Hello! I am Spirit Kone, writer for this story.

First up - I just want to say how that I am SUPER sorry for not updating this story for over a year! I am truly sorry!

Second - Shut the hell up Matt, I don't care how you feel if you do not care about the writer behind the story.

Now to explain about my disappearance.

I have another fanfiction account, but I haven't updated that in like two years.

I have a deviantart account, but I have not been active on that as much as I should (cause I doodle a bunch).

I have a YouTube on that and I have been ACTIVE on that, but I am starting a hiatus on that.

I have school, and I am busy with that (since it takes 8 hours a day, and soon it will take a few more hours because I want to do an online thing to help with my credits).

I draw and edit a lot, and recently I have been writing but original stories and this massive multi-fandom story featuring a bunch of live-action TV shows. I am planning on finished the first couple of chapters individually and then upload then every month or week (I don't know). So I have been busy I guess.

Now to talk about the story.

The reason I stopped this is because Madame Macabre, as I said before, stopped the original comic when I made this story and I wanted to continue once she picked it up (but I don't know if it is now, do you guys know?)

I admit I do not like copying stories and just switch characters. I like to add my own originality to it.

So thanks to That-One-Rainbow-Rose for giving a suggestion to "spice up" the story. Here is the review:

I'm sure you can do something with the story! It would be refreshing, something different. Just using the story with Percy is a bit boring, considering you just change the name and a bit of the dialogue with Percy. Maybe you can somehow incorporate more of the Percy Jackson series. Maybe he could be stuck in some sort of alternate dimension, and he starts getting flashes about monsters and gods...

I do want to try this out. Perhaps around the next chapter or a few? No idea. I also do just want to finish all my stories and be done with it. So maybe I'll do it with this one first?

See ya next time!