I own nothing but my own puddle of sap. Guys fo' reals I'm so sorry for how fucking mushy this is. Not even kidding, this is the sweetest most sugary chapter I ever wrote.


Ed stood up but his legs quickly gave out. He wasn't used to doing these strenuous activities for so long.

"Haha, Why don't you take a shower and relax and I'll go make breakfast?" Kevin offered his hand. Edd took it and was pulled up.

"Are you sure? It's your house, you should take a shower first." Edd insisted.

"Hm, maybe we should take a shower together." Kevin pulled his nerd into a close embrace before both of their stomaches gave another growl.

"Or maybe not." Kevin hugged tighter before letting go. "I'll meet you in the kitchen when you're done. The bathroom is right across the hall. Help yourself."

Kevin tapped his little lover on the rump before they walked out. As Edd was about to enter the bathroom Kevin had asked if eggs and toast were acceptable and they parted ways. When Edd disappeared behind the bathroom door Kevin went to preparing their meal.

Edd entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. It was a fight but he finally figured out how to turn it on.

As he waited for the water to warm he looked in the mirror. Seeing himself so disheveled was very off-putting. He blushed at his swollen lips and the many kiss marks littering his chest and neck.

The mirror fogged over and he believed that was his cue to get into the shower. He used what he assumed was Kevin's shampoo and conditioner, however he refused to use somebody else's loofa.

Once he escaped into the cool air outside of the curtain he wiped the perspiration from the reflective glass. Staring back at him was his scar traveling from just above his right eyebrow to the back of his head. He brushed his hair over it and realized…

He reached up to his forehead. He didn't have any make up with him. Shit! He needed to get home, or at least his bag. He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and darted across the hall to Kevin's room. He looked at his clothes. He couldn't wear them two days in a row! And they were wrinkled from being on the floor unfolded all night. This would not do.

"Hey Babe! Breakfast is ready!" Kevin yelled up. He had went a bit overboard. It went from eggs and toast to eggs, toast, pancakes, fruit, waffles, oatmeal, and bacon. The longer Edd took the more Kevin cooked. He was nervous that his anxiety-wraked lover was working himself in a frenzy and would run out without an explanation.

Finally Edd came down, a towel around his chest and another on his head. Kevin melted at how modest his boyfriend was trying to be.

"I need clothes from my house." He was bouncing foot to foot. Looking away nervously holding on the towels for dear life. Kevin was only in boxers and the ravenette could tell his new boyfriend was liking what he was seeing.

"That can wait. I made breakfast." Edd looked at the spread before him and his stomach gave another rumble. He was really hungry. In fact he couldn't remember the last thing he ate.

Kevin pulled out a seat for him. Edd could't help it, it was too sweet to resist.

"Fine, fine. You got me but I need to get clothes after this, we have school today mister." Kevin pushed the chair in when he sat, and leaned over and wrapped himself around the smaller boys shoulders..

"Actually I was thinking… today is Thursday right? I say we take the day off," Kevin breathed in the scent of Edd. Smelling his own hair products on his lover drove him crazy. "Lie in and sleep till noon... Wake up in each others arms. Maybe…" He rubbed his hands up and down Edd's arms. "go another round," Kevin nibbled Edd's ear, "then… do all our homework." He jokingly shook the boy in his arms. "Tomorrow we can go to school, I'll take you on my Bike." Edd tensed, which made Kevin chuckle softly. "Then we go to class." He hugged tighter. "Hand in hand. Together." Edd sucked in a breath.

"You weren't joking." Edd looked bewildered. He turned in Kevin's arms and looked at the sweet jock.

Kevin dropped a small kiss on the side of Edd's face. "Of course not. And if anyone gives you trouble about it I'll smash their faces in."

Edd looked eye to eye trying to find any hint of falsities. "Are you sure? I can wait until graduation for something like that."

"I can't." Kevin kissed Edd he moved the towel off of his head to grab at his hair. Edd had forgotten about his scar in the heat of the moment and let himself succumb to the carnal pleasures of Kevin's touch. When they broke apart Kevin pushed their foreheads together. His hands at the back of Edd's wet neck. "If I'm going to love you I'm putting all my chips in." He pulled back and grabbed the towel from the floor, about to put it back on the wet boys head. He stopped.

Edd realized what he was staring at. He brought his hand up to cover the laceration but it was too late. Kevin had already seen.

"Hey Baby what's this?" He moved his loves hand from his head, using his own to stroke along the surface of the scar tissue.

Edd closed his eyes. "It's nothing. It's just a scar. You won't be able to see it once I go home and put make-up on it."

Kevin stroked up and realized there was nothing where it disappeared into the rest of his boyfriends dark mane. "What happened?"

"Kevin, it's nothing. We really don't need to talk about it." Kevin hummed quietly before leaning in and kissing the scar. Edd expected that to be the last of it but instead of going back to his chair and avoiding looking at him Kevin's tongue darted out and licked.

"It's kind of sexy." Kevin said huskily, mesmerized. He realized he had never seen Edd without make-up. He had light freckles under his eyes along with dark circles. Somehow though all of that drove Kevin wild. He knew those dark circles were from staying up all last night. Just thinking he was probably the only one in a long time to see Edd like this… Kevin was a pretty possessive dude and knowing he knew Edd like no one else was a huge turn on.

Edd couldn't look at Kevin's face. To call something like this sexy, He was obviously being sarcastic. There was no way a disfiguration like this was attractive.

"Every time I think 'there's no way he can be more beautiful' you just have to prove me wrong. That's it, You don't get your own chair. You are sitting in my lap and I'm going to feed you." Edd swiveled around to meet Kevin's gaze. But instead of a face he was met by a warm chest as he was picked up and in slid onto the stronger man.

"I don't even get a say in this?" Edd's mood quickly brightened. Nothing changed. Even if he was sure his scar wasn't pretty, Kevin could pretend it was and that was fine. After three bites of fruit that Kevin believed was best hand fed he felt the more athletic of the two's lower half stir.

"We haven't even finished eating!" Was Edd's exasperated retort to the prodding. Kevin could only smile pleasantly.

"I say we finish up and go back to the room. But until we're done…" Kevin grinded his muscular hips against Edd's leaner ones. "You should just..." Another grind, his erection firmly placed between Edd's round cheeks. "Keep eating."

Edd shuttered. Oh MY.

"Go on." Kevin teased. "Eat."

Edd tried to place the spoon of oatmeal in his mouth, but another grind made him rather have something more… filling in his mouth.

"You know, this can wait." Edd groaned. "I'm feeling much more like dessert."

"And what did you have in mind?" Kevin asked still slowly shifting his hips.

"Hmm. Something cream filled." Edd smiled over his shoulder.

Edd ended up sucking Kevin off and finally getting peace to eat his food, even if Kevin was an over-affectionate mess in his afterglow, hugging and kissing and whispering that Edd was 'so, so perfect.' They went up to the room and fell asleep before Edd could even protest about missing school. When Edd woke up it was nearly two in the afternoon and Kevin was nice and warm. He decided he could stay like this a little longer and cuddled into the larger mans chest.

Thirty minutes later Kevin had woken up and they laid together and talked about everything and nothing until neither of them could stand to sit still. Edd wore Kevin's jersey as they moved their little party from Kevin's house to Edd's to do their homework. Edd had to stop every twenty minutes to help Kevin figure out what the hell was going on with this whole concept of 'New Math' and 'Imaginary numbers' but he didn't mind.

When they were done Kevin invited himself to stay the night and although Edd would never say it, it made him happy not to be home alone. Kevin's very presence seemed to brighten the whole house up. They didn't have sex that night. Edd wouldn't allow it as punishment for missing school. So instead they spooned and whispered and talked about all the things that scared them most. Kevin denying he had any fears until Edd brought up Kevin's trypanophobia. Edd admitted having a terrible fear of heights. When sleep finally claimed them they were smiling in one another's arms.

76.2151 g/mol

"Are you sure?" Edd asked. "We should wait, maybe Monday. It doesn't have to be today."

"I know you're nervous about getting on the bike but today's the day." Kevin led Edd outside with his hand on the small of his dorks back.

"That's not the only reason. Have you given this any thought?" Edd grabbed Kevin's sleeve.

"Of course I have. I know it would be easier to hide away but we shouldn't have to do that. I want to be able to hold your hand," Kevin grabbed Edd's hand. "And kiss you," He brought the hand to his mouth and gave a small peck to each knuckle, "and it shouldn't matter where we are. Why shouldn't I be able to do that?" Kevin looked imploringly from behind a blushing Edd's hand.

Edd didn't have an answer to that. Of course they should be able to… but Edd wasn't too sure he was ready to do those things publicly yet, and that was coming from an exhibitionist.

Edd was silent for too long.

"Are you embarrassed? Are you afraid of people knowing about us?" Kevin's eyes pleading for that not to be the case.

"Of course not," Edd couldn't take that puppy dog look. "I just don't have my wits about me. If we're going to do this I need to tell Eddy and Ed before it gets to them via the Peach Creek grape vine. And don't you think your friends would want to know the truth before the rumors got to them?" Kevin obviously didn't think far ahead but that was okay because Edd was here to do that for him from now on.

Kevin was a little sad he couldn't get Edd on his bike. "Then Monday. Well go together Monday." Kevin looked hopeful.

"Of course." Edd was happy he had dodged that bullet. What would Eddy say if he wasn't told personally, and with Kevin of all people. He'd blow a gasket.

"Will you tell them today? I'll tell Nazz and the team today. Deal?" He put his pinky finger out.

Edd couldn't help but let a short giggle escape his lips at the childishness that Kevin was exhibiting. He put his own finger out anyway.

"Deal" He said.

Kevin couldn't help himself. He pounced.

Eddy walked alongside Ed. The smelly man was talking about some zombie or monster movie and how great the 3D was and how he was sure the creature was coming out of the screen to capture his spleen or something. Eddy really couldn't keep up.

As they were coming up the sidewalk nearing Double D's house the schmoozer idly wondered if sockhead was coming to school today. Yesterday was rare, Double D of all people to miss a day of school. It was unheard of. He had knocked on his way home but he figured if he wasn't answering the door he must have been pretty sick. He had thought about checking up on him today but when they were in front of the driveway Kevin jogged by, a swagger in his step.

Eddy went to yell at him until he heard Kevin shout out behind him: "Kay then Double Dork, I'll leave it to you. See ya at school." Eddy turned to the house that Shovelchin had just stepped away from to see a Edd leaning against his doorframe, swooning like a teenage girl.

Eddy didn't know what to do so he just waited until Double D made his way down the parkway.

Edd was lightheaded. He was sure no matter how many times he was kissed like that he'd never be used to it. He tried to shake it off and ended up nearly fallen over. As he tried to right himself on the doorknob, he realized too late it was open and fell backwards.

He heard laughter and a shout of 'you okay sockhead' from the driveway. He looked up to see Ed who pulled the scrawny boy to his feet. Oh man, He couldn't remember the last time he was that clumsy, hormones really did mess with the youth didn't they?

"Greetings Ed, mind accompanying me to school?"

"Like Butter and cornflakes, Double D, I already planned to." Ed smiled. Double D never really could make any sense of Ed's charming colloquialisms, but then he didn't really have to.

"Hey, what was up with the jockstrap. What was he doing here so early in the morning?" Eddy asked, he was trying to be calm but he was on the verge of jumping up and down like a 5-year-old that didn't know how to share toys.

"Oh, um about that Eddy. I need to talk to the both of you after school in regards to a very sensitive subject."

"Does it have to do with wonder-boy over there." Eddy thrusted his thumb in the direction Kevin had run to.

"It… It does." Edd blushed slightly. It wasn't something to be ashamed of he knew. Still it wasn't something he was used to: Telling his friends who he was going to be sleeping with.

"What, you gunna tell me you're dating him?" Eddy tried to make it a joke but when Edd didn't respond he was shocked.

"Whoa wait, really, what the hell? Since-" Ed covered Eddys mouth with his sticky hand and picked the shortest of the bunch up.

"Shhh little baby, don't cry. Mommy will tell you when you are ready. But until then we have school. Don't worry Double D, I'll get our little one to school on time." Ed walked ahead with the thrashing munchkin in his arms.

The smartest of the bunch stood still, confused. He didn't know what was going on but he thanked his lucky stars and Ed that he didn't have to explain anything just yet. He still needed to calm his legs from Kevin's earlier attack.

249.8°F (121°C)

Kevin got off his bike and strapped his helmet to it. As soon as he walked into the school he found Nat. He was talking up a theater boy who looked incredibly disinterested.

"Nat hey, come with me." Nat tried to wave him off but the red-head grabbed the boy by the hood of his jacket.

The theater boy mouthed 'Thank you' to Kevin as he dragged the Teal Haired flirt away. He brought him to an empty class room.

"Duuuude, I was about to get through to him! I know it. I was about to score so hard and you just had to pull me away! Some friend!" He dropped into a chair with a huff.

"I needed to tell you. I'm dating Edd now. I'm telling Nazz next and the rest of the team at practice, you're the first one I'm telling."

"So why are you telling me now instead of with the rest of the team?" Although Nat had to question Kevin's motives, he did feel special.

"Two reasons, One is so you can back me up if anyone gets weird. I don't think they will, after all everyone knows about you being… Whatever it is you are but I don't think I can be too safe about it. Especially if any of them get the idea in their head to say anything about My dork."

"Hmm, yoooour dork, I see. And reason number two?" Nat grinned like the cat that got the cream.

Kevin couldn't contain it anymore.

"To freak out before class." Kevin paced back and forth. "I'm so psyched. God he's too cute and I got him to say yes! I mean did you hear me, he said YES! He even said he needed me and my God! I can't even begin to describe how perfect he is when we're alone and, fuck me, he's just so perfect and so freaking adorable!" Kevin stopped to breathe, his hands trembling.

Nat watched in amazement as his strong captain melted into a gushing girl. "I'm glad you're so happy Cap. So my plan worked? huh?"

"I have to thank you, man. Without your help, I wouldn't have known what not to do." Kevin laughed and playfully punched the other mans arm.

"Yeah, well as a thanks you're gunna buy me lunch for the next week." Nat punched back in much the same manner. "But really what did you do?"

"I took your advice and was assertive. I did kind of take my own spin on it…" Kevin was sheepish. "I may have gone a bit overboard but it worked. And He doesn't know it yet but this weekend I'm going to take him out on a date. I don't know where yet but I'm figuring that out. Then Monday we're going to come to school together. If I'm lucky maybe every day after that." The athlete was on cloud nine.

"Dude you are such a sap. So dish son. What exactly did you do?"

Kevin got a cocky grin. "That is classified information dude, but I will tell you he is the cutest shyest thing. Hiding his face and blushing." Kevin was daydreaming.

"Well good for you bro, a sappy romantic like you needs someone he can sweep off their feet like that. Anyone else and they'd have fallen for you at the first romantic gesture you made. He made you play all your cards, gotta like a kid with spunk." Nat was joking but his words really did have a ring of truth to them. Somehow though it made Kevin happy to know that his Edd wasn't someone who'd fall for just anyone or anything.

"Anyway class is about to start, let's get going before you float right on up into the rafters." Nat slapped his Captain on the back.

"Yeah okay. Seriously though, dude. Thanks for listening."

"And don't forget giving you advice. Man what would you do without me. Die probably." Nat shrugged and made an over exaggerated motion.

"Yeah yeah, yuk it up. Get to class you fucking nut." Kevin bumped him as he left the room to his first class.

Edd was nervous all day. How was he going to break the news to his best friends? They were the most important people in his life, what with his mother and fathers' absence. If they didn't like the idea of him and Kevin being together… well what then? He knew they wouldn't do anything rash like end their friendship but one had to wonder.

When the first bell rang Kevin and him passed in the hallway on their way to first period. They saw each other across the hall and Kevin had eyed the genius boy like he was the thirstiest guy in the world and Edd was the most refreshing glass of water he'd ever seen. Edd could tell he was fighting not to grab him and truth be told it was hilarious.

Edd wasn't a mean person by nature, but with the way their relationship had been up until now he couldn't help but tease just a bit… and besides it was all in good fun. When they passed each other for their second period classes Edd had licked his lips and winked. He could see the sweat forming on Kevin's brow and he knew he was going to get it tonight and that made Edd just a bit more confident in his step.

Next on Kevin's list was Nazz. It would be easy to come out to her but ridiculously hard to explain why he had waited this long to say anything. He could hear her in his head.

'We've barely even talked the last month and you tell me you have a boyfriend.'

'Aren't I supposed to be your best friend?'

'I told you right when I started having feelings for Marie Kanker, and you know that was a way bigger sitch.'

'Don't you trust me anymore?'

He'd prefer not to face that accusing tone of hers. But he had to, she was his best friend after all.

He decided it was best done during lunch, even if he did owe his dark haired vixen a slap on the butt for that devilish wink. He'd save all that energy for tonight though. He'd make sure he had to be carried to school Monday. A cheshire grin broke out.

Just after class on the way to lunch Kevin had managed to nab Nazz and ask to speak to her alone on the pitch. He figured no one would be there because it was getting cloudy and P.E. normally didn't go outside in any kind of weather. He was right and they were alone.

"So what'cha bring me here for Kev? You want to throw the ol' ball around or something." She picked up a baseball that was abandoned in the dirt lot. Tossing it back and forth in her hands.

As he was about to answer she reared her arm back and threw the ball. Kevin wasn't fast enough and the ball hit him hard in the stomach.

He doubled over and she walked calmly over to him. Like a Savanna cat stalking her prey.

She squatted in front of him, grabbing the hair sticking out of the front of his hat and lifted his green-eyed gaze to meet hers. It was a frightening to be on the receiving end of that glare.

"Next time, don't wait until I've noticed for myself that you have a boyfriend. Cause I might not be so nice, I could have used the bat, dude. And Ignoring me for a month, that doesn't help you one bit either." Kevin nodded, the wind still knocked out of him.

"Rad." was all she said, letting go of Kevin's red locks. She bounced over to the bleachers. Kevin wasn't sure if this was Marie's influence or if this is why Marie had to be so tough.

"So what were you going to say?" Nazz beamed.

Kevin finally got his breath back. "I was going to tell you I was dating Double D, but you already knew apparently."

A scary look washed over Nazz's face. "A woman's intuition is never wrong Kevin."

Kevin was suddenly glad he was dating a guy.

"So annnyyway… Double D, huh? Ka-yuute. Kev I didn't know you went for the nerdy types. So, like, how'd you get together? Spill, It's time we had girl talk."

Kevin dared not defy her.

He ended up telling her the whole story. Minor details tried to be excluded but she was too sharp, at least compared to Kevin, and dug out everything. It took all lunch, but when they parted he no longer felt the wrath of Nazz looming over him. He was glad she was on his side. He couldn't imagine if all that power was against him.

At lunch Edd was annoyed. He was poked and prodded by Eddy asking him all sorts of inappropriate questions. Ed had for the most part kept Eddy under control but Eddy's persistence was becoming a hassle for both the brain and the brawn.

Edd had gotten Kevin's text just before lunch was over. It asked to meet him at practice after school. Edd promised to answer all of Eddy's questions afterwards at the old 50's diner they frequented. It was a nice place that kids their age rarely went to. The only reason they knew it was there was because of an old woman Edd knew from a knitting circle he was once in. High schoolers would usually stay away because every night was bingo night, even though the place was really only packed for bingo sunday nights.

780.8°F (416°C)

Although Nazz was no longer a cheerleader (she had quit to have more time with her girlfriend) she still attended every game. Occasionally if Marie was in detention or wasn't at school she'd stay to watch practice as well. Today though both her and her Blue-haired lover were in the stands to watch. If anybody said something wrong about Kevin being gay both of them would jump in. And all the football players understood if they did or said anything Marie didn't like her sisters would back her up. No one would start shit with Her or Nazz for that reason, and that was precisely the reason Kevin asked them to be there.

Marie still had some sore feelings about Double D and the way he tore into her. Even though everything he had said was spot on and if he had never said them she might not have gotten together with her pretty blonde sweetheart, that didn't mean that she forgave him. But Nazz had convinced her this wasn't just about Edd. This was about if the team could handle Kevin's relationship with not only someone who was 'below' them on the social latter but a guy to top it off.

Anyway It gave Marie an excuse to punch anyone who uttered the word 'faggot' or used any derogatory slants on Edd or Kevin or gays in general and that was reason enough for her.

When Kevin had pulled Edd to him in front of the team and introduced him with: "Hey this is my boyfriend Edd. He'll be coming to watch my games and if I'm lucky practice when he's not studying. If you so much as touch him though I will rip out your aorta and use it as a funnel to feed you your own fingers, got it?" No one could argue. In fact Nazz and Marie wondered why they were even there.

Either way they got to talk to Edd for the rest of practice. Marie tried not to join in but soon she was immersed in the conversation. She still felt nervous around Edd. The way he had casually read her last year with amazing detail was terrifying, even if she was deserving of the insults it was scary knowing someone who had never paid attention to her unless she was looming over him could dig so deep to the core and shatter who she thought she was in a mere trifling of a second. It still shook her up in ways she wont soon forget.

Though if he was willing to put years of sexual harassment and bullying on the back burner she could put behind the angry words of a day for at least a few hours. Besides her girlfriend always got what she wanted, and she wanted Marie to play nice. Marie was not about to sass her.

Practice seemed to drag on for longer then Edd could stand, but also moved much too quickly.

The time to explain his relationship to his friends was fast approaching and when it arrived Edd still wasn't prepared. He figured though it was now or never and never wasn't an option.

They had entered the diner and were immediately seated in their usual booth with their usual orders on the way.

When they had their drinks Edd guessed it was finally time to talk, but as usual Eddy was the one to break the silence that settled over the three Eds.

"So when did you start dating the Jerk-boy of the school." Eddy asked taking a swig of his rootbeer float.

"Eddy please." Edd turned a shade darker. This wasn't going to be easy.

"What you're going to tell me he isn't a jerk?" Eddy snorted.

"Eddy you know he isn't." Edd sighed as he sipped his milkshake. He knew this conversation was going to be a rough one, but his friends deserved to know.

"Don't avoid the question Sockhead. How did you guys get together? Is he blackmailing you? I want to know the details. If I don't like what I hear I'm going to smash his face in so It's unrecognizable."

Edd was truly touched his friend cared so much. "I assure you there is no blackmail involved. But I truly don't know how to answer honestly Eddy. We started to date yesterday. Or was it the day before? I couldn't be too sure if it was before or after midnight at that point…"

"You were out galavanting with Shovel Chin at midnight? Did you sleep with him?" Eddy was aghast. "And you were gone all yesterday, Did he hurt you? Did he take your V card?"

"Oh Eddy." Ed, silent until now guffawed. "Double D is no stick in the grass, he knows his way around a bean pole." Ed had a smile a mile long.

Both Edd and Eddy looked horrified at what Ed had said.

"E-e-e-e-e-Ed! I do hope you know what you're insinuating!" The raven haired boy nearly fainted. Ed knew. He knew all along.

"Double D has the limp, I'd know it anywhere. It's like in 'Zombie/Eater 4.' They said 'The Zombies walk like they've had a dick in their-'"

"OH MY!" Edd hid his face. He wished he had his beanie to pull over his head and hide away in.

"A limp? Lumpy that's just how he walks, right… Double…" Eddy had looked at Edd and noticing the guilty posture of the genius boy he stopped. " … Is that true? Have you been…?"

"Y-yes. It's true." He hadn't planned on talking about this, but he figured it might as well all come out.

"So last night you and Kevin?"

"Not last night… but" Edd sighed. "For the last year or so I've been having… um… sex. And well… a lot of it."

Eddy was downright pissed. "So you and Kevin have been sleeping around for a year and you only wanted to tell us NOW? When you were caught? I see how it is!"

"Eddy, It's not like that. Sit down, you're making yourself look like a fool." Edd looked fierce in his determination to set this straight. Eddy couldn't help but comply. Of course he didn't have to like it and grumbled as he sat.

"Then what is it like, huh?" His arms were crossed and his face pinched. Ed took it upon himself to pose the same way and act out everything Eddy did. Eddy whacked the big guy in the back of the head, effectively simmering him down so Edd could talk.

Edd huffed. He really had to tell the whole story, didn't he? 'Well Here goes' He thought.

"I only started sleeping with Kevin recently. I was, um, sleeping around quite often. It started Junior year, with that Basketball guy. I was tutoring him and one thing led to another and I found myself sleeping with most of the guys I was tutoring. Rumor started getting around to those that were curious about their sexualities and most days I was with two or three guys. I… I never dated anyone, just… Oh gosh Eddy don't make me say it!"

There was an awkward pause.

"Why didn't you tell us Double D?" Eddy's steam had been cooled by the fear in Edd's voice, Edd really thought Ed and Eddy wouldn't accept that side of him. "I mean you know we would have accepted you no matter what? We love you. Not like that though." Eddy's joke didn't really land, but it got his message across.

"I know that. I was… am… ashamed of myself. I didn't want my closest friends to know that I'm something of a .. Harlet. A whore." Edd spit the word out just as Kevin did during his punishment. That thought making his face warm. Eddy though, thought it was anger.

"Don't call yourself that." Eddy had a tough face on. "So what if you enjoy sex. That doesn't make you a whore. Okay?" Those words embarrassing both Edd and Eddy.

Ed wasn't oblivious to the conversation but a biscuit and gravy plate was placed in front of him and Double D had always told him not to talk with his mouth full, so instead he pulled the thin boy to his side and made a noise of approval as he shoveled food into his mouth.

Edd managed to escape the grip "Okay, I get it. Thank you Eddy, Ed." Edd tried to smile, but it came out looking pained from the embarrassment of it all.

"So, what makes Kevin special?" Eddy seemed to be back to his normal self. "Is he that good in bed?" The schemer grinned.

"Oh no. I do not want to talk about my sex life with you two. It's too weird. Don't make me say anything."

Edd was blushing into his hands once again.

"Aw, come on Sock head, I'd tell you. Ain't that right Lumpy." Eddy reached over and slapped Ed's back.

"Please Eddy, you're going to make him ask questions and I really don't want to explain the mechanics of sex to Ed." the skinny teen wanted to disappear right into the upholstery.

"Oh I know how sex works Double D. When two people think each other are hot and sexy tamales they put their hands in each others pants and kiss." Eddy was now trying to hold back his laughter by holding his breath. "If it is two guys they have to use their butts. And if they love each other they have a baby." Ed looked proud of himself. "OH DOUBLE D ARE YOU AND KEVIN GOING TO HAVE A BABY?"

At that Edd turned bright red from the roots of his hair and down under his shirt. He was sure even his shoulders were blushing. Eddy though was blue from holding everything in.

"Will you name it after me?" Ed asked innocently, pouting out his lower lip, his monobrow quivering.

The dam broke and Eddy was in tears, on the floor, roaring with laughter. He couldn't hold it in anymore. This was too good!

Edd tried to explain two guys can't have a baby. Ed was very upset he was lied to, or more like he misunderstood.

"But you love him, right?" Ed asked finally. Eddy raised an eyebrow and looked at him wanting to know what kind of answer he'd give.

Edd looked at his hands. "M-maybe, we've only been together these last couple of days. I'd say it's too soon to phrase it that way." He looked up and Ed's eyes were hopeful. He really wanted his friend to be in love and happy.

He looked away again. "But he's sweet and kind…" A soft smile played across his lips, "He really wants me to be happy." He closed his eyes and breathed out. "And he thinks he can love me, even knowing all my faults. He even told me my scar was sexy. It's ridiculous I know… but he's made me feel better about myself more in the last forty-eight hours then nineteen different men have in the last year and a half. I think I'm willing to give it a chance. If it turns out he's the one… then I'll welcome it. If he's not… I can't say I won't be disappointed, but it wouldn't have been his fault." He finally looked back at his best friends. Tears stained the big lovable oafs eyes, even Eddy wasn't unaffected.

"Fine. I'll accept it. For now. But if he does anything to hurt you, I'll run him over with his own motorcycle, and I'm letting him know that too." Eddy sat back in his chair. They settled into comfortable conversation as they ate. The day had gone far better then he expected.


Edd returned home later then normal, but very happy. When he had finished he had texted Kevin that he was home. Kevin didn't even reply, within two minutes of the text Kevin was at his door.

"So how did it go babe?" Kevin had asked as he whisked his love to the couch and clung to him like a lifeline.

"It went very well actually. Ed was very accommodating, he says he likes you and hopes that you will do right by me." Edd relaxed into Kevin.

"And Eddy?" Kevin wouldn't hold his breath for his approval, but that didn't matter as long as it didn't affect Edd.

"Eddy still doesn't like you as a person, but he realizes that you will be good for me in the long run."

"The long run, ey? I'm in if you are." Kevin smiled into the shoulder blades in front of him, lightly kissing between them and breathing in the scent of detergent and Edd. Bringing his head higher he kissed the back of his boyfriends neck, then his ear.

"Mmmm, if you keep doing that I am." Edd completely gave himself in.

"Then forever." Kevin whispered to Edd, it was so soft Edd almost didn't hear it but when he did his breath caught.

Forever was a long time. Kevin of all people wanting to spend the rest of it with him...

Edd buried his face in Kevin's neck. "Okay" was his meek reply.

Kevin didn't expect an answer, let alone one in the affirmative. He could die right then and it'd be in ecstasy.

"You're out to kill me." Kevin nibbled Edd's ear.

Edd made a half giggle. "It was the perfect plan, no one would know. My weapon wouldn't leave any marks, but you figured me out."

Kevin lifted Edd into the air, carrying him to the bedroom under his arm.

"It's time for your trial. How do you plead to the heinous crime of teasing your boyfriend in the hallway, one where he could not touch you?" Kevin used a low baritone, trying to impersonate a movie judge.

Edd was laid onto the bed. His smile was wide and full of mirth.

"Guilty!" He cried!

"And at football practice, being too cute for words? Distracting me every time I looked at you?" Edd was rather absorbed with his new friends to notice if Kevin had been distracted. He played along anyways.

"Guilty!" He cried again. Brining his arm up over his head in faux- damsel in distress pose.

"And of attempted murder by using your boyfriends own feelings as a weapon, how do you plead?" Kevin was upon Double D's neck leaving hickeys in his wake, but the way he was rubbing his hands up and down his sides was making Edd feel rather ticklish.

"Guilty, guilty, guilty of all charges! What is my sentence good judge?" The prodigy chortled.

Kevin gave a curt kiss to the side of Edd's mouth. "A date, Sunday at 8. What say you?"

Kevin was too cute for words. A date? Where? He had to prepare!

"Good sir, I accept my fate."

"Then I will pick you up from you're confinement at that time, but until then…" The red-haired jock leaned in and just when Edd thought he was going to get a kiss his sides were attacked.

"Ahh! Kevin! Kev- in sto- p thhhaahahahahat! Noooo." Edd was trying hard to escape Kevin's cruel hands tickling his sides.

"Don't fight it love," Kevin laughed. "Because there's more where that came from."

Soon their thrashing and giggling turned into playful smooches and within minutes they were grinding into each other, still laughing softly.

Their clothes came off hastily and although Edd would be upset they never made it into the hamper he was too elated to care at the moment.

Kevin and Edd both sighed happily when they were finally connected, arms wrapped around one another in an attempt to hold onto reality.

They moved together, Edd's long legs wrapping around Kevin's strong waist. Every now and again Kevin would drop his head down and breath onto Edd's neck and he'd chuckle and they would dissolve into another fit of giggles until one of them moved their hips and they'd back to moaning breathlessly.

When they climaxed it was together. Their eyes were once again upon the others.

Edd couldn't help but laugh, he snorted loudly sending Kevin into a fit of his own. Leaving Kevin to try ask why they were laughing but he was too out of breath and his sides ached. When Kevin finally got the words out he was gripping his stomach painfully, unable to stop.

"Wha- Why are we- hahahaha- laugh- laugh- ing?"

"Your- hahaha- your FACE! Oh, oh lord!" Edd couldn't stop either. It wasn't even funny anymore.

The moment subsided much later leaving tears of mirth in their eyes as they laid together smiling. Hands firmly grasped together.

They both had plans for the next day. Kevin preparing for their date and Edd getting roped into one of Eddy's schemes. For now though they could rest and wait for the new day with one another.

5-Hydroxytryptamine, 3-(2-aminoethyl)-1H-indol-5-ol

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