A/N: I was going to wait on starting this fic, but it just wouldn't leave me alone. ^_^;; So here's another multipart story for me to be working on in my admittedly limited spare time.

"Making the Grade"

High school sucks. It's a fact that is generally agreed upon by all high school students, even though their parents repeatedly assure them that it will eventually be considered the best four years of their lives- a disturbing thought, indeed.

Higurashi Kagome, however, was just glad that she'd gotten in. She was an excellent student, but it probably would've been far, far easier to make it into a decent school had she not been chasing youkai, jewel shards, dead priestesses, and men in monkey costumes through the feudal ages for most of her spare time, little of it as she had. As it was, she hadn't exactly been able to pick and choose, and therefore wasn't in the same school as any of her junior high girlfriends.

All the same, she was enormously grateful not to have failed the entrance exams, as Inu-Yasha had so sincerely hoped. If she wasn't in school, he reasoned, they could search for the shards of the Shikon Jewel full-time. The heartfelt expression of this sentiment the very day of said entrance exams had earned the poor fool ten sits in a row, which had done a great deal towards stress relief for Kagome but left him limping for the rest of the week. Miroku and Shippou had been excessively amused; Kaede and Sango, annoyed by his stupid testosterone and inability to admit that the only thing he really wanted to do was get Kagome in bed. Unfortunately, Inu-Yasha was rather stupid (just ask one of his many, many rivals/sworn enemies), even for a youkai, and lacking both charm and patience, so it was more or less a pointless exercise.

Last night he had again attempted to seduce the lovely lady Kagome with his coarse manners, poor hygiene, and sweet nothings of "bitch" and "damned woman". Surprisingly enough, this dashing young Romeo of the feudal period had only succeeded in seriously pissing off his fair Juliet and shamelessly ruining her beauty sleep, then being "sat" from a second-story window. Twice.

The repercussions of his stubborn libido lasted until the next day (although Kagome certainly hadn't known he was trying to get her into bed without any kind of formal courtship or marriage license to precede the event, else she'd have sat him harder), when our young heroine Kagome found herself waking up late for her first day of high school. A few colorful curses about dog demons later, she was out the door with the last bite of breakfast still in her mouth and wearing her spiffy new uniform of a maroon blazer, skirt, and green tie. But enough with the fashion show.

Because unfortunately for poor Kagome, she was about to get in a hell of a lot more trouble than she needed- beginning with the runaway ramen cart on its way to colliding with her well dressed little body.


To be continued.