It's been almost half a month, and I'm really sorry, fellow readers. I don't want this story to end that quick. If anything, it might end after ten, maybe twelve chapters. I hope you appreciate the rest to come. In this chapter, the darkness might tear them apart…

Chapter 8: The Deep Sleep

After another week, we're finally able to at least go into the warmth of our home.

Like Koga mentioned before, almost everyone in Sinnoh still despises our relationship. But if there's anything I learned from Dad, if you don't like it, then tough shit. So we've ignored everyone's rude comments…and hateful letters…and the splattered eggs on our gyms…

As for our Gyms, neither me nor Dad has received any challengers. They think incestry is like a plague. But that means fewer badges to give out. We've excused the other trainers from our gyms till further notice (or at least until we've made people understand).

Since coming back home, Dad boarded up the windows, added extra locks on all doors and windows, and made homemade booby traps with the Underground Traps. But to be safe, Koga, Surge, Alder and Cheren have volunteered to sleep in shifts and also install cameras. Safety first.

Me and Dad have finally had a lot more privacy without challengers or a ton of reporters hounding us. I feel hurt by the rude comments and looks we're given. But Dad is really good at reassuring me. I know he loves me and he wants this to pass as much as I do. Although, we've never got to have such amazing sex like this before.

I'm walking home after flying from the Pokémon League from shopping. It's hard to shop in any other city without everything that could happen to me. As I walk, however, I notice less people about Canalave. Come to think of it, I've noticed throughout the week. Maybe they're just blowing all of this out of proportion.

I enter our home when I see him asleep on the couch. He said he wanted to sleep in until noon with all the extra time we had. I smile as I pad quietly towards him. Once I reach him, I peck him on the lips. This usually wakes him up, grumpy at first, until he gets a glimpse of me, giving me that dazzling killer smile.

He doesn't even stir. He must be really tired. I kneel beside him, resting my head on his chest. I'll probably stay like this till he wakes in about fifteen minutes. I can feel his sweet heartbeat. It's slow and sensual.

Too slow and sensual.

I get up and place two fingers to his wrist. It's a little too slow all around. I begin to gently shake him. He stirs only a tiny bit, but doesn't wake. "Dad; come on Dad, wake up." I cringe as he doesn't.

Now I begin to panic. I check his body. He didn't cut himself, and I see no injection areas. I'm confused. I'm worried. I'm scared!

"DAD PLEASE!" I wail as I force myself to shake him violently.

"..Nngh…Roark…get away from…here…" he grumbles. He's alive, so that's reassuring. Apparently he can hear me too. But he just won't wake up.

I think of all the worst things to happen to him. Maybe someone got past our traps and poisoned or put him to sleep. Maybe Riley-WAIT!

I glance over his body once more, to be sure. The pulse, the groans, anything. I view his body over and over, fearing the worst situation possible. It can't be. Not now. Not from me.

After ten minutes, I sink to my knees as I sob into my hands. Me and him both feared of this day. And we aren't the only ones to experience this.

Koga walks in, with Surge, Flint and Volkner trailing behind. When they see me on the floor beside Dad, they rush to our aid. Koga immediately repeats my actions from earlier, checking for a pulse.

"It feels too slow…has he been poisoned?" he questions.

"Worse…." I stutter. "He's…he's been taken into…the 'Nightmare Land'…."

"We call it 'Nightmare Land' because anyone who falls prey to the deep sleep will be pulled into an endless nightmare." I explain. We're all sitting in a circle as I do my best to explain the Canalave City myth.

"I've heard about this before." Volkner starts. "People who fell prey to the dreams were haunted by some shadowy figure.

"Yeah, but why now? Why Byron?" Flint quirks. "Even then, this wouldn't happen that often."

"I wouldn't be too sure." Koga argues. "For the past week and a half, fewer and fewer residents have appeared around the city. Perhaps something…or someone… is appealing to the shadowy figure, bringing more people by the night."

"I honestly thought they were just blowing our situation out of proportion." I mumble, folding my hands across my chest.

"Can't we do anything 'bout this?" Surge asks.

"They say that a Lunar Wing can wake anybody from this sleep."Volkner adds. "That's all we need." Everyone in the circle nods until realization dawns on me.

"There's two problems with that." I quote. "First, everyone still despises us. There's no way they'd let us on the ships to Fullmoon Island." They nod, realizing this as I continue. "And second, I don't want to be really selfish and just help Dad. I know they hate us, but we can't leave other people there. And we certainly wouldn't be able to find enough wings for them."

"…so what then…?" Flint mumbles.

We sit there, pondering the options that just won't come to us. I glide my fingers over Dad's face. I wish I could talk to him. He'd give me good advice…I'd give anything to be with him right now.

Suddenly, it hits me like an Iron Head from his Bastiodon. More and more people have been going to the nightmare daily. So why can't I? I can be with Dad and figure a way to get everyone out. And maybe, just maybe, we can finally earn everyone's trust.

"Koga, do you have your Venomoth with you?" I ask.

"You know he is my primary Pokémon, why?" he counters with a raised brow.

"Because…." I state. "….I'm going in…."

I'm laying on the floor holding hands with Dad, just to be positive that this will work. I grip tightly, for that when I enter, he's the first face I want to see. Koga is towering with Surge, Volkner and Flint beside them. "Are you sure of this?" Koga questions me once more.

"Positive." I nod. "If you guys need to, come in for us after forty five minutes." Checking that I have mine and Dad's Poke Balls on me, I grip Dad's hand tighter, if that's possible. With that, Koga nods and sends out Venomoth. "Sleep Powder." He instructs. As it obeys, I feel sleepy as the powder fills my nostrils. "Looks like I'm saving you now." I smile to him beside me." I start counting back from ten as I begin to slumber…


(Love you dad…hope to see you real soon…)


(When we wake, everything just might get better….)


(And now I lay me down to sleep….)


To Be Continued….

Again, sorry it's been a while. If you read this, you'll know where this is going. BTW, "Nightmare Island" is just the name I came up with since the characters do not know of its name "New Moon Island. Till the next chapter!