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He woke up on his bed without a clue on how exactly he got there or why he had been knocked out all of a sudden. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, still feeling a bit out of it. He looked to his left and saw Rukia lying in the closet. She was awake.

"Hey, what happened?" ,he mumbled to her.

She looked to him and sighed with relief. "Good. You're up. You were knocked out."

He pulled a look of confusion. "How?"

She sat up. "Apparently you took the wrong tablet." ,she scowled.

Suddenly, he refereed back to the events that took place recently and it all came back to him. He had taken one of the wrong pills and had passed out. He facepalmed himself realizing how much of an idiot he was.

"Right," ,he sighed.

Rukia's eyes widened then she ran over next to him in accusation. "Do you not realize how serious this is?! What if the tablet you took is fatal?! There's no telling what could happen!"

"Just keep calm. Now why would Urahara keep a fatal tablet?" ,he mentioned.

"It's possible!" ,she stated matter-of-factly.

Ichigo shook his head. "You're so full of it sometimes."

She gasped aloud. "This is not a time to be joking around! This is serious!"

"Alright!" ,he snapped, throwing his hands up. "Just chill. If I feel like something's wrong, I'll let you know, alright!"

Rukia sighed irritably, with a bad feeling at the pit of her stomach. "Okay, fine."

He got up from the bed and sighed, walking past her and rubbing her head. "Thanks for your concern. You go on ahead to school. I'll go stop by the shop and get the real tablet."

The day at school was usual. He spent his break times with everyone he usually hung out with. He didn't feel weird at all but Rukia eyed him with suspicion for the whole day. She didn't have to be so worried. He knew that she cared too much, but this was to the extreme to where she just couldn't keep her eye off of him.

They were all up on the roof having lunch as usual. Rukia was still watching him like a hawk. Ichigo discreetly cleared his throat at her, to tell her to quit being so worried but she shook her head.

Uryu noticed the engagement between the two and looked confused. "Is there something going on there?"

Ichigo snapped his head his way. "Uh, I'm coming down with something so Rukia is just keeping an eye on me." He pulled a fake cough to put up an act.

"Oh no! You shouldn't be at school if you're not feeling well!" ,Orihime said.

He shook his head. "Really, I'm alright. She's just being too overly dramatic"

At that, Rukia rolled her eyes. "You'll thank me for watching you once you're almost dead."

Everyone looked confused at that and Ichigo covered his face with his hands, completely over this conversation.

"Just..drop it. I'm fine." ,he assured everyone.

He sat in class, completely sure that he was alright. Yet now along with Rukia, everyone else seemed to worry. He hated having so much attention when he was perfectly okay. He was especially angry at Rukia because she started this whole thing with her constant starring.
He tried to focus on his school work, but his focus was just out of it that day. He felt dizzy just like last night, but he tried to cover it up to not make anyone worry. Okay, maybe he wasn't completely fine, but he wasn't dying. Yet, he wondered what affects that pill would give him.

Orihime looked to him in concern. "Are you sure you're okay? You're looking pale." ,she whispered.

"Yes, I'm okay," ,he sighed. Ichigo could tell that she wasn't buying it when she slightly shrugged.

"Alright, I feel a little odd but really, I'll be fine." ,he assured her.

She frowned a little. "Still, maybe you should ask to go home. You might need some rest if you're coming down with something."

"You two! Stop the yapping!" ,the teacher snapped at them.

"S-sorry," ,Ichigo said while cringing with a serious painful look.

The teacher looked alarmed. "Something wrong?"

"Uh..." ,he started. All of a sudden, he started to feel worse. He was breaking out into a sweat and he was deathly pale. He was so dazed that he couldn't even speak.

The teacher wrote on a slip and handed it to him. "Go to the nurse's office."

He was annoyed to have to walk out of class and be the center of attention, but his pain disregarded that and he zoomed out of the classroom with Rukia watching him with a saddened look.

Ichigo didn't even know if he was going to be able to make it to the office without passing out first. Everything was spinning and he knew he was about to faint.

Instead he ran into the nearest bathroom and leaned against the wall. He felt cold and hot at the same time and he couldn't stop panting. He clutched hard onto the sink as a wave of pain overthrew him, getting more intense by the second. This thing wasn't normal and he knew that now something was seriously wrong.

Once the pain escalated to it's breaking point, he let out an agonizing cry that echoed off the walls. He felt his body temperature drop low and his skin became even lighter. He leaned his head back as he felt a sudden heat flow through his veins and he instantly felt like he was going to gag.

He let out one cry after another, each pain inside of him getting worse than the other. Then once the final wave passed through him, he screamed so loud that probably the whole school could hear him.

Then that was it. No more pain but he panted constantly. He had no idea what was happening to him. All he knew was that he had experienced the most pain he had ever faced.

He finally looked up into the bathroom mirror and gasped at his appearance. The first thing he noticed was that his hair had turned jet black. It was no longer orange, just total darkness. He ran his hand through his face. His skin didn't have its permanent tan anymore. It was now white as snow. He had developed long, white fangs on his canine teeth.

And the most disturbing detail of all, his eyes were bright red.

He let out one more short cry, then everything went black.

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