His head was pounding.

It felt like there was a drummer inside his skull, just behind his eyes, going to town on all the different parts of his brain. All at once.

Instantly, he wished he could escape back into that beautiful black void of silence called unconsciousness.

No such luck arose when he tried to curl in on himself. The pain doubled when he shifted and he nearly let out a cry. Instead, he bit his lip and curled in on himself protectively, even as lightning and thunder stabbed through his skull.

Distantly, he heard the sounds of exclamations of surprise and quick conversation around him. But he couldn't seem to focus, and could only lay still as he fought to orient himself.

After what seemed like days, the pounding at his temples began to fade and he slowly relaxed his huddled position.

For the life (ha) of him, he couldn't recall what had happened. His mind was a complete blank. The last thing that he could remember was walking home from the Nasty Burger with Sam and Tucker. There was a shadow in his memory when they had passed an alleyway and then… nothing.

Breathing deep, Danny slowly fought his way into a sitting position, wincing as he did.

Then he blinked open his eyes.

At first, the scene before him simply didn't register.

Then he screamed.

In the blood that coated the walls and floors, the sprays and spurts a grotesque painting, he could see his own reflection. He could see his eyes gleaming a muddy red-green. And he could see the blood dripping from his body.

At his feet lay the bodies.

Here, one wearing brilliant orange. There, a blue jump-suited figure clasping hands even in death with a girl with a shock of orange hair. A red beret lay abandoned in the center of his kitchen, its owner in pieces beneath the table.

And directly across his legs, purple and black she sprawled, violet eyes staring at him accusingly even while filmed over with death.

That's when his stomach emptied.

Seconds later, a figure appeared before him, ensconced in pale red light, and holding a pendant beneath their outstretched fingers. They laughed, a deep rumbling of broken gravel.

"Come," it spoke, a deep hissing croak. The male, hidden behind the haze, reveled in the destruction the freak had caused. He fed on the lingering emotions, a heady mixture of terror and pain and rage, and felt his power swell.

That's when Danny forget everything and obeyed.

July 13, 2013

No sweet clue where this came from