Kiyo: I've been thinking a lot about doing a lemon lately. Before I wasn't too comfortable writing them but now I am.

Elsword: LEMONS! :D

Aisha: HENTAI! *bonks him on the head*

Kiyomaru: Aw no yuri...? QQ

Kiyo: Just good old lemons! So yeah...What's the first pairing going to be I wonder~? Vote now in the reviews. I'm willing to even use my OCs in the lemon story too~. Oh by the way, I'm just going to put all my lemons into one story so each chapter will have a different lemon each time. HAPPY VOTING!

Everyone but Elsword and Kiyo: WHAT?! O_O

Kiyo: UM BYE~! *runs away* Oh one last thing, I'll do any classes for each character! Oh and you have to give me a damn plot or else I won't do it. -.-