"I think this is the place where I should say something corny like 'how the mighty have fallen', but I know how much you hate my penchant for dramatics, so I'll try to refrain."

The way Tanya's gaze surveyed Edward's lifeless body made him wary of her intent. Was necrophilia one of her many eccentricities? He truly didn't know. Would she violate his body? Given the lecherous look on her face he feared she might. Just his luck: to be assaulted by a succubus without any chance of defending himself. Would he feel it? Oh, please, no—he couldn't even shower to get rid of her stench.

"Even in death you still look good. You know that's the reason I was first drawn to you, right? It was my first college party and I was expecting the guys to be much cuter, but I was so disappointed … until I spotted you, that is. Seducing you was so easy. You were so damn eager … "

The mocking laugh that followed made him flinch in shame. The memory of their first time wasn't one he relished, for it had been clumsy and rushed. In his defense, he'd been a nineteen year old male with a healthy libido that had gone unsatisfied for far too long … ever since she had vanished from town without a word to him.

"I believe you already guessed that my pregnancy was no accident. Once I found out you were loaded, I couldn't let you get away, could I?

So far, I haven't really told you anything knew, have I? Then, why am I babbling this old tale to your cadaver, my sweet dead moron of an ex-husband? Well, I guess I couldn't refrain from adding some measure of drama after all."

The sneer contorting her deceptively angelic features let him know that the resentment she'd bore him after their divorce hadn't faded. After years of separation, despite the event of his death, Tanya still found it necessary to taunt him, even though he couldn't respond to her provocations ... Maybe because he couldn't react to her pettiness.

"You know the precious little baby you loved so much? The one that died before it was ever born? Guess what, honey? It wasn't a victim of health issues. It had already played its part in assuring my future, so I got rid of it. Yes, I used it to get you to marry me then killed it. How diabolic was that?

Now, for the grand finale. Why am I telling you this? Just in case all of those religious fanatics are right; just in case you do have an immortal soul listening to my words right now, because I don't want you to find peace or move on. I want you to be here, trapped on Earth, haunting me, hating me … Anything Edward …

Anything is better than the nothing you've always given me. Give me your hate, give me your vengeance. Just don't leave me …

Oh, God, just don't leave me!"