Hey everyone! So, as I said to one reviewer of my story 'At Least You Got Your Eyes Closed', I wanted to do a prompt-based story this summer after reading a few, especially Center of the Galaxy's. Plus, I have a huge thing about hurt Sam, so there's that too, and that is the theme on which prompts will need to be based – a scenario in which Sam is hurt or sick, set anytime, any where.

So, here we are: y'all know how this works, leave a prompt in the reviews and I'll write it up into a one-shot chapter here! I only have a couple of rules/guidelines:

I don't do slash - gen only, please and thank you. Sorry, I just don't feel comfortable writing it. Ditto explicit scenes – I take no real issue with language, but really graphic sex/violence/gore is a no-go I'm afraid. De-aged is also not something I particularly enjoy doing (and consequently or conveniently suck at), so please keep this in mind.

However, having said that, if it's canon, I have no problem writing that, so that's fine

Other than that, the rest is up to you, but Sam must be hurt in the story, and please be specific (i.e. broken arm or drowning etc).

I'm not going to promise daily updates because I find that may be a tad unrealistic of a goal to set myself, I've got procrastinating down to a fine art, but every two or three days is probably reasonable to guess.

I figured I'd start it off with a little prompt of my own (and by that I mean a one-shot I had floating around my head), and then after that it's your choice! Can't wait to read your prompts – as of this moment, I'm going to accept prompts/requests open from now (July 2nd) until July 20th. I may extend this, depending on how things go, but because this is my first time doing anything like this I don't want to overwhelm myself. Also, there are going to be periods of time when I can't write (I'm going on vacation from the 10th to the 16th but will try and figure something out for this), but we'll see how it goes! Happy prompting!

(P.S - I really suck at coming up with titles, so yes, these are Justin Timberlake lyrics...I'm a little ashamed, but not enough to change it)

Okay, this is just a short one-shot to get it started, set after 'Two Minutes to Midnight' in season five, but we're pretending Dean hasn't agreed to the plan for Sam to jump into the cage yet.

"Did you know about this?

About Sam's genius plan to cram the devil down his throat?"

Sam winced as he reached into his pocket, stood on the sidewalk and feeling the dread rising in his heart as he looked at the state of the car in front of him. Dean was going to kill him. Holding his right arm tightly against his chest, he clumsily dialled his big brother's number before lifting the phone to his ear, smearing the blood coming out of a cut above one of his eyes.

"Sam?" Dean answered after a couple of rings. "Where are you? I thought you were going straight back to the motel, but I beat you back here."

"Uh, yeah," Sam said, bracing himself for the reaction he was going to get with the divulging of the news he had to break to his brother. "I kinda ran into a slight problem on the way back."

Sam could almost picture the frown that would have crossed Dean's face as soon as he said that.

"What happened?" Dean demanded, at which Sam sighed.

"Okay, don't freak out," he began, "it's not as bad as it sounds –"

"You crashed my car, didn't you!" Dean interrupted in an accusatory tone, cursing on the other end of the line. "Dammit, Sam, what did you do?"

Sam winced again as he inadvertently jostled his arm but shifting his weight from one foot to the other before answering. However, before he got the chance Dean interpreted his silence in the way only a caring older sibling or a parent could.

"You're hurt," Dean stated, his tone softer this time, and immediately Sam could hear the sound of items being picked up and a door being shut. "Where are you?"

"Jefferson, across from the park," Sam mumbled, beginning to feel light-headed and he thought to himself that the intelligent thing to do before calling Dean would've been to stop the blood flow coming from his forehead.

"Alright, don't move, you got it? Just sit down and wait for me," Dean said before hanging up, and Sam soon began to feel the spread of relief that came with knowing Dean would take care of everything, just as he always had. Sam sat down and leant against the passenger door of the Impala, holding his arm steady, and closed his eyes and waited for Dean.


Five minutes after hanging up with Sam Dean was finally on Jefferson and, sure enough, saw the Impala parked beside the curb. Surveying the damage from where he was on the opposite side of the street, Dean could see the headlight on the driver's side was smashed, with the hood on the same side a little crumpled. While these were both easy fixes, however, it made the unease Dean was feeling grow as he knew it would have been the side Sam was sat on, and his little brother was nowhere to be seen.

"Sam?" he called as he crossed the street, coming up around the front of the car. Just as he was about to shout his brother's name again, though, he got to the passenger side by the curb and saw Sam leaning back against the door.

"Sammy," Dean said in a loud voice, his heart thumping when he saw Sam's eyes were closed. "Sammy, c'mon man, open your eyes."

Kneeling next to his little brother, Dean let out of a sigh of relief when he felt Sam's pulse thrumming against his fingers, albeit a little slow. Moving his fingers from Sam's neck to the cut above his left eye, he decided it wouldn't need stitches but some butterfly bandages would work.

"Alright, Sammy," Dean murmured, taking in the way Sam was holding his right arm protectively against his chest and guessed it to be broken. "I could do the forehead thing, but a broken bone means a trip to the ER, dude."

Sam's eyes opened slowly as he registered Dean's voice, but before he could say anything Dean decided to take advantage of the could-be temporary consciousness and get Sam into the car.

"Alright, Sam." Grasping Sam's good arm, he pulled him up with some difficulty due to the non-existent help his brother was giving, but eventually got him standing on his feet, from which he was then manoeuvred into the passenger seat after Dean got the door open while keeping Sam's arm across his shoulders. He then moved around to the driver's side and got in, focusing from that moment on driving to the closest emergency room while trying to keep Sam awake.

After getting to the hospital and filling in all of the paperwork with the fake insurance details they were using at the moment, the two were relegated to the waiting room until a doctor was available to see Sam and, as he wasn't in life-threatening danger, they were warned it could be a while. Dean helped Sam into a chair and then sat in the one next to him, unsurprised when he felt his little brother's head fall onto his shoulder. Dean lifted up a hand and carded it through Sam's hair, some of it sticky with blood from the cut which had had a piece of gauze taped to it until it was properly dealt with.

"M'sorry," Sam mumbled, his voice almost incoherent through the fabric of Dean's shirt. "Didn't mean to."

Dean sighed. "It's fine, Sam, let's just get your arm set and then I'll kick your ass later for whatever you ran into to dent my car like that."

Dean felt Sam shake his head against his neck and the muttered disagreement with the statement he'd made.

"Didn't hit anything," Sam muttered, "hit me. Ran into me, didn't slow down."

This made Dean stop for a minute, his fingers still in Sam's hair. Moving them down to lift Sam's head off of his shoulder, he looked into his little brother's bleary eyes.

"Wait, what?" he asked sharply, "someone ran into you? Didn't they stop when they hit you?"

"No," Sam said quietly, rubbing the hand of his good arm across his eyes and making Dean's heart twinge in the way that it made him look like 7-year old Sam again when he was tired but waiting up for Dean to go to bed too before he went to sleep.

Trying to keep the anger he felt building inside of him at the thought of someone just driving off after hitting Sam while he was driving, Dean sat back and Sam rested his head on his shoulder again, too tired to sit up straight.

Turning to look at his now-sleeping brother, Dean couldn't help but smile. Only for Sam would he sit there with a grown man resting on his shoulder. Making a mental note to call Bobby and ask if they could stop by to fix the car and let Sam spend a few days reacquainting himself with the difficulties of a broken arm, Dean couldn't help but think about how peaceful Sam looked while he was asleep. Although he knew that he'd been having nightmares courtesy of Lucifer, in the moments straight after he fell asleep he seemed completely at ease, and the thought of letting his brother throw himself into the pit to stop Lucifer and Michael made him want to cry, especially in moments such as these when Sam looked so much like he had at 12 – innocent, naïve and feeling completely safe because Dean was nearby.

Blinking furiously, Dean forced himself to pull it together. Sam had said that if they didn't all agree then he wouldn't do it, but Dean knew Sam – there was no way after being the one to break the final seal that he wasn't going to do whatever he could to stop the fight between Michael and Lucifer from killing millions of people, and Dean knew that he would have to accept that he was going to say goodbye to his brother soon. The thought of that made him want to tear his heart out, letting the boy he had spent his entire life protecting kill himself for the sake of people who would never know what he did, and leave Dean stuck behind struggling to figure out how to go on in a world where there was no Sam Winchester.

Before Dean could go any further in a chain of thought that made him want to lock Sam in the panic room and never let him out, Sam's name was called by a doctor and soon he was guiding his dazed brother through the waiting room to the ER, focusing on protecting him in the now and not worrying about what might happen in the future.