Severus groaned as Luna dragged him around the wizarding florist's shop, "Really, how can I possibly be the best candidate for this job?"

Luna smiled, "Neville wasn't available and I don't trust Rolf's taste in flora."

Severus groaned, "Surely there was someone else more qualified!"

Luna shrugged, "None that were available."

Severus glared at the blonde witch as she bounced at the sight of the highly poisonous, highly unpredictable Hestia flower, "Oh look Sev! These are the perfect shade of purple! I did tell you the theme was the night sky didn't I? Luna means moon you know, and Rolf means wolf. It was rather fitting I thought. There will be blues, and purples, and soft pinks, and perhaps some silver and black. Oh it'll be wonderful! My dad is even bringing a worrple for good luck! Oh… do you think these flowers would look good Severus?"

Severus rolled his eyes, "If you want to poison your guests they are a lovely choice."

Luna frowned, "That's too bad. But see! You are helpful!"

Severus smiled lightly, "If you're looking for purple why not try Delphinium." He pulled a couple purple flowers from a nearby pot.

"And for something blue…" he looked around and picked some more flowers from they're pots, "Bluestars and belleflowers."

"Add some Allium, Baby's Breath, and one or two Queen of night tulips and you have a perfectly decent bouquet," Severus handed the flowers to Luna and she grinned.

"Sev are you sure you weren't a florist in your past life? This is beautiful! I love it!" Luna practically skipped over to the shop keep to make arrangements for the flowers.


Harry was fast asleep and in bed when the doorbell rang. He decided to ignore it.

It rang again.

And again.

And again.

"Shut up will you! I'm coming…. Merlin…." Harry rolled out of bed and unceremoniously onto the floor, effectively gathering dust on his t-shirt and boxers.

With a lazy sigh he climbed down the stairs as the bell continued its incessant ringing, "No one has any bloody patience anymore I swear."

Harry slid up to the peephole in the door and pressed his left eye to see the early morning intruder. Standing there with a stupid grin on her face was Hermione Granger and a dishevelled Ron Weasley a few doorsteps down.

Harry sighed and pushed the door open for them, "Morning."

Hermione grinned and flung her arms around him, "Oh Harry! Ronald asked me to marry him!"

Harry smiled, "That's great guys! Congratulations!"

Ron grinned like an idiot, "Thanks mate."

Hermione let go of Harry then looking down frowned, "Harry, where on earth are your pants?"

Harry sighed and gestured for them to follow him down to the kitchen, "Just woke up."

Ron laughed, "It's three in the afternoon."

Harry blushed, "Oh…"

Hermione laughed and smiled at her friend, "You're hopeless."

Harry shrugged as he set a pot on the stove for tea and rummaged around in his cupboard for the tin of sweets he always kept lying around.

Hermione launched right into it, "We're thinking of a spring wedding, late march perhaps... you know, to help George a little…"

Harry nodded solemnly, this year had been hard on the remaining twin when his birthday rolled around on April 1st.

Hermione continued, "Plus the burrow is always so beautiful in the springtime. Merlin knows we'll need the space with Ron's extended family."

Ron groaned, "Great…forgot about that part..."

Harry laughed, remembering a few of the less charming Weasleys from Bill and Fleur's nuptials. "It sounds wonderful guys."

"Speaking of… you're going to be one of my groomsmen right Harry? I'm going to ask George to be best man, and I think Bill, Charlie, and Percy are also going to be groomsmen," Ron grinned at his friend as he set down the tea and sweets.

"Of course, mate. Who's going to be your Maid of Honour Hermione?" Harry asked.

She thought for a moment, "I might ask Ginny."

Harry nodded.

The conversation continued much the same, talking of their engagement and Luna's fast arriving wedding and what they were wearing and so on. It wasn't until around six that Ron announced they had dinner plans with their families to tell them the news. Hermione was going to flu her and her parents to the burrow and even Bill and Fleur were coming in, "You're welcome to come mate."

"Sorry Ron. I already have plans. Besides, it's your family time. Go have a good time you two," Harry smiled as they stood near his fireplace.

"You're our family too Harry," Hermione smiled.

Harry nodded, "I know."

They left.


When Severus got home it was nearing ten and he was rather exhausted from being dragged around all day. He pushed the door open and went down to the kitchen to make himself some tea before he went to bed.

Upon entering the kitchen he saw Harry sitting there with a bottle of fire whiskey and a tin of sweets that was almost empty, "Harry, what on earth are you doing?"

"Ish stupid…." Harry slurred. "Every-everyone is sooooo happy. Gettin married and stuff…."

Severus raised his brow, "Enlighten me."

"Ron and 'mione are getting marrweeed…" Harry hiccupped and slouched his head on the table… "I want to get married…."

Severus laughed, "You're drunker than Hagrid on Valentine's day."

"Soooo?" Harry popped another sweet in his mouth and chewed it loudly.

Severus shook his head, "We'll talk when you're sober. I'm going to bed."

Harry groaned, "Carry me."

He lifted his arms out for Severus. The potions master smirked and pushed his new lover onto the floor.


"If you're sober enough to walk you can sleep in my bed tonight," He smirked and left the kitchen.


The next morning Severus woke up to an empty bed and went downstairs to see Harry passed out on the kitchen floor.

He sighed, "Honestly."