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Classes down below.

Raven: RF

Aisha: VP

Elsword: LK

Rena: WS

Ara: SD

Eve: CEM

Chung: IP

Kiyo: Here is the plot for this tasty lemon. Raven's birthday is coming up and Aisha goes to Rena for advice on what to do for his birthday. Rena suggests that Aisha gives Raven a special night~. Read more to find out~. I hope you like my first ACTUAL lemon! :D

~Void Princess and Reckless Fist~

"Hey Rena...Got a second?" Aisha the Void Princess asked Rena the Wind Sneaker while they were both washing the dishes after dinner.

"Sure what's up?" Rena asked.

"Can we talk in my room? It's kinda important." The purple-headed girl blushed.

"It's about Raven huh~?" She giggled. Aisha's face turned even more red and she nodded. "All right then let's go~." Rena dragged Aisha away from the kitchen but quietfully walked past the living room as the rest of the Elgang were on sofa chairs and couches while watching some random show. Both of the girls finally reached Aisha's room. Rena walked inside and Aisha walked in after her to lock the door. "Talk to me girl." Both of the girls sat on the bed as soon as she said that.

"Well it's just that...Raven's birthday is coming up soon and I wanna give him a special present..Since he's treated me so well." Aisha turned bright red.

"Oh I see. Here I've got an idea for you. Why don't you just have sex with him~?" Rena grinned widely.

"WHAT?!" Aisha's whole body turned red.

"Oh come on Aisha, you've been dating Raven for what...three years now? What's wrong~? Don't you want to?" Aisha looked away from the elf feeling hot all of a sudden.

"It's just that...the thought of doing it..." She said quietly.

"Oh you'll love it! But...when he takes your virginity, it'll be painful. BUT THE PAIN DOESN'T LAST LONG AISHA SO DON'T YOU WORRY!"

"How do you know this? Who took your virginity Rena?" The mage asked curiously.


"WHAT SINCE WHEN?!" Aisha's eyes grew wide.

"Last week when you all went to bed~."

"Oh I thought that it was Elsword and Eve at it again."

"So you up for it~?" The elf giggled.

"Tell me more about sex. I wanna please Raven as best as I can. I want to know the tricks in doing it." Aisha said with determined eyes.

"Ok I'll tell you. I expect you to listen well so you don't ruin your special night~." Aisha blushed for a bit before Rena spoke again.

"I'll listen well. Raven's gonna want to be with me forever~." Aisha said with a small grin across her face.

"Ok I'll bring him over!" Rena winked at the mage that was pretending to be asleep while being naked under the covers on her bed. Aisha's face turned a bit red after hearing the elf. 'I'm ready to make love to Raven. I'll show everyone that he only belongs to me.' Aisha thought while blushing a bit.

"Aisha becomes a full woman after this~." Rena said quietly to herself and giggled softly. Rena walked quietly to the living room and tapped Raven on the shoulder.

"What is it?" Raven asked.

"Aisha has a surprise for you~." Rena giggled again. The others were beginning to look over at us.

"Another present from Aisha...?" He sounded confused.

"It's an amazing present~."

"What is it?" The others asked in unison.

"Where is she?" Raven asked.

"Just come on." Rena dragged Raven out of his chair and in front Aisha's room. Her door was closed.

"H-HEY! WHAT'S THE BIG-" Raven started to speak but Rena placed a finger on his lips.

"Just get your ass inside and enjoy the present~." Rena opened the door for him and kicked him inside.

"WHAT THE?!" Raven shouted in surprise. Rena quickly shut the door and locked it. Footsteps were approaching Rena as the others approached her.

"What's going on Rena?" Chung asked.

"Yeah what's with the racket? Trying to watch my show here." Elsword said feeling annoyed. Raven was trying to listen in on Rena to see what she was up to.

"Come to the living room and I'll tell you~."

"Um...ok?" They said in unison. Rena skipped all the way there while humming. The rest of the Elgang except for Aisha and Raven arrived at the living room.

"Now spill it Rena. Where's Aisha and why did you lock Raven in her room." Elsword now being interested. Rena whispered it into each of their ears. Chung and Elsword grinned, Eve giggled and Ara just standed there with her mouth open.

"It's about time they started doing it!" Elsword grinned wider. "I can remember my first time with Eve~." Elsword winked at Eve and she blushed madly.

"ELSWORD!" She slapped him across the face.

"OW!" Elsword rubbed his red face. Everyone began to laugh at the red head.

"Damn you Rena..." Raven sighed and sat on the floor. 'So Aisha's present is in here...?' Raven thought. "Might as well look for it." Raven started with Aisha's purple bat drawer. He pulled out each drawer only to find Aisha's clothes. Raven's face turned pink when he opened the bottom drawer to find Aisha's undergarments. "Better put everything back where it belongs before she kills me." Raven said to himself. He looked around the room and his eyes landed on the huge bulge under the blanket on Aisha's bed. "Could that be my present under the blanket?" Raven said to himself. Aisha giggled in her head. 'This is so exciting! I can hardly stay still!' Aisha thought to herself while pretending to be sleeping under the blanket. Raven walked over to bed and removed the blanket only to find a naked sleeping Aisha. Raven's face turned bright red from the sight. "What the hell? Why is Aisha..? She's going to get cold like that..." He walked back to the drawer to go find some clothes for Aisha. Raven looked back at her. "She does look awfully cute and her breasts...WHAT AM I THINKING?!" Raven quickly closed his mouth and shook his head to remove the bad thoughts. As soon as Raven had finished putting the shirt on Aisha, she suddenly grabbed him and flipped him over making it so that she was on top of him on the bed. "A-Aisha?" Raven sounding surprised. She pressed her lips onto Raven's and licked his teeth asking for Raven to open his mouth. Raven slowly opened his mouth and let Aisha's tongue lick the roof of his mouth. Her tongue then tried to pull his inside her mouth. She earned a small moan from Raven. She smirked lightly against his lips as she was letting Raven dominate her tongue. Aisha rubbed her chest against his earning more pleasure for Raven. Aisha finally pulled back after needing to catch her breath. A string of both Aisha's and Raven's saliva were hanging between the both of them. "What was that about?" Raven grinned slightly.

"Let's become one tonight Raven. I love you so much. This is my special present to you. You may do whatever you wish to me. My body is yours and yours alone."

"You make a wonderful present~. I also want to become one with you. I love you Aisha." Aisha blushed slightly and Raven took that chance to put his hands on her shoulders and flipped themselves over making him be on top of her this time.

"B-be gentle please..this is my first time you know." Aisha's face turned red. Raven nodded and kissed her neck earning a small moan from her. "That feels nice Raven~. More~." Raven nibbled on her earlobe. Aisha shivered in pleasure as his teeth were on her earlobe. Raven bit her neck lightly and rubbed her left breast lightly. "I'm sorry that my boobs are not as big as Rena or Ara's..." She frowned. Raven released her and looked into her eyes.

"It doesn't matter if you're small or big. I love you and only you Aisha." Raven smiled at her.

"Aw Raven..." Aisha's face kept getting brighter red each second that had passed. "Please...continue."

"As you wish~." Raven removed her shirt. Aisha looked away as Raven gazed upon her. Aisha feeling annoyed from Raven staring at her for too long, grabbed his human hand and placed it onto one of her breasts. "Ah...Sorry if I made you wait." Raven rubbed her boob which caused Aisha to mewl.

"It's f-fine."

"S-stuttering now are we~?" Raven teased.

"S-shush..." Raven chuckled and licked her nipple. Aisha squeaked a little. "That feels weird yet enjoyable at the same time." Raven grinned widely and licked her nipple some more. Aisha closed her eyes and moaned happily as Raven was licking her. Raven could feel that her body was getting warmer and warmer with each passing moment.

"Can I suck your nipple?" Raven asked. Aisha sighed.

"Do you ever listen to me? I said that you can do whatever you want to my body. This is my present to you my dear Raven~."

"Ah...sorry." Raven apologized.

"Don't be~." Aisha shoved his face into her chest by force. Raven sucked on her left nipple and played with the right. Aisha moaned loudly and shoved his face into her breast trying to fit it in Raven's mouth. Raven bit down on her nipple slightly. Aisha squeaked a little and winced a bit. "Aah~." Raven released her and looked into her eyes again.

"Did that hurt you?" Raven asked nicely.

"O-only a little." She admitted.

"I see." Raven sat up on his legs and looked down at her womanhood. "Spread your legs open."

"Yes Raven~." Aisha immediately opened up her legs showing Raven more of her pussy. Raven sucked on her other nipple while his fingers were rubbing her clitoris. Aisha tried to supress her moaning but it came out anyways which turned Raven on even more. "Raven...let me take your shirt off please~." She looked at Raven with a pouty face. Raven nodded and stood up. Aisha immediately started taking his shirt off and threw it against the wall in 5 seconds flat.

"Well that was fast." Raven sounded a bit surprised. Aisha smirked lightly and brought her man down on top of her. Aisha mewled slightly as she could feel his chest against hers. Both of them could both feel how much body heat that they have. Aisha rubbed her chest against his lightly and started kissing him hungrily. Aisha started to wrestle his tongue with hers. Raven also wrestled with her tongue with his. Aisha let Raven dominate her tongue once more and he licked the roof of her mouth. Aisha let out a small moan against his lips. Raven started playing with her clit, this time with his nasod arm. He was careful not to poke her with it and rubbed lightly. This earned a louder moan from Aisha. Raven pulled away from Aisha and another string of saliva hung from their lips. Raven and Aisha's sexual desires for each other kept rising and rising for every minute that had passed. Raven climbed downwards towards her womanhood and saw that she was slightly wet. Aisha blushed as he did this.

"You can lick it if you want~." Aisha grinned at him. Raven's eyes were wide open for a few seconds before he decided to lick the top of her pussy. Aisha already starting get more wet. Raven decided to lick inside her and did so. This resulted in Aisha jumping a little bit and arched her back with several moans coming out of her mouth. "Keep...doing...that." Aisha's breath was starting to get a bit heavy. Raven grinned for a bit before going back to lick her womanhood. His tongue kept exploring inside of her.

"You taste sweet Aisha." Raven said that before licking deeper. Aisha placed a hand on his head and pushed him against her making it so that his tongue would go deeper.

"MMMM!" Aisha yelled out loudly. "DON'T STOP!" Aisha's breath was getting louder and heavier. She could feel something building up inside of her as Raven kept licking in her. 'I never thought that sex would be so enjoyable~.' Aisha thought to herself while drooling slightly. Aisha couldn't hold back whatever was building up inside of her and started cumming. Raven licked up all of Aisha's juices as best as he could. "Raven..."

"Yeah?" He said as he sat up on the bed. Aisha suddenly grabbed him and switched positions with him making her be on top once more.

"I taste you..." Aisha rubbed his crotch with her hand lightly. Raven could feel his member getting harder from her touch. Raven nodded allowing her to continue. Aisha started to unzip his pants and pulled them down slowly revealing his boxers. Aisha gulped a little as she saw how big he was. "So big!" She stared at it in awe. Raven grinned slightly. Aisha slowly reached out with her hand and stuck it inside his boxers. She gripped his dick lightly before stroking it. Raven started getting even harder from her hand stroking it. Aisha slowly pulled down his boxers and threw all of his clothing on the floor including her shirt. Aisha stared at his large member once more. "I hope I can...satisfy you Raven." Raven smiled at her.

"I'm sure you'll do all right. Now continue~." Aisha grinned slightly and licked his tip.

"You taste delicious~." Aisha opened up her mouth and sucked on the tip of his dick. Raven started to moan slightly. 'Her mouth feels hot.' Raven thought to himself. Aisha slowly went down further filling up her mouth with his manhood. She bobbed her head up and down sucking his dick hard making slurping sounds as she does it.

"So hot..." Raven said quietly. However Aisha heard him and decided to step things up a bit. Aisha turned her body around and laid on him the opposite way giving Raven a close-up view of her womanhood and her asshole. Raven placed his hands on her ass and licked her asshole this time. Aisha moaned loudly as she was sucking him. Aisha sped up and had her hand on his manhood to stroke and suck him at the same time. Aisha tried her best not to gag seeing as this is her first time sucking a man. Aisha attempted to deepthroat his 9-inch dick. She held it in half-way for about 5 seconds then took her mouth off of his manhood. Raven fingered her asshole and licked her pussy at the same time. Aisha sucked really hard on his cock and started deepthroating it. She was moaning as she did it. She slapped his member against her lips. Aisha suddenly changed positions and looked into his eyes.

"Raven...I'm ready. For you to make love to me." Aisha kissed him and made moaning sounds against his lips. She pulled away from him for air. Raven nodded and switch positions with Aisha. Raven looked at her with worry. Aisha noticed this and smiled at him. "Don't worry Raven. I am happy to give my virginity to you. Just please be gentle..."

"Here hold my Nasod hand." Raven offered his metal arm to her. She nodded slowly and grabbed his metal arm. Raven put the tip of his member inside of her vagina. He could feel the hymen inside her with his tip. "Are you sure...?" He asked her sweetly. She nodded eagerly.

"I want to stay by your side forever! I love you Raven...I want to make a family with you." Aisha smiled brightly. Raven nodded. Aisha started to brace herself for the pain that Rena warned her about. Raven slowly went deeper and carefully broke her hymen. Aisha screamed in pain as he broke her hymen. Aisha cried a bit and squeezed hard on his arm from the intense pain.

"A-are you ok?!" He asked with worry. Aisha nodded weakly and smiled softly.

"I can withstand this. Go ahead Raven. Make love to me~." Raven nodded and he slowly pumped himself into her. The pain was slowly dissapearing as it turned into pleasure. Raven slowly went faster and faster when he heard Aisha started to moan loudly. "FUCK ME HARDER!" Aisha looked at him with lust-filled eyes. She let him go finally and spread her legs open wider. Raven went faster and harder, thrusting his dick into her. She rubbed her clitoris to give herself more pleasure. "SO BIG~!" She mewled happily. Aisha drooled slightly from the massive amount of pleasure. He thrusted in her faster touching her G-spot. Aisha suddenly got very wet when he hit her G-spot. "HARDER!" Raven practically slammed himself against her, fucking her with his whole length. Aisha could feel herself starting to cum again. She decided to hold it in and see what happens.

"So tight you are but I'll spread you open~." Raven said with a grin. Aisha blushed darkly as he said that. Raven placed his hands on her thighs to get in a better position. He continued thrusting his cock deep inside of her like before. Aisha couldn't hold it in anymore and let her juices flow out of her. Raven took his member out and licked up her juices. "You taste really really good~." He slapped his member against her womanhood. Aisha glared at him.

"Stop teasing!"

"All right all right. I'll stop~." Aisha pouted. Raven grinned widely and flipped her onto her stomach. He continued to fuck her the same as before only this time spanking her ass as he does it. "YOU LIKE MY BIG DICK HUH?!" He spanked her hard with human hand.

"YES I LOVE IT~!" Aisha moaned loudly and more drool came out of her mouth. Raven got seriously turned on and pumped himself into her to the max.

"SAY MY NAME!" Raven spanked both of her asscheeks.

"OH RAVEN! OH RAVEN!" She obeyed. Raven could feel his manhood throbbing.

"You want my cum don't you~?" He asked her with a grin.


"Beg for it~." He spanked her some more.

"NNG! PLEASE OH PLEASE GIMME YOUR HOT LOAD! I NEED IT IN ME! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!" Aisha begged while moaning loudly. Raven ejaculated a lot in her pussy one minute later. Raven was no longer hard and he collapsed on Aisha. Aisha turned towards him. "That was amazing..." Both of them were feeling very hot and were breathing heavily. "I love you Raven. Happy birthday!"

"I love you too Aisha. That was an amazing present. " They held each other in their arms all night and eventually went to bed.

Kiyo: So what'd you think? Good? Bad? Catch you guys later! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! :D