Chapter 1

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"Mom do we really have to move here?" A pale girl with midnight hair growled. Her lilac eyes scanned the area around them, the area of Amity Park. The houses were brick, and it seemed so old.

"Yes Sam. I believe Amity Park will be a good change for us. Your father would have wanted us to move on with our lives." Sam look over at her mother. She said it with such ease, but Sam could see the pan lurking in her mother's baby blue eyes.

Unlike Sam, her mother had bright red hair, done up in a bob. Diamond earrings hung from her lobes and a silver chain cascaded down her neck. On the end was an emerald, her father's birthstone. Sam swallowed a sudden lump that came into her throat. It had only been two years since the event, and Sam still blamed herself.

Sometimes she felt as if her mother blamed her as well. Their large black Escalade came to a halt. Sam didn't respond, instead she turned to look out her window. She nearly gasped as her amethyst eyes landed on the strangest building she had ever seen. It was tall, two stories. But there was a large sign pointing at the building that read 'Fenton Works'. On top of the building was a large dome with various antennas.

"What an odd house." Her mother said. Sam nodded in agreement. Movement by the door caught her attention, and turned her attention to a teenage boy. He looked to be seventeen, with black hair. He had broad shoulders, and wore a white T-shirt and a pair of faded jeans with some black sneakers. Sam locked eyes with his. He was handsome, but what drew her in were the way his eyes sparkled. They were the lightest blue she had ever seen.

He didn't pull his eyes away from hers, curiosity was deep within them. The light turned green and the car started to pull away. But Sam kept her eyes on him. It was like she was stuck. She sighed and wen to turn away, when suddenly from the corner of her eye she thought she saw that boys eyes flash a bright green. She swung her head around to see, but found that the boy was gone. Her brows furrowed

Odd. She thought. Maybe she was seeing things, After all, Amity was the most haunted place in America.

"Tucker!" Danny called. An African American boy pulled his head away from the fridge, a chicken leg stuck in his mouth. He was as tall as Danny, which was 5'8

"Mph?" Tucker said. Danny rolled his eyes

"We're going to be late to Dash's Party." Tucker grabbed the end of the drumstick and pulled it away. He chewed, then swallowed

"Why are we even going? Dash had us over last night! Do we HAVE to go to two parties in a row?" Tucker reached for his red beret and readjusted it on top of his head. Danny bit his lip. He had a point, Dash had been up their asses lately. Why? He didn't know. Him Dash and Tucker have grown up together, though Dash was the one who became star football player and king of popularity he never stopped hanging out with Tucker and Danny. Dash was there when the Accident happened that changed Danny's life forever. He was a good friend, though a bit stupid at times.

"Because Dash would do it for us." Danny said firmly. Tucker sighed, and tossed the now eaten drumstick into the garbage. He fixed his square glasses over his green eyes and nodded

"Well, I need to go to the bathroom first." Danny growled

"Fine hurry up. I'll be outside" Danny left his house and walked outside into the warm summer air. He sighed, School would be starting in 3 days. Starting their senior year, the worst year in his eyes.

A large black SUV rolled to a stop in front of him, with its polished rims. He rolled his eyes Rich folk. He thought bitterly. His eyes found a pair of lilac ones. He nearly fell as he studied the girl in the vehicle. She had black hair that swept at her shoulders. Half was up, and half was down. She had on a black tank top, with thick shoulder straps. She was pale, her skin glowed in the sunlight. Purple lipstick, a shade darker than her eyes.

She was beautiful.

Danny realized in that moment, that she was staring at him. He held her eyes, though he started to fidget under her gaze. Why was she looking at him like that? He felt as if her eyes were reading his soul. The SUV started to pull away, but she still stared. As she looked away, a blue vapor leaked from his mouth in a sigh, his eye flashing green. Danny looked up to see Skulker flying over the city. Danny flashed into Phantom, and turned invisible before taking to the skies. Just as he did, Tucker walked out of the front door.

"Alright Danny so I was thinking-" Tucker looked around but didn't see him.

"Dammit Danny." Tucker sighed and leaned against the brick building.

Daniel and Tucker arrived at the party 2 hours late. Skulker had led Danny on a wild goose chase, and finally Danny got him in the Fenton thermos. With no time to drive, Danny just grabbed Tucker and flew to the front door before turning back into Fenton.

"Dash is going to be pissed." Tucker crossed his arms

"No he won't. He'll understand." Danny knocked on the door. It swung open to reveal a tall blonde. His chest was huge, he was 6'2 with deep sea eyes. A red and white lettermen Jacket with a black shirt underneath. Dash crossed his arms

"You're late Fenton." His brows were scrunched, a frown on his lips. Tucker crossed his arms and glared at Danny.

"Dash I'm sorry… Skulker came and he was just being an ass and I would've left sooner…" Danny ran a pale hand through his hair. Dash stared. And Danny actually started to worry. Suddenly dashes features changed, and he smiled widely

"Well you're here now. Come on in! Let's get fucked up and have a good party before school starts!" Dash clapped his large hands on Danny's back. Danny chuckled, and he and Tucker were led inside where the party was in full swing.

Dubstep roared through the speakers, the bass making the floor shake. A group of kids cheered over by a ping pong table, where another person drank a cup of liquid.

"Oh! Beer pong! I'll be back!" Tucker said as he ran to join the group. Danny shook his head

"I got a little gift for you Fenton, follow me." Dash led Danny through the crowd of bodies. People drank, smoked, danced, and made out.

Typical High school party. Danny wasn't much of a drinker. He didn't want to muck up his skills if he had to go fight a ghost. Pot on the other hand… If it was around He would partake. Dash led Danny up the stairs and into his room, where a cloud of smoke rolled out of his door. Paulina and Star were sucking on the tubes of a hookah, as Kwan lit the green.

"Val got ahold of some White Willow and Purple Kush… I know you've always wanted something different from Chronic so I pulled some strings and I got us some. Care to join in?" Dash smiled. Danny smirked and walked inside

"Dash, oh how you treat me so…" He laughed as he sat down next to Kwan. Dash on took his seat between Paulina and Danny.

Unfortunately for Danny, Dash's crowd didn't like him much. Kwan was friendly, but never talked to Danny without Dash. Paulina ignored him, and Star was just a straight up bitch.

"Fentonnn, How ya doen man?" Kwan said as he passed the tube to Danny. Danny shrugged, forgetting his tender shoulder

"Alright. Ready to get this party started." Kwan laughed, and passed the other tube to Dash. They both inhaled, and Danny felt the smooth smoke roll into his lungs. He then let it roll from his mouth, and inhaled it through his nose.

"You can do a French inhale?" Star asked. Danny nodded before blowing the rest of the smoke out.

"Dash can do a smoke bomb." Danny grinned, putting the spotlight on one of his best friends instead of him.

He never liked being put on the spot. All eyes turned to his friend, and Dash let the smoke leak away from his mouth, forming a large ball. Then Dash sucked it all back in, before bursting out in laughter, and the coughing. Danny shook his head and smiled. As he sat there, smoking and laughing, his mind drifted to that strange girl in the SUV. He wondered if she was new, he had never seen her before. If she was in high school, which he was sure she was, she would have to show up at Casper high. He would have to get to know her.

Suddenly school starting didn't look to bad.

Hours past, and the group of kids filed out of the house. Tucker had won 3 games of beer pong, but lost 4. To say Tucker was tipsy would be an understatement. Danny reclined on Dash's leather couch, a tray of pop tarts on one leg and a bowl of nacho cheese on the other.

"Dude that looks disgusting." Tucker hiccupped and sat down next to him. Danny laughed

"It's delicious…" Danny tore off a piece of pop tart and dipped it into the nacho cheese. He popped it into his mouth and moaned.

"Oh my god this is great…" Tucker shook his head in disgust. Dash had created this concoction one night when he had a serious case of the munchies. Didn't really have a name yet, but it stuck with the group since it was created. The house was clear, save for Dash picking up garbage and Kwan in the bathroom.

"We should probably bail." Tucker said. Danny raised a dark brow at his friend.

"I am in no condition to fly!" Danny protested. Kwan stumbled out of the bathroom

"Fly?" He asked quizzically. Dash looked at Kwan and easily covered for Danny

"He said Fry. Tucker's hungry." Dash went back to picking up garbage and placing it into a trash bag. The living room was starting to look less like a dance floor and more like an actual room. Danny laughed.

"Oh… Tucker! I'm hungry too… Nasty burger?" Kwan smiled. Tucker's eyebrows shot upward. Kwan was definitely still buzzed.

"That's okay Kwan. I'm just going to head home."

"I'll take you." Dash offered. Tucker nodded.

"Danny, lock up when you leave. Kwan, let's go." Kwan looked confused, but Dash just waved him on. He seemed to put the pieces together and then smiled

"You'll get your car tomorrow. Let's go." They all filed out of the door and Danny was alone. He finished his odd meal and put his dishes away.

In truth, Danny really didn't want to fly. He always got tired when coming down from a high, and he didn't want to risk falling out of the sky. So instead he grabbed the spare key under dash's 'welcome' mat and locked the door as he left. It was dark, the street lamps were on and it was empty. A few cars drove by, but otherwise it was quiet. Dash's house was 8 blocks away, it was going to be a long walk.

Danny shoved his hands in his pockets and walked with his thoughts. Danny had no idea where this year would go. But he had an aching feeling that it would change his life forever. Vlad Masters was still mayor of this town, as much as he hated it. But Vlad kept to himself most of the summer, which made Danny wonder what he was up too.

Maybe tomorrow he would have to go pay him a visit… again Danny shook his head. He wasn't about to go look for trouble, usually it found him and his family. His thought drifted to his mom and dad. They had been locked up in the basement most of the summer, only venturing out for food and sleep. Danny couldn't quite remember what it was they were working on, but he was sure it had something to do with ghosts. Jasmine would be yelling at them to be more involved in their lives… But she was off in New York for a 4 year colleague degree. Oh boy!

Danny looked up from his feet and saw a girl walking in front of him. She had on a pair of black combat boots, and a short plaid skirt. She had on a hoodie, but he couldn't really seem who she was.

A sudden blue vapor leaked from his lips. Danny's body tensed, and he scanned the area for a sign of a ghost.

Usually they showed up by now… Suddenly, the girl in front of him screeched, and turned to run towards him. Danny was just about to go ghost, when he realized what it was she was running from.

A creature that he had never seen before came running around a corner. It was black, blacker than the night around it. He could see no eyes, but he felt it.

His skin crawled, a chill ran down his spine and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. The creature snarled, a sound that made him want to turn and run.

His eyes focused on the person running towards him. She had amethyst eyes, and midnight hair.

The girl! It was her!

She seemed to finally realize he was there, and she suddenly grabbed onto him

"Run!" She shouted as she pulled him along with her. Danny did as he was told and followed her as she turned a corner. He heard the sound of hooves cracking into the pavement behind him, and the constant snarls of the creature behind them. He dared to look back, and he only saw darkness. The streetlight behind them burst, and the sound of hooves grew closer. He needed to act, fast. The girl was still pulling on him, and obviously not looking back. Danny held out his palm, and a green energy beam shot from his hand. He was sure he hit it because the beast roared. The sound of 7 different animals leaving its throat at once. He shuddered. But continued to run.

After a few more minutes, when the girl knew that they were no longer being followed, they slowed to a panting stop. Danny tried to act winded, but he had used his ghost powers to keep him going. The girl had her hands on her knees, and was panting hard.

"Are you okay?" Danny asked. She nodded.

"What was that thing?" She asked. Danny felt another chill run up his spine, but this time it felt good. Her voice was that of angels he was sure. Beautiful, soft, stern, and strong.

"I have no idea what it was. But it was not from this world that I know" And not from the ghost zone either He added silently.

"May I ask your name?" He asked. The dark haired girl straightened, and looked around cautiously.

"My name is Sam Manson." She said it with such authority. Danny smiled

"Daniel Fenton. Danny if you'd please." He offered his hand, and the girl shook it.

"See these things often?" she asked. Danny laughed

"You'd be surprised." Sam chuckled

"Well, I should really head home." Images of the darkness filled his mind

"you can't go back there! Not after that thing chased us…"

"My house is this way." She pointed behind her. Danny chewed on his lip.

"I hope to see you around though Danny. It was nice meeting you." Before he could reply, she left. Danny waved meekly, and then turned to look at the busted street lamp.

He would definitely see Vlad tomorrow.

Danny flashed into Phantom and flew home. His buzz was gone, and he would not risk walking again.

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