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Sirius wasn't happy. He wasn't sad either. He knew inside himself that James, Lily and... Well, the Potters wouldn't wanted him to mope around. He did a pretty good job of it though, but not enough to sink into depression. He had almost been thrown into Azkaban after the death of his best friend and his family, but Arthur Weasley had realised the rat his son Percy had found was an animagus. He had been lucky, very lucky.

For years after Voldemort and the Potters died, Sirius searched. They had never found Harry's body, but all revealing spells didn't work. Harry Potter was dead, but that didn't stop him from searching. He had wanted Harry to be buried with his family, but he couldn't be.

That was why Sirius was sitting in front of a gravestone that was labeled for three people even though only two people were buried. It was Halloween that day, and he had brought flowers to their grave. Remus had come too, but he had gone the muggle library.

He had been sitting on the ground for half an hour, just looking at the stone. He had no idea how to get to the library, nor did he really want to. He was pulled out of his thinking when a small girl, probably about four, ran past the gravestone, and tripped into him. Standing up he looked at the girl, who was covered in mud and smiling brightly even though her knees and hands were grazed. She seemed to be quite happy sitting on the ground though.

"Can you stand?", he asked, frowning. She tried to stand and seemed to notice that she bleeding for the first time, and tears started to roll down her face even though her smile was unchanged. She shook her head and he lifted her up of the ground.

"Who are you with?", he asked. She grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the gate. For a second Sirius wondered if she was a death eater and he used his free hand to reach into his pocket to make sure his wand was still there. Once he was sure it was he asked, "Where are we going?".

He couldn't help but wonder if he knew her. He didn't think so, but her hair was tucked up in a hat and her eyes which were saphire blue didn't look familiar. He quickly decided that he couldn't leave the girl alone. The girl was ignoring his question though, so he stopped and asked again, "Where are your parents?".

She seemed rather impatient when she turned back to him and put a hand on her wrist like she didn't want to have to deal with this, in fact she looked rather like Mcgonagall. She even pursed her lips before answering, "Auntie Anna and you will look like a prince and princess. Come on, you have to meet her before you get married."

She turned and dragged a stunned Sirius, who was wondering how he was being set up by a five year old muggle girl, away. Eventually he was dragged up to where a young woman was looking for something, or Sirius would guess someone. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw them and started walking towards them.

Sirius first thought was that as the little girl had said, she did look like a princess. She had curly blonde hair and startling grey eyes. She knelt down besides the girl and brushed the dirt of her before smiling at Sirius.

"Thank you", she smiled again at him before addressing the child. "Where is your brother?".

The little girl seemed to get even more excited. "He's coming, but Auntie Anna was saw him! We saw it! And Cameron got photos!".

Anna's face fell to shock and her hands seemed to tighten on the little girl's arm. "Are you sure Ella?".

The girl who we now know as Ella, nodded eagerly. "It had the lightning patch and the boy had the lightning scar!".

The woman paled a second before a blonde boy around five ran in, brandishing a camera like a weapon.

"We saw the boy", he yelled, "And near the herd we saw it!".

Now that that the girl's brother was found Anna seemed to calm down and a grin covered her face before trying to become stern, "How times have I told you? Don't go near the deer herds!", she she grinned again though, "Come along then. We'll go get the pictures made up and add them to the others".

She grabbed ahold of the boy's arm and started to lead them away when Sirius quickly asked, "Do you know where the library is? I'm supposed to meet my friend there but it has moved since I lived here."

Her face became almost pleased for a second before becoming neutral, and the little girl looked completely smug. "That's where we're going, follow us".

They left the graveyard in silence before Anna asked, "What's your name? It'll take five minutes for us to get there".


"Weird name, no offence. I'm Anna. This is my niece and nephew Cameron and Eloise, she prefers Ella though".

They walked in silence besides from the two kids arguing until Sirius, who had who had always hated awkward silences, said, "What is it that you are so excited about getting photos of?".

Anna smiled at him, "You really aren't from around here are you?".

He shrugged helplessly, "I lived around eight years ago."

"Well it's a legend", she paused for a second as if calculating something. "I actually think it's more of a story. It has only been around for around four years. But it's just a story, so doesn't matter unless you really want to hear it".

Four years, since Lily, James and Harry died. Without even thinking Sirius asked, "Please tell me."

She looked at him for a second then shrugged and nodded. "Well, four years ago, tomorrow, a family were found murdered."

Sirius knew that family, but he didn't say anything. Something was telling him to shut up, and it sounded suspiciously like Lily, who during his schooldays had become his conscience because she had scolded him and the other marauders so much.

"The neighbours saw two bodies taken out of the house, but they knew that the couple had a young child, but his body was never brought out. There was a funeral and hundreds of people were seen on the roads, it was held over at the old Potter manor, that was the family that was murdered you see, the Potters

The gravestone which lies in the graveyard is labeled James, Lily and Harry Potter, but somebody who was putting flowers on a nearby grave said that the little boy's coffin was empty, they never had a body".

Sirius knew all this and ignoring the Lily in his head blurted out, "Is that it?".

She glared at him and he realised that the two children had stopped arguing and were listening as well. "No, but the photos that lay next to the grave showed the family and in it was a photo of Harry Potter. They say the photo showed a boy only a bit older than one, with black hair which was incredibly messy, and bright emerald green eyes".

Realising this was a long story he sighed and muttered under his breath, "Prongs would be happy to know his family had inspired a ghost story."

He obviously hadn't been quite enough when Anna looked at him confused. He sighed and spoke carefully as not to reveal any magical secrets, something that he was well known for doing, "James Potter was my best friend, his nickname was Prongs."

Anna's eyes widened, "Sorry, I didn't know. I had thought you were familiar, you were the best man at their wedding from the album by the Potters grave. Sorry for prying, but why was his nickname Prongs?".

"No reason", Sirius lied smoothly. "Why?".

"It's just weird considering the rest of the story. If you want me to continue of course, it might hurt a bit", Anna spoke quickly.

"If you don't mind could you? As I said, James actually wanted legends about him", he smiled in amusement.

"Well, it was said that the day after the body's of Lily and James Potter's were taken away, that a black fawn canted down the road and started making a loud racket trying to get back into the house. He had incredibly green eyes and a chestnut patch on his head that", Anna stopped noticing Sirius's wide eyes. "I can stop if you want."

"Stop asking if you want to stop. I need to hear it".

She smiled in confusion but nodded, "Well somebody got photos of the fawn, because black deer aren't native to this area and they figured they should tell the local rangers, but by the time the rangers got around to it, the deer herds already had migrated".

"The following year when the deer herds came back a black fawn with the same markings was seen again and once again somebody got photos of it. The next year the same thing happened and by then someone had set up a wall for it in the library so they could show the rangers."

"When the rangers did look at the photos they said it was impossible, because the fawn was growing at a human rate. The next year things got even stranger though. A local photographer saw a human boy sleeping with the herd, when he tried to get closer a stag stopped him, and he had to climb a tree to escape".

"But when he looked again where the boy had been sleeping minutes ago was the black fawn just waking up. He had gotten photos of both the boy and the fawn and there in the library, but the photo of the boy is rather grainy".

"Ever since then more photos have been added, of both the boy and the fawn, and one shows the boy's face, and somebody who had been living here for a while said that he looked just like James Potter when he was young, but with green eyes and a scar, which was why the Potter's were added to the story."

She watched Sirius for a few seconds like she was sure he was about to shatter. Sirius himself was trying the best to keep a poker face and not let the hope show, as she continued in a way that said she was trying to convince herself. "As you can probably tell it's a tale for for the beggars, really. A couple of months ago there was an accident and a lot of people around here were left dead or insane", she smiled sadly at him. "And if the story was real it would seem like magic, and these people want their families back." She gestured to a building that was just a few metres away. "And that's the library."

He smiled at her, "Thanks Anna, I think my friend will be surprised I am on time."

Anna laughed, "I am sure you are wrong, you seem like a very organised man Sirius, I hope I see you again. It was nice talking about legends".

As he followed Anna into the library his thoughts were going a million miles a minute. Was it possible? Could Harry of become an animagus and been living with the deer herd ever since? He laughed at himself, earning a couple of weird looks and a glare from the librarian. But perhaps he should have a quick look at those photos anyway, he wouldn't be able to rest until he did, but he might just die of disappointment if it turned out just to be a story.

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