"Knowing how to love is as essential as the feeling itself."

Although they had never met in person, the newcomer's identity was no secret to Edward. Through the joy of expectation and the pain of loss they shared a bound as delicate as the first flowers of spring, as lasting as existence itself. The dearest hope of his heart, the one he dared not voice or fully acknowledge had come to fruition, and in its awake everything else palled, even the impending separation between the two halves of his being.

"Give her what she needs. Right now, it's distance—to grow, to become herself. Remember your pain is her pain—be happy and she'll be able to move on. Stay and pain will be the legacy of your selfishness.

"Understand that fate isn't a vicious harpy—there is always another chance waiting in the corner. Maybe it won't come as fast as you wish, but be certain that love always comes around again."

"When did you grow so wise, angel?"

"We are all carry the wisdom of the world inside ourselves—we just somehow manage to forget it between being born and dying."

As he took the proffered hand of his own personal angel, Edward couldn't help but wonder what his epitaph would say. Nothing too agreeable, he imagined since he'd managed to disappoint all the women in his life—for all his efforts, he'd somehow managed to be nobody's hero.

"For what's worth you've always been my hero, daddy."

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