Pewdiepie, Felix, however you knew him as, was on his last leg of life.

Fifteen weeks he's been undergoing treatment for stage 2 lung cancer, which later turned to stage 3. He knew he wasn't going to make it, he could tell his doctors thought the same as they told him he would be fine.

His last video was a vlog, opening to show a bald Felix who shaved his head to "support cancer" when it had to do with his own. He lied to his bros so they wouldn't worry, but he knew they would eventually find out.

"Ha-how's it going bros, my name is Peewwwwd-" his regular introduction was interrupted by a violent cough. "Ugh, been sick for the past few days." He lied. "You can probably already tell by the title of this video, this is my last one." Felix announced. He looked down in misery for a few seconds before looking up.

"For the past 3 years I've been uploading videos for you all. From zero, to nearly ten million subscribers, bros. I knew it wouldn't last forever though, and today is the day Pewdiepie stops. I've moved on." He didn't know what to say. This video wasn't really planned out.

"Don't get me wrong, I've loved these past three years. The laughs we've shared, barrels." He ended his sentence which was followed by another violent cough. "Goddamn cold." He said, chuckling, knowing that it was very much so from one.

"Maybe I'll see you again one day." Knowing every well he wouldn't.

"It's been fun" Felix said, holding back tears.