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A college student looked at the rather large mirror on the wall, smiling.

He had black, sea-blown hair, emerald green eyes, a plain orange shirt with a green un-zipped jacket over it, faded blue jeans, and white sneakers on.

"Hey there..." He muttered, "The name's Percy. Perseus Jackson..."

He sighed, "Yeah. No need to say it. I already know what your thinking... 'What the hell kind of name it Perseus Jackson?!'"

Perseus walked up to a nearby stand that held a picture of his family that was framed as well. A digital clock that said 7:00 was placed there as well.

"I didn't make it up or anything like that. My grandparents are Greek, even though I don't much look it, that's where it comes from. But you don't really have to worry about that. Just call me Percy."

And believe it or not...

The name's not the most unusual thing about me.

You see, ever since I was little I've been able to...well,

Percy opened his eyes slowly, in front of him was a green cat with one eye on top of his chest. Behind it was a skeleton dog ghost of some sort thing and something with three diamond red eyes.

"Mreooooow" The cat said, kinda harshly.

See things...

"I said OUT you filthy little vermin!" Percy growled as he pushed them to the other side of the room.

But it's not that bad I guess. I mean over the years I've learned to cope with it pretty well.

"Percy, would you please read the next excerpt?" His professor called out.

"Ummmm..." Percy said as he looked at his text book, which had an eye and a mouth on it.

Though sometimes, it's unavoidable.

"Blaaaaaaaaarg 3" The textbook smiled.

Despite the occasional incident, I never had really too much trouble because of my...um, ''ability''.

Well, that is, until recently. You see, it all started going down hill after my grandfather passed away. She left me this weird old book I had never seen before. And honestly, I've been to afraid to open it.

I know it sounds silly, but things only gotten worse ever since I took it back to school with me.

So even as guilty as it makes me feel, I've kept it shoved under my bed.

Percy looked at the brown book that had a weird 'dream catcher' with blue feathers on top of it.

However, recently I've been getting hit with these sudden urges of curiosity.
He started to walked towards his bed.

Like if I don't just look at it already, something bad will happen. So honestly, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold out.

Percy grabbed the book from under his bed.

But it's only a dusty, old book. And it WAS my Grandpa's. So really, what's the worst that could happen?
Percy opened the book.

As soon as he opened it, a loud sound and bright light came from the book. Causing Percy to yelp and cover his eyes, the stepped backwards, tripping over a pile of books accidentally.

"Woaah!" He fell, landing on his butt.


The lit and sound dimmed until it was gone.

"What the HELL was that?" Percy rubbed his forehead, " Oh man, my eyes feel funny." He opened them.

His eyes glowed the strange light that once the book had, "W-what! What's happening?!" He panicked.


Somewhere among the under realm, around some mountains that seemed funny, inside a servant bowed down to a large creature.

"My loord. The new Seer...He has finally awaken."

"Excellent..Bring him to me..." The creature said. The only thing a person could of seen was his sharp teeth.

"Did that really just happened?" Percy rubbed his eyes. He opened them again and looked at the book, the light was fading from his eyes, "The book... It's not glowing anymore..." He muttered.

He tugged at his hair, "Was it...Really ever glowing at all?" He asked himself.

"Oh man! I am literally losing it here! I got to get some sleep..."

He walked towards his bed and layed down on it, "Maybe I really should see the doctor Mom's been talking about..."

His eyes started to droop, "I'll call him...In the morning..." He muttered.

"Psst! Hey dude! Wake up!"

"mmmmmm" Percy rubbed his eyes.

"Hey! Are you deaf?! I said, Get. Up."

Percy shot his eyes open, "What?! Who said that?!" He panicked.

A person with a pale face, large smile, black eyes, black around them also, and a black long hair looked at him.

"Morning Sunshine..."

Percy eyes were wide as his face paled.

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