Two years later

"No way," Lizzie said as soon as she heard the words escape from Clark later on that evening. "Of course I didn't tell them that it was me, Clark. Do you think I'm stupid?"

"No, I don't," Clark replied to his wife as he took hold of a bottle of beer from the fridge. "I'm just worried about you, Lizzie. The FBI comes sniffing around and things don't look that great, do they?"

"I know that," replied Lizzie, rolling her eyes as she looked down the living room from the sofa she was sat on. Clark stood in the doorway, watching as his daughter walked towards him, her arms outstretched before Clark bent down to pick her up.

He held her tightly as Lizzie smiled softly at Clark. Something happened whenever he picked their dark haired daughter up. She always seemed to make him mellow. It was almost as if she was always changing Clark.

He kissed her on the top of her head before he looked back to Lizzie. She'd been sat on the sofa for a while, drinking her coffee whilst Lilly wandered through the room, doing her best to stand on her own two feet and walk. She laughed when she fell, but she always managed to stand back up again.

"Daddy," Lilly spoke, "want juice."

"Manners, Lilly," Lizzie urged her daughter, moving to stand up.

"Please," Lilly spoke and Lizzie ruffled her short head of dark hair.

"Good girl," Lizzie said and moved into the kitchen, Clark following with his daughter in his arms.

"And were they appeased with what you told them?" Clark checked with his wife. "I mean, I know what they're like. It took them ages to leave me alone."

"They seemed more than happy," Lizzie promised him, pulling the fridge open and grabbing out the carton of apple juice that her daughter enjoyed to drink. "Besides, I told them to come in and they saw the mess in the playroom. I told them that I honestly had no time for anything other than looking after Lilly."

"I'm still not too sure what I think about all of this. I mean, are you ready to go out there, Liz? Really?"

"What do you mean?" Lizzie wondered from him, pulling her bobble from her wrist and tying her hair back from her face. "I know that it isn't easy. Hell, it was pretty difficult to stop that train from hitting the gap, but I did it. I mean, I do have the best teacher."

Clark smirked, shaking his head as his daughter ran her hand over his chin. She kept still for a moment or two, watching her father with wide eyes whilst her mother filled up her cup.

"Flattery won't help you to win this fight," Clark assured his wife and she handed Lilly the cup before kissing Clark on the cheek. He pulled at his blue tie before following his wife back into the living room. He sat Lilly down on the sofa by the window before resting next to her.

"I don't need to win the fight, Clark," Lizzie responded to her husband, picking up Lilly's toys and placing them in the box by the TV. "Besides, it is your turn to look after Lilly tonight. I'm going out with Lois."

"Are you?" wondered Clark. "Or are you going to go back out there and stop trouble from happening?"

"If it happens then I'll do it," Lizzie replied, noting the concern in her husband's eyes. She kept quiet for a moment, her gaze catching Clark's, both of them looking at each other with wide eyes. "Honestly, Clark, I'm not taking anything away from you. I want to help's not fair that you spend most of your nights outside...not spending any time with our daughter. By the time you're finished for the night she'd mostly asleep."

Clark sighed, knowing that she had a point. He looked down to Lilly as she kept on chewing to the lid of her cup, her eyes focused on that before he ran his hand over her soft head.

"She needs her daddy as much as she needs her mommy," Lizzie whispered to him, placing the lid on the toy box. "I just want to help, Clark. You know that, sweetheart."

"I know it," Clark promised her. "I just worry. Seeing you out there..."

"I know," Lizzie whispered back, running her hand over Clark's cheek before she bent down and kissed him swiftly. "But you have no need to worry. I'm a big girl. I can handle myself."

"Okay, okay," Clark said.

How many times had he listened to the same speech from her? He wasn't certain, but he knew that he couldn't count them on both of his hands.

"Right," Lizzie said, her hands resting on his chest. "I'm going to change and then I'm going to go out with Lois. She's picking me up at half past six. There's some salad in the fridge and whatever else you fancy. I did the shopping today."

"What do you say?" Clark wondered as he bent down to pick Lilly up, throwing her about in his arms and earning a squeal from her.

Lizzie smirked at the pair of them before moving to the stairs;

"And keep your eye on her. The last time I left you alone in the kitchen with her she ate a massive bar of chocolate and made an absolute mess."

"She has daddy's appetite," Clark said, swinging Lilly in his arms again as they wandered into the kitchen and Lizzie moved upstairs, unable to stop herself from smiling as she thought about how lucky she was to have a family like she had.


Clark sat on the floor later that evening, a bottle of beer next to him as the Friday night slowly ticked by. He had some football game on TV whilst Lilly sat on the floor in front of him, her small hands pulling at any available toy she could find.

"What's this?" Clark wondered as he noticed some form of doll she had her hands on. Lilly stood up and waddled over to him, holding it in her hands as Clark looked confused for a moment or two.

"Superman!" Lilly exclaimed. "You know him, daddy! He's on telly!"

Clark took the doll from her, his mouth agape as he struggled to believe what he was looking at. Someone had made a doll of him. He was now a child's toy. His red cape flew behind him and the face of the doll looked nothing like Clark. Well, he hoped it looked nothing like Clark.

"Yeah," Clark said, a small smile on his face as Lilly took the doll from him.

Half time came at the game and a breaking news story came onto the TV. Clark shook his head as he saw the TV presenter begin to speak.

"A large fire broke out down at Metropolis Hall. Many civilians were stuck inside there, but, everyone has been freed with thanks to a new arrival in town. Many are already trying to deduce who this mysterious woman is. Only brief sightings of her have been caught on camera. But it has to be asked, is this woman the female answer to Superman? Is she is ally or his enemy?"

"That depends on her mood," muttered Clark as he grabbed Lilly around the waist and hauled her to sit on his lap as the camera panned to the sky, zooming as much as possible to get a good sight of the woman dressed in a blue jumper and a long blue skirt. A red cloak flowed behind her as Clark sighed.

Her attire was much simpler than his. He wondered if that would change in the future.

"Whose that, Lilly?" Clark wondered, pointing to the TV. "Is that mommy?"

"Mommy?" Lilly's brow furrowed. "Mommy is with Aunt Lois, daddy."

Clark shook his head, smiling before he planted a kiss on his daughter's head and watched his wife on the TV.

"Yeah," he whispered. "That's mommy. The Superwoman to Superman."


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