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"Uh, swallow much?" Cristina mocked Jackson, watching him wipe his spilled coffee off his scrub top.

"Very funny, Yang. How can I help you?" He asked her while he simultaneously picked his tablet back up to update charts. He knew she wanted something. She was never much for small talk.

"Your intern, April Kepner, where is she?" Cristina asked rather anxiously. She figured that she might as well cut to the chase. Jackson looked down at her, questioning her motives. For obvious reasons she was his favorite intern and he wasn't going to let Yang try and steal her away.

He gave her a peeved look. "Get your own interns, Kepner's my best one, I'm keeping her."

Cristina grinned. "I can't be her resident, she's my little sister. And you don't have to tell me she's your best intern, I already knew that." Jackson eyed her wide-eyed. How are they sisters? Why didn't April say anything about Cristina during their romp?

Cristina let the silence linger, thinking something would click for Avery. "She's adopted, duh." Jackson nodded. That made more sense.

Before Cristina could ask Jackson where April was again, she spotted her walking down the hallway herself. She grinned and in a very unlike Cristina kind of way, practically skipped down the hallway to meet her.

April's greeting wasn't as warm. "What are you doing here?" She asked her sister. Her eyebrows were squished together and she looked confused. Jackson took a step back to watch the scene unfold.

"Uh, I work here. I've worked her for years April." Cristina laughed, using her hands to motion to the entire hospital.

"I wouldn't know. You haven't returned my calls for years." April rebutted before taking off down the hallway and continuing her rounds.

Cristina's smile faded into a frown. She'd been busy. Extremely busy. Besides, April knew Cristina was never one to make time to keep in touch. It was nothing personal.

She cut after her down the hall. "April, wait!" She jogged after her little sister and tried to catch up.

Jackson didn't know what to think. He needed to talk to April but figured it might not be the best time so he went on rounds instead. When he finished up setting a freshly broken femur he was greeted by April waiting outside the room for him.

"So…" Jackson mumbled. "That was intense?"

April shrugged. She didn't really want to talk about it but realistically that was probably inevitable. "Yeah, I'm a little mad at her."

Jackson chuckled. "You think?"

"Well call me crazy, but expecting a phone call or a visit from your older sister even once a year doesn't seem like too much to ask for." April argued, venting more than arguing. Her cheeks were flushed and she was shaking her head back and forth.

He agreed. "If you're so mad at her then why did you come to Seattle?" He asked. His curiosity was killing him. It was a good question.

He could see her thinking about her answer as they walked together down the hallway. "Just because I'm pissed at her, doesn't mean that I don't want to be here with her. She needs to make everything up to me and know that that's not ok, you know?" April laughed, shrugging again. Jackson couldn't help but smile. He would probably feel the same way. Besides, harping on the subject wouldn't help his cause with April. Seeing her angry was way more of a turn on for him than it should have been.

She stopped in front of an on-call room door at the end of the hallway and leaned her back against it. "I should take a short nap before I go back down to the pit." She told herself more than him. He had managed to move in closer, invading her space in an obvious way. She grinned up at him and noticed his eyes were moving back and forth between her eyes and her lips. Like he wanted to taste them again.

"Yeah, you should." He told her, sliding one hand around her waist while he used the other to push the door open and move them inside. As interested as he was in everything that just went down between her and Cristina, he was more interested in getting her naked again.

Cristina headed towards the Attending's Lounge. It was empty, which was good for her because she was hardly in the mood for small talk. She lounged on the couch and picked up a copy of the American Journal of Medicine to read and hopefully relax. It was about twenty minutes later and she was in the middle of reading about a new minimally invasive endovascular procedure and heard Owen clear his throat uncomfortably.

He scavenged the fruit basket on the table, scouting out a banana that was ripe to his liking. "I didn't know you had a sister."

She knew this conversation was coming. She never told him about her sister, hell, she never told him about her family period. He knew her mother was still alive and her father wasn't. Other than that it was all unfamiliar territory to him. He'd asked before, but it was never something she felt the need to talk about and after a while he played like he didn't notice she was just changing the subject.

"Yeah, well…I do." Cristina gave in. "The accident… the one I told you about when my father died? Her parents died too… they were in the other car. She's the only one who survived and my mom ended up adopting her. I guess she didn't have any other family. She was so alone and small. She was only four."

Owen sat down next to his on-again off-again girlfriend. They were off right now, but what she just told him about April was more than she had told him about everything before. He couldn't even be mad at her about it.

Knowing Cristina, Owen had to ask. "Have you talked to her since she got here?"

She rolled her eyes. "Tried to. But she's all mad at me for not getting in touch with her. But you know what? It works both ways! And it's not like she doesn't know what being a med student is like." Cristina ranted. "You know what? I'm not apologizing. I think she owes me an apology."

Owen snorted. "Cristina. Listen, you can't ju-," He tried telling her but she interrupted.

She snapped. "No Owen, you listen. She knows how I am, and if she suddenly has a problem with that, then that's her problem."

She got up and left the lounge. He knew she'd come around but her stubbornness was nothing new to him. After all, it was the reason they were currently off and childless.

"So what are you going to do about your sister?" Jackson asked curiously. He was holding himself above his intern, peppering kisses down her jaw line. Her feet were tangled between his and her red hair was scattered across the pillow behind her head.

She pulled away and slightly pushed him up off of her. "Can we not talk about my sister now? My mother won't stop asking me how it's going and I already have to deal with that. And now you." Jackson frowned.

"We never have to talk about your sister again." He mumbled and flipped onto his back, pulling her into a straddling position on top of him. She giggled loudly at his eagerness and bent down to kiss him. She could already feel him pressing against her and she was just as ready as he was. It was another hour before they finally slipped out of the on-call room.

Jackson walked out first. "Dude. Who have you got in there?" Alex asked nosily. He gingerly peaked around the window in the door trying to get a glimpse. Jackson tried shrugging him off nonchalantly. "No one, was just catching up on sleep."

Alex argued with him, "Oh please dude. No one wakes up from a nap with that kind of grin on their face."

Jackson figured he might as well give in. "Yeah, you're right. Kepner, my intern. Don't go telling Hunt or anyone."

His friend shook his head. "Day two and already banging an intern."

Jackson didn't feel like he was just banging her though. "It's more than that though. I really like her. Can't stop thinking about her."

Alex shook his head. "Better get over it. That's Yang's sister I heard. She'll have your balls."