and moving too fast for her to just swim to shore. It didn't help that the heavy material of the cloak was trying to pull her under. The dress and belt weren't helping either. Fortunately, her shoes were long gone, so she didn't have to worry about them.

After getting a quick breath, she was dragged under again. Instead of fighting the currant or her cloak, she concentrated on getting the cloak off of her. By the time she was free of the thing, spots were appearing before her eyes and her lungs felt as if they were on fire.

She desperately headed for the light, thankful that it was a bright and sunny day on this world. She took a great, gasping breath as soon as her head cleared the water. She treaded water, letting the currant continue to take her down stream as she tried to get some strength back.

Fortunately, the river got to a wide spot and slowed down a short time later. Her arms and legs felt like they were made out of lead. With a dress that seemed to delight in wrapping around her legs and a belt that felt like an anchor, she dragged herself onto the bank. She collapsed into an exhausted heap as she tried to catch her breath, too tired to even get all of the way out of the river.

If not getting enough sleep and the lack of appetite weren't bad enough, she had to channel all of that magical energy to open the portal. That alone would qualify for a three day nap. But to have to fight Canard's team, nearly get blown up and almost drowning, she should have the right to pass out wherever she wanted. So she did.

"Spread out," Wildwing ordered. "Try and find the mask or at least that blue beak."

"I thought blue beaks were nothing but legends," Mallory stated as she started to search the area. "Sort of like the Puckworld version of the boogieman."

"They're real, all right," Duke responded grumpily. "I've met one or two in my day. Not something I ever wanted to come across again."

"Hey, Wing?" Nosedive called from near the crater.

"Yeah?" Wildwing replied.

"Isn't this your favorite stick?" Nosedive asked, holding up the broken and charred remains of the goalie stick the blue beak had been carrying.

"It is," Wildwing confirmed as he took the item from his brother. "What's left of it anyways. But I left this on Puckworld. How did she get hold of it and why did she have it?"

"Since it was yours, maybe, you know, she used it as some sort of beacon to home in on you," Tanya suggested as she came up and looked at the ruined piece of equipment.

"Well, that's a disquieting thought," Wildwing grumbled. "Spread out. Keep looking."

They moved out, going over every inch of the meadow and the surrounding trees. They spent hours searching, but in the end, the only thing they had to show for their efforts was the ruined goalie stick. With heavy hearts, they returned to the Migrator and headed back to The Pond.